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I Will Not Break
Impermanent Resonance
Static Impulse
Prime Cuts
The True Symphonic Rockestra: Concerto in True Minor
Madmen & Sinners (Remastered)
Elements of Persuasion
MullMuzzler 2
Keep It to Yourself
James Labrie Jun 05, 2019
‪Off to Europe today 🤘‬
James Labrie May 06, 2019
Just got back from Tour... thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love you guys ❤️🤘
James Labrie May 02, 2019
Last North American show of Distance Over Time in Austin, Texas. Amazing crowd, thank you to everyone of our fans who made it out to these shows. See u in the fall for another North American trek. There are so many more places to hit. Raaawwwwk on 🤘
James Labrie Apr 26, 2019
This is Jay Dozer, the man creatively responsible for all my mic stands over the last 14 years. A true artist.
James Labrie Apr 25, 2019
Dream Theater
James Labrie Apr 13, 2019
The launch for Barstool Warrior Beer was a blast. Classic on the mark Pilsner. 🍻 Barrier Brewing Co. are kickin ass for us. See u out there DT friends. 🤘
James Labrie Apr 08, 2019
Hope to see as many of you fine fans at the Launch Event for our Barstool Warrior Beer. It’s gonna be a blast.
James Labrie Apr 08, 2019
James Labrie Apr 07, 2019
What show are you coming out to?
James Labrie Mar 21, 2019
Tonight’s the first night at The Wiltern in LA tonight! See you out there 😎
James Labrie Mar 09, 2019
Here at rehearsals, all is sounding great. Can’t wait to hit the stage. 🤘
James Labrie Feb 23, 2019
#1 #DistanceOverTime 🤘
James Labrie Feb 22, 2019
Chilling here at Mammoth. Doesn’t get any better. Loving all the love for the new album. Have a great one.
James Labrie Feb 21, 2019
You on Instagram? Follow me! @jameslabrie.dt
James Labrie Feb 21, 2019
James Labrie Feb 20, 2019
‪At Mammoth Mountain🏔 with the family ⛷ ‬
James Labrie Feb 15, 2019
‪I’m going live at 7pm tn on Instagram!‬
James Labrie Feb 10, 2019
Hey Everyone, Hope you’re enjoying Paralyzed. Not long and you’ll be kicking with the entire album. Hope to see each and everyone of you on tour. 💀☠️🏴‍☠️🤘
James Labrie Dec 25, 2018
Have a great day and all the best in 19’. Cool messages from all of you. 💀🎤⚔️🏴‍☠️⛷😎
James Labrie Nov 28, 2018
Hey Everyone, Check out the link below. I joined Peter Orullian and sang a track on his Christmas album. Although the album will not be released this Christmas but in 19’ Peter and company will be doing a Theatre Production of these wonderful songs along with an amazingly talented ensemble. Take care and have a great Christmas and Holiday Season.
James Labrie Nov 16, 2018
James Labrie Nov 13, 2018
James Labrie
James Labrie Nov 04, 2018
I’m sure most of you have heard the sound snippet and peek into our next album, ‘Distance Over Time’. Hope you’re as stoked as we are. Have a great one.
James Labrie Sep 20, 2018
Letting all you raaawwwkers know that I officially finished the vocals for the new DT. It’s flippin awesome. Have great day...🤘🎤😎