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What We Must
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Jaga Jazzist Nov 17, 2018
Knall anmeldelse av Amgala Temple i dagens DN og konsert på Blå ikveld!
Jaga Jazzist Nov 12, 2018
🧡💛💚💙❤️ Lot’s of love from Oslo #Repost EFG London Jazz Festival ・・・ We love this shot of @jagajazzistofficial by @emileholbaphoto from last year's Festival so much that its up on our wall at @seriouslivemusic HQ! Less than 1 week til EFG London Jazz Festival 2018! #wearejazz #jazzmemories #jagajazzist #nordicjazz
Jaga Jazzist Nov 09, 2018
New live video with Lars’ band Amgala Temple out today! Check it out!
Jaga Jazzist Oct 21, 2018
24 years since our first concert today ⌛️⏳⌛️ October 21st 1994
Jaga Jazzist Oct 21, 2018
Thank you, Zürich! It was a blast 💪🏼 Martin gave all he had
Jaga Jazzist Oct 20, 2018
Playing at bergmal Festival tonight 22.45 💥 See you
Jaga Jazzist Oct 12, 2018
Amgala Temple (Lars Horntveth Gard Nilssen Amund Maarud) just released a video recorded live in Pooka Studio in Oslo. Check it out!
Jaga Jazzist Oct 07, 2018
Happy birthday! 💥 Thom Yorke 50 years today
Jaga Jazzist Oct 05, 2018
Zürich! See you in two weeks🇨🇭 #Repost @mr.hirsch ・・・ Vorfreude. @bergmalfestival @dynamo_zuerich #postrock #postrockmusic #instrumentalmusic #experimentalmusic #zurich #swissfestivals #zurichfestival #jagajazzist #mutinyonthebounty #hernameiscalla #toundra #thisquietarmy #egopusher #duara #preampdisaster #spoiwo #jeffk #ournextmovement #hexmusic #soldathans #carcrashweather #thot #allyouveseen #hubris #soon #lovemusic #bergmal18 #bergmalfestival #henrylovesyou
Jaga Jazzist Oct 04, 2018
Lars´s new band Amgala Temple released their first single today! Check it out!
Jaga Jazzist Sep 23, 2018
💛💛💛 Come on! It’s Miles Davis’ old car 🤯🔨
Jaga Jazzist Sep 22, 2018
Heeey! Jaga poster in the brand new Netflix film, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Jaga Jazzist Sep 06, 2018
Burt Reynolds R.I.P.
Jaga Jazzist Aug 31, 2018
Wow! Just brilliant 🔴🔵
Jaga Jazzist Aug 18, 2018
Kofi Annan R.I.P. ❤️
Jaga Jazzist Aug 16, 2018
Aretha Franklin R.I.P. 😢
Jaga Jazzist Aug 14, 2018
❤️ Awesome! 👴🏼🧓🏼👵🏼🤘🏼
Jaga Jazzist Aug 06, 2018
BBQ at Even’s house 🥩🥔🥗🌭 @ Oslo, Norway
Jaga Jazzist Jul 30, 2018
Oh. We miss Japan 🇯🇵❤️ This is from our first trip back in '09 どうもありがとう
Jaga Jazzist Jul 26, 2018
🚀Awesome!🛰 Kraftwerk FTW
Jaga Jazzist Jul 20, 2018
We will play a very rare show this fall at the bergmal Festival in Switzerland🇨🇭Hope to see you there!❤️
Jaga Jazzist Jul 15, 2018
Hey! Just found this. Now with better sound. Live from Montreal International Jazz Festival 2015. Enjoy!
Jaga Jazzist Jul 13, 2018
Thorvald Stoltenberg R.I.P.
Jaga Jazzist Jul 01, 2018
The poster from the 2005 ‘All Tomorrows Parties’ curated by The Mars Volta. Guests were amongst others Acid Mothers Temple, Antony and the Johnsons, Battles, Beans featuring Holy Fuck, Blonde Redhead, The Cinematic Orchestra, CocoRosie, Dälek, Diamanda Galas, Dungen, The Gris Gris, Hella, High on Fire, Holger Czukay, JR Ewing, Les Savy Fav, Lydia Lunch, Madlib, Mastodon, Saul Williams, The Kills, The Locust and Jaga Jazzist. Just awesome!
Jaga Jazzist Jun 15, 2018
D.J. Fontana R.I.P