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Isbells Nov 15, 2018’s been a long are you doing?..we’re fine...even better, we are working on a new album...looking forward to get back on the road...looking forward meeting you again...looking forward sharing, giving and receiving...when?..2019...subscribe to start the conversation...with love...Isbells
Isbells Nov 09, 2018
…'Looking for the Beauty in the World' is featuring in @AppleMusic ‘Acoustic Chill’ playlist…a better match couldn’t if you know why I wrote the song…I wrote this song to slow down and take a breath…enjoy your weekend!…#LookingfortheBeatyintheWorld #Isbells
Isbells Nov 07, 2018
…’Looking for the Beauty in the World' is featuring in @AppleMusic ‘Best of the Week’ playlist…an honour…and don’t forget I wrote this song to slow down and take a breath...#LookingfortheBeatyintheWorld #Isbells
Isbells Nov 03, 2018
Isbells Nov 03, 2018 🙌🏻 super!..thx Spotify NL for adding 'Looking for the Beauty in the World' to the New Music Friday playlist...#LookingfortheBeatyintheWorld #Isbells
Isbells Nov 02, 2018 2016 I wrote ‘Looking for the Beauty in the World’ when I was in Italy on holiday with my family and I think it is more current than life we all need kindness, love, charity and solidarity...but sometimes it all gets buried by the constant overflow of negative information...I wrote this song to slow down and take a breath...I hope it’ll do the same with you... #Isbells #LookingfortheBeautyintheWorld
Isbells Aug 14, 2017
...a one-off tonight in a park...full sunshine ☀️...lounge chairs 🛋...if you're in the entrance...#ExchangingThoughts #IsbellsLive
Isbells May 31, 2017
...again a close to the audience gig...this time we're playing a sold out cultuurcentrum Hasselt vzw starts at 20:00...#IsbellsLive #ExchangingThoughts #cultuurcentrumhasselt
Isbells May 18, 2017 audience close to stage...STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound the place where everything started...the ideal setting for 'Exchanging Thoughts' our new album...apart from the sauna hot air due to outside summer temperatures...thx to everyone who showed up for this special moment!...👏🏻 for our support Eyemèr... #IsbellsLive #ExchangingThoughts #stukleuven 📷 Joeri Thiry
Isbells May 17, 2017
...fond memories of this place!..first Isbells gig ever...tonight we play STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound with the talented Eyemèr in starts at 20:15...#IsbellsLive #stukleuven #ExchangingThoughts
Isbells Apr 24, 2017
Congratulations 👏🏻 Wouter! #ExchangingThoughts #RSD17 #Isbells #Vlissingen
Isbells Apr 24, 2017
Congratulations 👏🏻 Sanne! #RSD17 #ExchangingThoughts #Isbells #Eindhoven
Isbells Apr 22, 2017
Congratulations 👏🏻 Eveline! #ExchangingThoughts #RSD17 #Isbells #Mechelen
Isbells Apr 22, 2017
Greeting from the Isbells HQ! Happy Record Store Day and happy 10th anniversary Record Store Day- Record Store Day Belgium! While you're picking up the RSD releases set aside at your local record store we would like to ask you to take a picture with your 'Exchanging Thoughts' limited edition 10". Post it on Instagram with hashtag #IsbellsExchangingThoughts together with your #city and we repost it on Isbells' Instagram. We will send you a tangible autographed 'Exchanging Thoughts' postcard as a 'thank you' for your purchase. We will get in touch via Direct to ask your address so the good old postman can deliver this exclusive to your doorstep. We could even exchange some thoughts via Direct about the 10" too. #RSD17 #Isbells #ExchangingThoughts
Isbells Apr 21, 2017
Greeting from the Isbells HQ! Record Store Day -1. We would like to thank everyone who set aside his/her copy of the limited edition 10" vinyl at the local record store 👏🏻 #ExchangingThoughts #RSD17 #Isbells
Isbells Apr 20, 2017
Greetings from the Isbells HQ! The upcoming limited edition (500) ‘Exchanging Thoughts’ 10” features in the 10 favourites RSD releases of Dansende Beren. Thanks 🙌🙌🙌 Only 2 days left to secure your copy at your local record store! #ExchangingThoughts #RSD17
Isbells Apr 16, 2017
Greetings from the Isbells HQ! Happy Easter 🐣 everyone! Easter is always a good time to spend some time with family and friends to exchange some thoughts. The limited edition (500) 10" vinyl could have been an alternative to the chocolate egg but Record Store Day is on Saturday 22nd. So go visit your record store to set your copy aside! Call it a late Easter gift 🎁 #RSD17 #ExchangingThoughts #Isbells
Isbells Apr 14, 2017
Greetings from the Isbells HQ! On Record Store Day Isbells will release a limited edition 10” ‘Exchanging Thoughts’. ‘Exchanging Thoughts’ is a full Isbells release which Gaëtan and the band will perform live a few times. Only a few essential times. No more. No less. The dates/venues are May 4th Cultuurcentrum Brasschaat, May 17th STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound, May 31st cultuurcentrum Hasselt vzw and June 4th Chambre d'Amis. Purchase your tickets by clicking the Concerts tab and the date/venue of your choice! #RSD17 #Isbells
Isbells Mar 03, 2017
Greetings from Isbells HQ! It’s been a while since you've seen any Isbells news but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening behind the scenes. The first notable news is a Hollywood movie - The Last Word - 2017 - that opens today in the 🇺🇸, featuring the legendary Shirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried and Isbells music. If you live in the 🇺🇸: go and watch the movie with your friends, grab some popcorn, lean back and enjoy the movie and the music! Or like Variety magazine wrote: ‘MacLaine has something that shines through and elevates a film like this one.’ That sounds like a good fit with one of Isbells' songs. Check the trailer to find out which one! #TheLastWordFullMovie
Isbells Dec 13, 2016
Dear friends and music fans, A few months ago, central Italy was shaken by a severe earthquake. The town of Amatricia was especially heavily struck, and many other cities and villages in the region and neighbouring regions have suffered the consequences of the quakes in different ways. I am of Italian descent myself and I am a child of the Italian migration to Belgium. It goes without saying that I feel very involved in everything that has happened and that I would like to contribute to improving the situation of the many victims, trying to help them heal their wounds. That is why I was very happy to accept the request of Acli Vlaanderen vzw , a federation of aid organisations in Flanders, to join them in organising a benefit with the two bands from Zealrecords of which I am a member: Isbells and Marble Sounds. On 19 December, the two bands will play a concert together and all of the earnings will completely go to the victims of the earthquakes. It would be very nice to see you there and to enjoy a beautiful evening of music in honour of the victims of these earthquakes, but also in honour of everyone who is dealing with adversities of any kind. See you then! Gianni
Isbells Nov 26, 2016
...yesterday Gerd, Gianni and myself were onstage with Winterland '76 for the 40th anniversary of The Last Waltz at the Ancienne Belgique - AB we're playing in Merksem and Eyemèr is our support again...#IsbellsLive
Isbells Nov 10, 2016
...on Friday Nov 25, Gianni, Gerd and I will perform at Ancienne Belgique - AB with THE BAND tribute Winterland '76 - A Tribute to the music of The Band. We will celebrate with them the 40th birthday of The Last Waltz, the legendary farewell concert by The Band. The core of Winterland ’76 is setup by Gianni together with members of Marble Sounds, Mad About Mountains and others. Check the eventpage on Winterland '76 - A Tribute to the music of The Band for details and make sure not to miss it!
Isbells Oct 28, 2016
...a good warming up is always important before a soundcheck 🎤...#IsbellsLive
Isbells Oct 14, 2016
...some backstage view...if you want to see an Isbells show before we go on hiatus...tonight CC Het Bolwerk/Vilvoorde...Eyemèr is our support again so be on time to admire this talented girl!..#IsbellsLive
Isbells Oct 06, 2016
...been a while we were on stage...almost a month day to day...tonight we're playing in Cc De Stroming / will be the talented Eyemèr so don't miss her gig!...#IsbellsLive