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It's All Just Pretend
It's All Just Pretend
All the Times We Had
The Verse, the Chorus
The Verse, the Chorus
Ivan & Alyosha Dec 10, 2018
We wrote some jams... so did our friends! Come hang this Thursday at Conor Byrne in Ballard. Starts at 8 y’all! $8
Ivan & Alyosha Dec 07, 2018
Woah! Congratulations to Brandi Carlile, The Twins and the whole BC crew on 6 Grammy Nominations! Amazing.
Ivan & Alyosha Dec 06, 2018
Anyone into this new show, "A Million Little Things"? Our song, "The Fold" will be in tonight's episode. Tune in now on the East Coast, 10 PM on the West and let us know what you think! Much Love, I&A
Ivan & Alyosha Oct 21, 2018
Hey party people! Our new record is close to being donzo! That being said, the I&A boys need some new music to listen to. What bands should we be listening to?
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 21, 2018
Pool time!
Ivan & Alyosha Aug 20, 2018
When you don’t tour that much anymore, and you still wanna hang with the band... VEGAS BABY!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 09, 2018
Tim's gonna be on 1077 The End's Locals Only w/ Steven Graham tonight at 8 playing some tunes and talking about Tuesday's show at Fremont Abbey Arts Center! Tune in for a good time! Listen Live - Tix For Tuesday -
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 05, 2018
Happy 4th everyone!
Ivan & Alyosha Jul 03, 2018
Grieving over the loss of one of our hero’s. We lost a genius today... farewell Richard Swift.
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 28, 2018
If your the praying kind, lift one up for this man. Richard Swift has been a long time hero of ours, and is going through an incredibly hard time with his health. Head over to to see how you can help support he and his family during such a dark time.
Ivan & Alyosha Jun 26, 2018
New Birdtalker record is finally out! Such a great band, check 'em out.
Ivan & Alyosha Mar 11, 2018
Creepers be creepin. Great hangin out with our buds @thelonebellow last night!
Ivan & Alyosha Feb 18, 2018
@colonyhouse only soundcheck with I&A jams. Love these dudes!
Ivan & Alyosha Feb 09, 2018
New Brandi Carlile / Hanseroth Twins / Josh Neumann record streaming via NPR First Listen! Produced by Dave Cobb, gorgeous stuff!
Ivan & Alyosha Jan 29, 2018
When he’s not writing string parts for Kesha, he’s writing with us 😀 Really excited to be working with our buddy @andrewjoslynmusic on this record!
Ivan & Alyosha Jan 10, 2018
Seattle! Tim will be playing a solo set at High Dive February 2nd opening for our friends scout! Come hang! Tickets here -
Ivan & Alyosha Jan 04, 2018
Hope everyone is ready for a musical back rub... #massagetechnique
Ivan & Alyosha Nov 21, 2017
Hey friends, our good buddy from NEEDTOBREATHE, Josh Lovelace just put out an incredible kids record. Support great artists, and keep your sanity with some Rock & Roll made for young and old. Great job Josh!!!
Ivan & Alyosha Nov 13, 2017
Slide time ladies and gents... Tim Kim working his magic once again
Ivan & Alyosha Oct 20, 2017
@colonyhouse and I&A back together again!!! Love these dudes!
Ivan & Alyosha Sep 22, 2017
Eye contact whilst recording... not advised.
Ivan & Alyosha Sep 21, 2017
Lovely pictures and story from our show at Neptune Theatre last Friday thanks to our buddy, Joe Day!
Ivan & Alyosha Sep 18, 2017
Thanks for showing up Seattle! What an amazing night at the Neptune Theater! Now it's time to buckle down and finish this record!!! Photo Credit- @joeday
Ivan & Alyosha Sep 18, 2017
Seattle! Friday was a memorable night, thankful to everyone who came out to support I&A!! Thanks to Lee Hamilton for the amazing pic!!
Ivan & Alyosha Sep 16, 2017
So excited for the show TONIGHT!!! Let's rage, Seattle! Doors at 8pm, All Ages.