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A Moment of Madness
A Moment of Madness (Deluxe)
Izzy Bizu Aug 15, 2019
Here is a snippet from the rooftop sessions! Currently working on my album right’s taken longer than usual but I’m really excited to jump into this next chapter with you guys lots of love x Check out the video on my youtube here:
Izzy Bizu Aug 15, 2019
Izzy Bizu
Izzy Bizu Jul 12, 2019
Found another Broccoli 🥦 Had a lot of fun writing with Troy Miller Music, Kelli-Leigh Iain James & Laconic Thanks to Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) for the #WritingCamp at Abbey Road Studios
Izzy Bizu Jul 09, 2019
Hey guys know it’s been a while! Currently working on my new album but until then here’s a little rooftop video I did for lights on was so fun jamming with these guys! So much love 💖 Check out the full version here:
Izzy Bizu May 08, 2019
On Foundation FM live talking about the EP #Glita
Izzy Bizu May 07, 2019
More behind the scenes pictures from the video shoot 4 #LightsOn 😍 Watch the video here:
Izzy Bizu May 03, 2019
I’m so excited to show you the new material I’ve been working on! The new EP is called #GLITA. Between the last album and now I’ve been experimenting with different sounds so this is a bit of a new direction! Hope you enjoy it!!
Izzy Bizu May 03, 2019
Here is the video for my single #LightsOn… it was one of those night shoots that went on til 5am so really hope you like the results 😉 : NEW EP OUT NOW Too! xx
Izzy Bizu May 02, 2019
My new EP #Glita and the video for #LightsOn are out at midnight 2night 🙃💖
Izzy Bizu Apr 30, 2019
Can’t wait to share the video with you this Friday #LightsOn 🥰
Izzy Bizu Apr 28, 2019
#LightsOn video dropping 3rd May with my new EP #Glita. This is a picture from the shoot... it was a long cold night but hope you the results were worth it! 😃
Izzy Bizu Apr 27, 2019
Can’t wait to share my new EP and the video for Lights On on 3rd May. It’s been a crazy couple years for me, I’ve gained some very special people in my life and lost some too, they know who they are and I have so much love for everyone I came across who left an imprint on me. 😊❤️
Izzy Bizu Apr 01, 2019
Thank you to Phil Taggart BBC Radio 1 for making #LightsOn your Chillest Record 😘 Listen back here:
Izzy Bizu Mar 27, 2019
Hey Guys, please check out the Sony Music Entertainment Filtr Playlist with my new track #LightOns 🥰 Thank you for putting me on the cover 😘 Here is the link:
Izzy Bizu Mar 25, 2019
It’s been a long time coming lol but so excited to share my new single with you, #LightsOn. EP is following in a few weeks! - 🥰
Izzy Bizu Mar 22, 2019
Hey guys! DJ TARGET will premiere #LightsOn on Monday as his Targo Embargo 🙏 Tune into BBC Radio 1Xtra from 7pm GMT on Monday! Can’t wait for all of you to hear it x
Izzy Bizu Mar 18, 2019
Izzy Bizu's cover photo
Izzy Bizu Mar 18, 2019
Hey guys! So excited to finally share some new music with you. My new single 'Lights On' is about throwing caution away for the sake of a short lived romance! It’s out next Monday! You can pre-save the single below so you can listen to it soon as it drops! Lots of love, have a good week!
Izzy Bizu Mar 08, 2019
Celebrate #IWD2019 with me and empower girls year-round with Studio Samuel. Follow, share & give if you can. Amesegenallo! #girlscan #balanceforbetter #girlleaders #herpath #empowergirls #conservelife #letgirlslearn
Izzy Bizu Nov 27, 2018
Join me and wear the bracelet that gives back through girls' education. Your support keeps girls in school! #GivingTuesday #StudioSamuel For more details and to take part in #GivingTuesday:
Izzy Bizu Nov 26, 2018
Hi Guy, so excited to share that I've taken a role with Studio Samuel as Global Ambassador. Check out their work and stay tuned for more news coming tomorrow! x #HerPath #EmpowerGirls Website:
Izzy Bizu Jun 01, 2018
I still remember the first song I wrote. I’ve come along way since then lol. And learned a lot too! Watch my chat with first direct here
Izzy Bizu Mar 09, 2018
Check out my interview with OkayAfrica where i talk about my Ethiopian roots 🌍
Izzy Bizu Jan 22, 2018
This is it!! The amazing fragrance #Yesiam is now available, I hope you love it as much as i do xxx 💄by Cacharel #ad
Izzy Bizu Jan 21, 2018
So excited that the #yesiam campaign is live! 💄 😁 Check it out #cacharel #ad