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Morning Light
Ivory Hours Jul 29, 2019
Check out the three new singles: 📷: Rachel Long
Ivory Hours Jul 29, 2019
Check out the three new singles: 📷: Rachel Long
Ivory Hours Jul 29, 2019
Ivory Hours Jul 29, 2019
Keep your ears on The Verge for some features of the new song Echoes!
Ivory Hours Jul 22, 2019
See you in Toronto at The Horseshoe Tavern this Friday 🍻 📷: Rachel Long
Ivory Hours Jul 19, 2019
Have you heard Echoes yet?? Come yell it with me at the Horseshoe Tavern next Friday 🙌
Ivory Hours Jul 15, 2019
Big support for 'Echoes' from Apple Music! Catch it on 'Best of the Week', 'Breaking Rock', 'Rock Radio', and 'Canadian Indie Radio' 🤭
Ivory Hours Jul 14, 2019
Echoes made it on #NewMusicFriday!
Ivory Hours Jul 12, 2019
'Echoes' is out! We live in a bubble on social media that's been designed to keep us on platform, generating ad revenue. We're losing the ability to understand the point of view of people we don't agree with and it's creating hard lines of division where we need compromise. Here's to more love, empathy & humanity in this increasingly polarized world 💕.
Ivory Hours Jul 10, 2019
New song 'Echoes' coming your way on Friday 👋 Catch it live at the Horseshoe Tavern on July 26th 📸: Seth Macey
Ivory Hours Jul 03, 2019
Sat down for a chat with The Fragments of a Broken String Podcast last week, thanks for having me 🙌
Ivory Hours Jun 12, 2019
Had a lovely time at London Music Hall, next up we've got a new tune & a show at Horseshoe Tavern on July 26th! 📸: Rachel Long
Ivory Hours Jun 07, 2019
London Music Hall tonight! Doors at 7, bands at 8 🙌
Ivory Hours Jun 06, 2019
So pumped to do this again, see you tomorrow at London Music Hall!
Ivory Hours May 24, 2019
Another Spotify editorial playlist for 'House of Mirrors'! 💕🏚
Ivory Hours May 22, 2019
Just sent another new tune to mix ☺️
Ivory Hours May 21, 2019
Thanks for the tip 'o the hat The Permanent Rain Press 😘 Have you heard 'House of Mirrors' yet??
Ivory Hours May 19, 2019
Some really nice love for the new track yesterday - 'Best of the Week' & 'Breaking Rock' on Apple Music AND 'Ready to Rock' on Spotify. Thanks to everyone for spinning it!
Ivory Hours May 17, 2019
NEW TUNE! Spin 'House of Mirrors' on Apple Music and Spotify
Ivory Hours May 16, 2019
Been a hot minute since we hit the big stage at London Music Hall but we're back June 7th! Here's 'Shadow Kids' live from that last show
Ivory Hours Apr 15, 2019
We're #Onestowatch on The Verge again this week 🙌. Tune in and let em know what you think of Boys Club
Ivory Hours Apr 12, 2019
Ivory Hours Apr 11, 2019
Thanks for the spin LiVE 88.5 FM! Ottawa pals tell em what you think 🖤
Ivory Hours Apr 11, 2019
Ivory Hours Apr 09, 2019
We're on Alan Cross's 5 tunes of the week on 102.1 the Edge!