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Ivy, LOYALS, Phosphenes, and anthony worden at Gabe's Oasis (January 8, 2019)
Venue: Gabe's Oasis (Iowa City, IA, US) Find tickets
IVY Dec 05, 2018
We're a tad late with the post here.. but our 'Sinners Grin' Tour is a wrap! Massive love to everyone that came out to the shows / listened / downloaded / bought the track. 'Sinners Grin' is by far our most well received track to date. The song has scored over 💥70,000💥 streams worldwide across all platforms since release, ranked a Number 9 worldwide on Hype Machine music charts, a bunch of radio spins on triple j / triple j Unearthed, local and interstate radio and overseas. Not to mention some massive ads by the Spotify team to their curated playlists. Big shout outs to Mitta Norath our insanely talented producer. Rob & Nick from Good Intent for their world class PR work and ongoing support, the team at GYROstream for their amazing distribution work and personalised service. Luke Pleydon + Kevin Bull for their sweet snaps, Grace Brown for our artwork + all the incredible acts we got the chance to play with. As for us, we've locked in some studio time in early 2019 to punch out a follow-up single and our next tour is already in the works. Enjoy the rest of 2018 friends! See ya's next year. Steve, Kane, Benny. X Listen to 'Sinners Grin' here:
IVY Nov 22, 2018
Last show of ze singlè tour de aus tonight-ah!💥 Headlining Netherworld - Brisbane w/ Cedarsmoke. Free Entry. 8:30pm. 📷 by Behind The Scene
IVY Nov 20, 2018
What a ride. We’re finishing up this rad little single tour this Friday night in Brisbane playing a FREE show at Netherworld w/ local lords Cedarsmoke. Let’s go out with a BANG 💥
IVY Nov 17, 2018
Was a whirlwind trip to Melbourne, but what a night. Massive thanks to The Belair Lip Bombs | Telescreen and our new all time faves 🔥Bleach🔥. Blown away. We'll be jettin' off yet again next Friday to Brisvegas wrap up this mad tour. Fri 23 Nov - Netherworld - w/ local lords Cedarsmoke.
IVY Nov 16, 2018
Almost didn’t see you. But we’re coming in hot Melbourne. 😣 see ya tonight. - Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar.
IVY Nov 11, 2018
Melbs, we’re comin’ to party this Fri night along with a huge local line up. Can’t wait: Fri Nov 16 - Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar - Melbourne w/ The Belair Lip Bombs | Bleach | Telescreen - $10 at the door.
IVY Nov 08, 2018
Our latest single ‘Sinners Grin’ has hit over 🔥50,000🔥 streams in 63 countries in just 6 weeks on Spotify. All smiles here. Thank you. Listen here: 📷 by Luke Pleydon
IVY Oct 31, 2018
Flights booked ✈️. See you in a couple weeks, Melbourne. Fri 16 Nov - Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar w/ The Belair Lip Bombs | Bleach | Telescreen - tix $10. 📷 Kevin Bull Photography
IVY Oct 27, 2018
⚡️ HEY. Sydney. Free show tonight at Frankie's Pizza w/ machines The Royal Artillery + supports. ⚡️ 📷 by Kevin Bull Photography
IVY Oct 25, 2018
Our front man Kane Brown spoke to Music Feeds about one of his favourite records by The Black Keys and why he loves it / how it inspires his writing. ⚡️
IVY Oct 23, 2018
What a month. 4 weeks ago we dropped ‘Sinners Grin’. This Sat the tour continues to the famous Frankie's Pizza By The Slice - Sydney with lords The Royal Artilery. 8pm. Free Entry. 🍕🍺 📷 by Kevin Bull Photography Listen to ‘Sinners Grin’ here:
IVY Oct 22, 2018
We spoke to Savage Thrills about our favourite Australian music makers you should know. Cheers Tropical Zombie | Yes Sir Noceur | ELKO FIELDS | Nocturnal Tapes | Grace Turner 🍺
IVY Oct 19, 2018
Here’s a little somethin’ to kick your w/e off 🔥. We’ve collaborated a Spotify playlist of our fave tunes. Some were inspo for our new track, some we just think are real rad. Enjoy.
IVY Oct 14, 2018
IVY Oct 14, 2018
FKA Festival was the goods. Roundin’ out 3 from 3 today @ The Lord Gladstone - 3pm - Free Entry w/ maddog’s Fight Ibis. 📷 by Luke Pleydon
IVY Oct 13, 2018
Thank you FKA Festival. You were beautiful. 📷 by Luke Pleydon 🔥
IVY Oct 11, 2018
Tour kicks off tonight! 🔊 🔺Fri: Lass O'Gowrie Hotel w/ Fight Ibis + Bin Lids - Newcastle - 8PM 🔺Sat: FKA Festival w/ British India | KINGSWOOD | The Jungle Giants | Luca Brasi + more! - Hunter Valley - 12PM 🔺Sun: The Lord Gladstone w/ Fight Ibis - Chippendale - 2pm
IVY Oct 11, 2018
For those who missed it, here is the music video for our latest track 'Sinners Grin'. ⚡️ Listen on: Spotify: Apple Music: SoundCloud: Unearthed:
IVY Oct 10, 2018
Our music clip for ‘Sinners Grin’ is here! Cheers to our friends at Wickedd Childd for the premiere. 🔥⚡️ Filmed at Hudson Street Hum - Newcastle Directed by our own Benny Pokrajac.
IVY Oct 08, 2018
Music Video for ‘Sinners Grin’ premieres tomorrow! ☀️ Listen here:
IVY Oct 08, 2018
Thanks Bad Friends Co. We can't wait for FKA Festival this w/e either. Who's comin'?
IVY Oct 07, 2018
IVY Oct 05, 2018
Niiiice. 'Sinners Grin' has cracked over 🔥21,000🔥 streams on Spotify in its first week and has been re-added to a couple of their official curated playlists along side some huge acts. Cheers for the support! Have a listen below: 'New Noise': 'Rock Out':
IVY Oct 03, 2018
We're hittin' the east coast this month and next for some rad shows alongside some even radder acts in support of our new single 'Sinners Grin'. Check it: 'SINNERS GRIN TOUR 2018' ● Fri 12 Oct - Lass O'Gowrie Hotel - Newcastle w/ Fight Ibis ● Sat 13 Oct - FKA Festival - Hunter Valley w/ The Jungle Giants, British India, KINGSWOOD, Luca Brasi + more. ● Sun 14 Oct - The Lord Gladstone - Chippendale w/ Fight Ibis ● Sat 27 Oct - Frankie's Pizza By The Slice - Sydney ● Fri 16 Nov - The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar w/ The Belair Lip Bombs, Bleach, Telescreen ● Fri 23 Nov - Netherworld w/ Cedarsmoke More details @ Listen to 'Sinners Grin':
IVY Sep 28, 2018
Happy long weekend! Overnight ‘Sinners Grin’ has been added to a few popular Spotify - curated playlists. Huge. Here’s one of ‘em 🔥: