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Morning Light
Ivory Hours Apr 15, 2019
We're #Onestowatch on The Verge again this week 🙌. Tune in and let em know what you think of Boys Club
Ivory Hours Apr 12, 2019
Ivory Hours Apr 11, 2019
Thanks for the spin LiVE 88.5 FM! Ottawa pals tell em what you think 🖤
Ivory Hours Apr 11, 2019
Ivory Hours Apr 09, 2019
We're on Alan Cross's 5 tunes of the week on 102.1 the Edge!
Ivory Hours Apr 08, 2019
'Boys Club' is on Ones to Watch this week from The Verge!
Ivory Hours Apr 04, 2019
Evolution of the bassline from 'Boys Club'
Ivory Hours Apr 02, 2019
Thanks for all the Boys Club love so far! Here's the first bit of behind the scenes, working through the guitar parts. Captured by the wonderful Jaclyn Blanc & Juan Neira. Stream it here:
Ivory Hours Mar 30, 2019
Thanks for all the release day listens guys! Thanks to you we're getting some love from Spotify 🖤
Ivory Hours Mar 29, 2019
'Boys Club' out everywhere! Lets do this 🤜🤛
Ivory Hours Mar 25, 2019
Hear the new song 'Boys Club':
Ivory Hours Mar 24, 2019
Next chance to hear the new tune is tomorrow on 94.9 CHRW Radio Western during Tune Up 4-6PM 🔥
Ivory Hours Mar 22, 2019
It is indeed an antithetical title
Ivory Hours Mar 21, 2019
Thanks for the feature ✌️
Ivory Hours Mar 20, 2019
The new song Boys Club is coming your way next week
Ivory Hours Mar 15, 2019
Anyone hear the new tune on London's Best Rock FM96 this morning??
Ivory Hours Mar 12, 2019
We're at Toboggan Brewing Co. for JUNOfest this Friday with Valley, MONOWHALES & Goodnight, Sunrise also... Acoustic set at One London Place on Thursday for the CBC Nooner series ✌️
Ivory Hours Jan 25, 2019
Ivory Hours Jan 21, 2019
Might be bringing an acoustic along on the road now @martinguitar
Ivory Hours Jan 19, 2019
Built a shortscale this fall and it's been doing the heavy lifting so far. Sinister tones from @warmothguitar & @nordstrandaudio. Named it Little Midnight
Ivory Hours Jan 18, 2019
About 15 years ago I cut the tip of my ring finger off in a 5.5hp Honda motor. They sewed it back on but while it was in a cast I learned to play around it, so now I fret chords weird. Anyways play safe kids
Ivory Hours Jan 17, 2019
Dad's in the zone
Ivory Hours Jan 16, 2019
Ivory Hours Jan 15, 2019
Thommy + luddies = 🧙‍♂️
Ivory Hours Jan 14, 2019
I am in love with this space. Been building temporary studios for years and I finally have one that feels like home. (Check out the insta story for a chronicle of the building process)