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James Arthur Feb 15, 2019
Still in the Valentine’s Day mood? Then listen to Empty Space on the Love Songs & Chill playlist ⬇️❤️
James Arthur Jan 03, 2019
Spotify ❤️
James Arthur Dec 16, 2018
Thank you The Jonathan Ross Show for having me! Hope you guys enjoyed the performance of #EmptySpace Check out full version over ITV hub! x
James Arthur Dec 09, 2018
Quality night at the #CapitalJBB Capitalfm
James Arthur Dec 07, 2018
#SilentNight & #EmptySpace live acoustic performances on Vevo now! x
James Arthur Dec 05, 2018
07. 12. 18 #EmptySpace & #SilentNight @vevo live acoustic
James Arthur Dec 05, 2018
Thank you @NBCTheVoice 🇺🇸 Anne-Marie
James Arthur Dec 04, 2018
James Arthur Dec 03, 2018
Honoured to be part of the dream team. A real, credible winner. Pleasure to pass him the crown tonight. Thanks Louis Tomlinson and Dalton Harris The X Factor 👑
James Arthur Dec 02, 2018
#RewriteTheStars ❤️ Anne-Marie
James Arthur Nov 26, 2018
Thank you Spotify Today’s Top Hits! 👀❤️ #EmptySpace & #RewriteTheStars
James Arthur Nov 23, 2018
James Arthur Nov 19, 2018
What an honour it was to be part of an incredible line up last night on a show that I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of. Thank you @wholeorg @calmzone @themixuk @ymcaenglandandwales @althenative @teddysphotos @annemarie @ellaeyre @professorgreen @louisberry @ollymurs @nothingbutthieves The subject of mental health is something very close to my heart and to get the opportunity to join forces with all of these talented and influential people on one night was a dream come true and a huge step forward in removing the stigma attached to mental health. Remember it’s ok not to be ok! Let’s start talking! #iamwhole #m4mh #letsstarttalking ❤️
James Arthur Nov 16, 2018
And here it is! Official video for Rewrite The Stars with @AnneMarie for the @GreatestShowman: Reimagined is available now #TGSReimagined
James Arthur Nov 15, 2018
#RewriteTheStars with Anne-Marie this Friday #TGSReimagined ✨
James Arthur Nov 11, 2018
Rehearsing for some upcoming shows and thought we’d do a little acoustic version of #EmptySpace for you x
James Arthur Nov 10, 2018
I hope you guys liked the Empty Space video starring the incredible @Tom Felton. If you haven't watched it yet, give it a watch here:
James Arthur Nov 08, 2018
If you missed my performance on The X Factor, you can now watch it here: and also check out the full episode from last week on the ITV Hub #XFactor 🙌
James Arthur Nov 08, 2018
Big love #JArmy ❤️
James Arthur Nov 07, 2018
Aw man I’m overwhelmed, the reaction to the single and the video has been unbelievable. You lot make my life thank you so much, you keep me strong 🙏🏼😭 massive love and respect to my JArmy!
James Arthur Nov 05, 2018
Thanks The X Factor⁠ ⁠ for having me back! Always a pleasure
James Arthur Nov 03, 2018
#EmptySpaceVideo is now available on iTunes
James Arthur Nov 02, 2018
So here it is... This is one of the proudest moments of my career so far. An incredibly moving performance in the motion picture for the #EmptySpaceVideo Special thanks to Tom Felton and Andzej Gavriss
James Arthur Oct 31, 2018
Can’t wait for you to see this! #EmptySpaceVideo premieres this Friday 2nd November at midnight!
James Arthur Oct 30, 2018
Always an honour #PrideOfBritain