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Sunday at Devil Dirt (iTunes Exclusive)
Sunday At Devil Dirt (Bonus Tracks)
Sunday At Devil Dirt
Ballad of the Broken Seas
Isobel Campbell Aug 22, 2017
One year stuck in legal purgatory😢Close to giving up. Like too many of us these days, I need a miracle. Enough is most definitely enough...
Isobel Campbell Mar 05, 2017
I have a new record I would LOVE to share with you but am not at liberty to do so at present. It was mastered at Abbey Road on May 26th last year. I pray it will see the light of day soon.
Isobel Campbell Dec 06, 2015
Isobel Campbell
Isobel Campbell Nov 16, 2015
Isobel Campbell
Isobel Campbell Jun 10, 2015
Special thank you Chris Szczech for playing guitar recording and co-writing with me on this Karen Dalton tribute out now. #Rememberingmountains #tompkinssquarelabel #karendalton #isobelcampbell
Isobel Campbell Oct 09, 2014
The Working Week.
Isobel Campbell Sep 05, 2014
Back to the woods and back to the making of the record. I'm in the little cabin on the left whilst Chris is in the main studio working on electric guitar.
Isobel Campbell Jul 01, 2014
Wrote a tune to lyrics written by Karen Dalton for a Tompkins Square compilation. Sent the recording off today! #karendalton #tompkinssquarelabel #karendaltonsongbook
Isobel Campbell Jun 25, 2014
bellis perennis.
Isobel Campbell Jun 19, 2014
#throwbackthursday #vintagebelle&sebastian
Isobel Campbell Jun 19, 2014
#throwbackthursday #vintagebelle&sebatian
Isobel Campbell May 18, 2014
Jacaranda tree #jacaranda
Isobel Campbell May 15, 2014
Late night in the studio with Chris and the mice...
Isobel Campbell May 14, 2014
For any 90's fans out there :)
Isobel Campbell Mar 18, 2014
Office, manager and P.A.
Isobel Campbell Mar 12, 2014
Hip hip hooray, signed record deal today!
Isobel Campbell Mar 06, 2014
If the last three records I produced were a modern-day Nancy and Lee I must've been the dude with the moustache.
Isobel Campbell Mar 01, 2014
And then this happened! Not quite so sweet. Will all be in the book which I intend to finish writing one day...
Isobel Campbell Mar 01, 2014
Long time ago in no, Glasgow actually. A sweet old video by Karn David. Thinking of chopping hair and playing a little more bass geetar...
Isobel Campbell Feb 28, 2014
We is, me & the magical Vetiver (aka Andy Cabic) that is! Singing together at this. Am excited to hear Allen Toussaint and Bettye Lavette <3
Isobel Campbell Feb 27, 2014
Wasn't the kind of down dog I was hoping for.
Isobel Campbell Feb 27, 2014
Nice to see old chums Belle & Sebastian getting a lil award for outstanding contribution to music yesterday. Thanks for the heads up Stuart David!
Isobel Campbell Feb 14, 2014
Happy Valentine's! xo
Isobel Campbell Feb 13, 2014
This is happening, March 31st. Will be there for a song.
Isobel Campbell Feb 06, 2014
This new label is the new home, in my new home, for my new record. Today is Easy's birthday. It is one day old! Here's to serendipity and here's to label founder, Stephen Brower. Yesterday is gone, today is easy! (My new mantra...)