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A Cambodian Spring (Original Soundtrack)
The Animal Spirits
Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz
The Inheritors
The Idiots Are Winning
At the Controls
Balance 005 (Mixed by James Holden) [Mixed Version]
James Holden Feb 18, 2019
MADRID! Next James Holden & The Animal Spirits show happens on 9th May at Joy Eslava as part of Sound Isidro 2019. James Holden & The Animal Spirts + beGun en Sound Isidro TICKETS>>
James Holden Feb 15, 2019
James Holden will be bringing his Animal Spirits to Rome's MONK Roma on 23rd March as part of the Manifesto Festival. Join them>>
James Holden Feb 15, 2019
Just announced for this years Farmfestival Somerset: James Holden & The Animal Spirits! Tickets on sale now>>
James Holden Feb 15, 2019
James Holden Feb 14, 2019
James Holden joins Kate Hutchinson on Worldwide FM this Friday from 11am (UK time) for her Gnawa-themed special. Listen in live here>>
James Holden Feb 12, 2019
James Holden teams up with Maalem Houssam Gania for a rare live performance at the first edition of the new Beat Hotel festival: 28th-31st March at Marrakech's Fellah Hotel. Tickets & more info here>>
James Holden Feb 11, 2019
Photo by Laura Lewis Photography
James Holden Feb 08, 2019
“I guess that’s the main thing that stays with me about this collaboration – although our cultures look different on the surface, the human need at their root is the same.” - James Holden talks to London In Stereo ahead of his upcoming performance with Maalem Houssam Gania at the new Beat Hotel Festival in Marrakech.
James Holden Jan 25, 2019
this is out today! if you buy it, i hope you enjoy it :)
James Holden Jan 10, 2019
James Holden's solo-synth soundtrack to accompany the BAFTA-nominated documentary 'A Cambodian Spring' will be out on 25th January 2019 on vinyl and all digital formats, via Border Community.
James Holden Jan 10, 2019
Friendly reminder that you can stream the full A Cambodian Spring documentary NOW from Vimeo for just £3 HERE>> The 'A Cambodian Spring OST' film soundtrack by James Holden will be released on 25th January on vinyl and digital, via Border Community. And preview track 'Solidarity Theme (Release)' is streaming now via all the usual suspects.
James Holden Jan 09, 2019
Big congratulations to A Cambodian Spring for the BAFTA nomination (Outstanding Debut by a British director, writer or producer). And coincidentally we just put one track from the soundtrack LP live today (streaming+instant dl with preorders) listen here>> This track is from one of the happier moments of the film. The full soundtrack is out on LP (with sleeve notes by Darran Anderson) & digitals on the 25th January via Border Community.
James Holden Jan 08, 2019
#ICYMI - 12 days left to listen...
James Holden Dec 27, 2018
Still 24 days left to listen again to James Holden's Winter Solstice themed guest mini-mix for Tom Ravenscroft's BBC Radio 6 Music show. And since it hasn't made it to the BBC website yet, here is a full list of everything that James played: Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - The Quail Song Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - Long Singing Fiium Shaarrk - We Advanced Covered Aphex Twin - disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo] Nurse With Wound - Fragments II Jean C Roché, Bill H. Gunn - Another pack a little further off Holden - Circle Of Fifths (Gibbersolo) Kriedler - Luminous Procuress Syrinx - Ibistix James Holden - Disintegration Drone II (Torn Cone) Gregory Whitehead - Zigurrat Animal Collective - Hollinndagen Andreas Stahel - Circular Hocket III Teeth Mountain - Keinsein Cluster - Umleitung Section 25 - There Was A Time
James Holden Dec 21, 2018
Border Community
James Holden Dec 19, 2018
Read Revolver's interview with James Holden>>
James Holden Dec 19, 2018
Friday 21st December from 9pm on BBC Radio 6 Music>>
James Holden Dec 19, 2018
This is coming. You could preorder it now. You can watch the film already. I loved making this soundtrack, it is the sound of me slowly killing a cheap hammond while things go badly / making soft unclocked beatless trance anthems for the brief moments where people beat power. The 'A Cambodian Spring OST' is set for release on 25th January 2019 via Border Community, on vinyl (including download code and sleeve notes by 'Imaginary Cities' author Darran Anderson) and all digital formats. Pre-order now from the likes of>>
James Holden Nov 05, 2018
BRAGA! James Holden & The Animal Spirits are coming to gnration this Thursday 8th November. TICKETS>>
James Holden Nov 05, 2018
James Holden & Maalem Houssam Gania at Atlas Electronic, Marrakesh, Morocco. Photographed by David Edmondson (, September 2016.
James Holden Nov 05, 2018
James Holden at Rewire, The Hague - 7th April 2018. Photography by Raymond Van Mil.
James Holden Oct 22, 2018
James Holden & The Animal Spirits perform 'Thunder Moon Gathering' live at this years Field Day London. Footage courtesy of Crack Magazine.
James Holden Oct 22, 2018
James Holden & Maalem Houssam Gania will be reunited in March at the Beat Hotel's first Marrakech edition. Tickets here>> [James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia's 'Three Live Takes' is out now on Border Community on 12" vinyl and all digital formats.]
James Holden Oct 19, 2018
Tomorrow in Bristol!
James Holden Oct 12, 2018
Set times for Simple Things Festival - Bristol on 20th October. James Holden & The Animal Spirits will be on stage at the O2 Academy Bristol / Crack Magazine stage from 19:45. Final tickets here>>