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Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)
Jai Paul Jun 02, 2019
Hi I’ve been working on some music and a website recently so I’d like to share that with you ( Have a look on desktop if u can, I think it works a bit better on there. I hope u like it, cheers, Jai
Jai Paul Jun 02, 2019
Jai Paul's cover photo
Jai Paul Jun 02, 2019
Jai Paul
Jai Paul Apr 15, 2013
To confirm: demos on bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don't buy. Statement to follow later. Thanks, Jai
Jai Paul Aug 23, 2012
Jasmine (Demo) Vinyl housebag/Digital
Jai Paul Apr 28, 2012