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Phase (Deluxe)
Jack Garratt Aug 17, 2018
for those of you wondering how writing is going it's going super well i'm super focused and not distracted or anything X
Jack Garratt Mar 29, 2018
for anyone concerned about where album 2 is don't worry, I spent tonight making stings for 'Friends' scene changes so yeah, things are going well
Jack Garratt Dec 13, 2017
Dear Science side of Facebook, Is this a ghost or can I sleep at night? Sincerely, Me, terrified.
Jack Garratt Oct 05, 2017
who's got two thumbs and too much time on his hands? It's this guy 👍🏻👍🏻
Jack Garratt Sep 04, 2017
🌎👫 20+ million people globally don't have a home. Join me, Amnesty International USA and Sofar Sounds for a special show in Chicago with The O'My's and KAMI, and show that we ALL welcome refugees. 👫🌎 Enter here to win tickets now: Check here for other #GiveAHome shows happening all around the world: J x
Jack Garratt Aug 25, 2017
Here’s a new one from me. Only 100 tickets available. Join me and a very special guest performing live and in conversation. Effra Social Club. September 7th. Tickets available here: J x P.S No mobile phones/recording devices will be permitted in the venue. It’s our little secret.
Jack Garratt Aug 21, 2017
(End of Summer) Sale. Limited Edition West Coast Merch now available. Grab some $ off a bundle with the code: SUMMER J x
Jack Garratt Aug 17, 2017
Jack Garratt Jul 27, 2017
tried to do a walk thru but I confused myself so instead here's a 🐦👁view
Jack Garratt Jul 24, 2017
new sound who dis* *my life is one long Vulfpeck audition and I'm okay with that.
Jack Garratt Jul 14, 2017
SAT 23:00 // Latitude Festival SUN 20:00 // Longitude Festival
Jack Garratt Jul 05, 2017
practicing with the voices in my head
Jack Garratt Jun 20, 2017
I’m playing a secret #GiveaHome show for just 100 guests with Amnesty International and Sofar Sounds in Chicago on September 20th in support of the world’s refugees. This is such a worthwhile cause and I am humbled to be taking part. Donate here for a chance to win a pair of tickets: We all deserve a home, not just the memory of one. J x
Jack Garratt Jun 09, 2017
About two years ago, Katy Perry tweeted about my song The Love You're Given. About 6 months ago, she invited me to come write with her. I had no idea what to expect. What followed was a truly humbling 5 days, where she and I sat in a room and wrote a song called Power. I then went home and produced that song, and now it's on her album. No games. I hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I am proud to have been a part of it. Power is yours. J
Jack Garratt Jun 02, 2017
the only box i'll let you put me in is a square one and that's just for instagram
Jack Garratt May 10, 2017
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Mosaic Music. I’ll be playing in Moscow for the very first time on May 25th. Tix: J x
Jack Garratt May 05, 2017
I've been quiet recently. I've been learning how to let go of what I can't control, and I have started making music that makes me laugh again, which in turn is making me very happy. So here is something I am proud of, my remix of Don't Kill My Vibe by Sigrid.
Jack Garratt Apr 19, 2017
Solana Beach, Belly Up, tues 18th April 2017 Thanks to Mary for the video J
Jack Garratt Apr 18, 2017
Coachella was an unbelievable experience. I think I've only just now stopped sweating. Thanks for the heart-on ❤️🌴❤️. See you again next weekend x
Jack Garratt Apr 17, 2017
About to hit the stage at Coachella 🌴🍍 watch it live here: J x
Jack Garratt Apr 14, 2017
Jack Garratt Apr 12, 2017
Rehearsal: Synesthesia PT. III
Jack Garratt Apr 11, 2017
Rehearsal: remembering how to play guitar
Jack Garratt Apr 10, 2017
Rehearsal: Breathe Life
Jack Garratt Apr 10, 2017
*spends one day in LA*