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I Like Blondes 2.0
Jakewolf Mar 11, 2019
who wants to hear a new jakewolf 3 song demo? (unreleased)
Jakewolf Sep 22, 2018
oh yeah forgot to do this...
Jakewolf Jul 17, 2017
all discography now available on
Jakewolf May 08, 2016
Jakewolf May 08, 2016
if you were banned, it wasn't your fault. i just trusted someone that i never should have with an account. i've unbanned you all. sorry. i will make sure to keep my shit to myself from now on. thanks for all of the support.
Jakewolf Nov 10, 2011
i bought a bass. haven't named her yet. but i'm recording a new song. with her in it. then maybe i'll name her. anyway. back to recording. go like facebook/therealjakewolf and listen to my 2 new songs if you haven't already
Jakewolf Nov 08, 2011
another new song up.... criticize me.
Jakewolf Nov 07, 2011
new song up. check it out and lemme know what you think. also tell people to like this page.
Jakewolf Nov 05, 2011
should i put the "what heart" songs on "apple.", or no? (and also make everyone like this page)
Jakewolf Nov 04, 2011
new song from my new album in the works, "apple." is uploaded now. go listen and tell your people to do it too. and to like this page. thank you.
Jakewolf Nov 03, 2011
working hard to finish "apple." up. it'll be out soon enough. i'll keep everyone updated. til then, tell your people to creep and like this page. thanks.
Jakewolf Oct 27, 2011
back to recording. tell your people to like this page♥
Jakewolf Oct 21, 2011
about 7 more songs to finish up for my 32 song album "apple.". recording tonight though! so it'll be out soon! don't forget to tell your friends and foes to check this page out and like it! ;)<3
Jakewolf Oct 18, 2011
everyone is going to be informed.
Jakewolf Oct 17, 2011
recording tonight! tell your friends to like my page! new songs up soon!
Jakewolf Oct 16, 2011
also! don't forget to tell all of your new friends who haven't heard of me to check me out and like my page! even ones that DO know about me. just have them like my page too!
Jakewolf Oct 06, 2011
i put a new song up. (link below, in comments).
Jakewolf Sep 23, 2011
Jakewolf Aug 28, 2011
new youtube video up.
Jakewolf Aug 11, 2011
NEW SONG UP. listen if you like.
Jakewolf Jul 28, 2011
just made this like page! tell your friends!