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It's All Just Pretend
It's All Just Pretend
All the Times We Had
The Verse, The Chorus
The Verse, the Chorus
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 23, 2019
Nice review of our new single "Everybody Breaks" over at B-Sides & Badlands!
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 06, 2019
Studio B, it’s been a long time #lp3 #everybodybreaks #avast
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 05, 2019
90 degrees in Seattle today and we’ll be inside the lovely and gorgeous @avastrecording mixing a couple more jams!
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 04, 2019
Mixing a few jams at Avast today in Seattle on Lenny Kravitz old API Console!
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 02, 2019
So here it is everyone! It's been a long wait, and y'all have been patient. We hope you enjoy listening to Everybody Breaks! Click the link below to stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube! #newmusicfriday #everybodybreaks
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 01, 2019
That song that we all fell in love with is the one that you can finally hear over at PopMatters... Everybody Breaks. It's a song reminding us that we are all on an even playing field. At the end of the day, we break sometimes, and that's ok. The big question is, what do you do when things fall apart? Thanks to the good folks at PopMatters for premiering the song that is officially out tomorrow on Nettwerk Music Group!
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 01, 2019
Ivan & Alyosha's cover photo
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 01, 2019
Ivan & Alyosha
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 31, 2019
We had all been working on different projects and demos separately for about 6 months. Then one night when we were hanging out around a fire pit at Coles house, it became very evident to all of us that there were a few special jams in the pile. One in particular. It was so special that when the iPhone speaker finally got to Tim W's ear, he said that we needed to record another I&A record... So we started working at it again...
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 30, 2019
It's an absolute joy to play music with your best friends. But even with a job that you love, sometimes folks just get burnt out. We spent the better part of 7 years on the road, loving most of it, but it was still a grind. We were tired, frustrated, and coming to the realization that everybody breaks at a certain point. A time off the road was needed. A season where we could remember that the five of us are friends before bandmates... more of this story tomorrow y'all. Photo by Joe Day
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 30, 2019
Ladies and Gents... the wait is almost over. We've got a brand new single that comes out this Friday, August 2nd!!!!! We are so very proud of this song, and all the I&A boys can't wait for you to hear it. Stay tuned!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 28, 2019
Not a bad day here in Seattle at T-Mobile Park!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 27, 2019
Playing some jams after the Mariners game today!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 17, 2019
This is Pete... from the future... telling you how rad the new I&A jams are! Can’t wait for your ears to hear!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 17, 2019
Band hang! Listening to the new single. So excited for y’all to hear it!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 04, 2019
Solo house show in Chattanooga, TN, Sunday, July 7! Going to be a really fun night, request an invite for tickets and location! - Tim
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 29, 2019
On our way down the hill to Hotel Cafe! I play at 7, $10, Stage 2. I’m already sweating, but wonderful to be back in La La Land.
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 14, 2019
L.A.! See you Friday the 28th at The Hotel Cafe! Early show, Second Stage, $10. Tix-
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 08, 2019
Clap to tape :()!!
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 07, 2019
Putting a new jam to tape. Mmmmm hmmm, sounds delicious!
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 05, 2019
Tim will be playing a solo set at The Hotel Cafe in L.A. Friday, June 28th! 7pm, $10, Second Stage. See you there!
Ivan & Alyosha May 31, 2019
Photo Credit: Veronica Coleman
Ivan & Alyosha May 30, 2019
Had an unbelievable time at The Tractor Tavern last weekend! Two SOLD OUT nights! Keep your ears out for some new music! Thanks Robert McCarty for the sweet pics!
Ivan & Alyosha May 26, 2019
The calm before the storm... Favorite time of the day is soundcheck. Getting ready for night number two here at the legendary Tractor Tavern!
Ivan & Alyosha May 24, 2019
Less than 50 tix left for tonight! Get em while ya can!