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Hologram Jams
Live At Sasquatch 2010 (Live Nation Studios)
Take Me to the Sea
Jaguar Love May 03, 2011
Jaguar love live at Sasquatch is now available on iTunes. If you never got a chance to see "Hologram Jams" performed with our kickass drummer Zach Richards you should definitely check this out.
Jaguar Love Apr 27, 2011
another vid of one of the songs I did with Arsenal in Belgium last week, side note my name is not shawn smith :)
Jaguar Love Apr 27, 2011
video of me doing "High Venus" with Arsenal at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels last week. Sooo much fun. Such a great band!
Jaguar Love Apr 07, 2011
I'll be performing with Arsenal april 21-23 at Ancienne Belgiuqe all the shows are sold out but if you live in belgium and somehow are already coming see you there!
Jaguar Love Apr 07, 2011
Yet another song I sang on on the new Arsenal record "High Venus"
Jaguar Love Apr 07, 2011
Another song I sang on on the new arsenal record "Lokemo"
Jaguar Love Apr 07, 2011
I sang on this band from Belgium called "Arsenal"'s record. it comes out April 11th but you can check out some of the songs here. this one is called "glitter and gold"
Jaguar Love Dec 01, 2010
the crystal city 30% off sale ends at midnight tonight! don't sleep on it!
Jaguar Love Nov 29, 2010
End of November Sale at 30% off all items when you enter code "November" at check out. Today and tomorrow only. Just found a bunch of dresses that weren't up before so check those out in our "dresses" section. xo
Jaguar Love Nov 27, 2010
dudes/dudettes. is having a black friday special all weekend. Buy any 2 shirts and get my short story "the Mermaid and the Actor free!" Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!
Jaguar Love Nov 06, 2010
Help fund Night of the Long Knives, a film by Eric Sanders I'll be scoring early next year. The song in the background is one of the songs I've already done for it. Help support independent cinema!
Jaguar Love Oct 27, 2010
Hey check out my Scanners remix at also check for details. This is one of my favs
Jaguar Love Oct 18, 2010
I built a website as a kind of index of all the creative endeavors I am involved in at the moment. check it out yo.
Jaguar Love Oct 15, 2010
New Crystal City Shirt "We Ride!". Been almost two months since we put anything out cause I've been busy with other projects. I'm really excited about these shirts. They come in green and brown-white 3/4 sleeve shirts. check them out at
Jaguar Love Oct 15, 2010
yo peeps my Coheed and Cambria remix just came out on go check it out and spread the wooooorrrdd!
Jaguar Love Oct 13, 2010
My Coheed and Cambria "World of Lines" remix comes out tomorrow via ! So excited to share it with you all!
Jaguar Love Oct 05, 2010
Posted a video of me playing the Neon Blonde song "Headlines" acoustic at my last show. Show some love if you likey. More up soon!
Jaguar Love Sep 30, 2010
Finishing up my @Coheed World of Lines remix. This thing is a monster. Claudio's voice is great to write dance music to.
Jaguar Love Sep 30, 2010
Just put up an excerpt of a piece of short fiction I wrote called "The Mermaid and The Actor" at . Its available at for 5 bucks. Help me spread the word! xo
Jaguar Love Sep 14, 2010
Alright Seattle today is the day...Me, Sam Amidon, and Mike Giacolino at the Tractor in Seattle at the Tractor. I go on at 9ish. gonna play 4 songs off the acoustic mixtape, plus some Jaguar Love songs, some Neon Blonde songs and some Blood Brothers songs all acoustic. should be a blast come say whatsup if you make it. xoxo
Jaguar Love Sep 12, 2010
yo everyone after much procrastinating I finally got my acoustic mixtape up on iTunes. Search Johnny Whitney in your itunes store and it should come up. If you dig it go rate or review it and I'll love you forevz... xox
Jaguar Love Sep 03, 2010
Check out my acoustic songs if you haven't already.
Jaguar Love Sep 03, 2010
Hey seattle I'm playing an acoustic show supporting Sam Amidon September 14th at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. tickets available here -----> . Just put the finishing touches on my set last night, its gonna be 4 songs from the Acoustic Mixtape, 2 Jaguar love songs, 2 blood brothers songs and a mystery cover song by a turn of the century folk balladeer. Should be rad I'm really excited about it.!!!
Jaguar Love Jul 29, 2010
If you haven't already go check out my acoustic mixtape at . It's only $5 and each cover is hand made by us!