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No Sinner No Saint (15th Year Anniversary Double Album)
The Fire
Love Me or Hate Me
7th Wonder
Ira Losco Jun 25, 2019
@xfactormalta DAY 2 wearing @riverisland and @zsazsa_malta Make up: @nikolicdiane Hair: @privehairmalta Nails: @lucies_sliema @this_is_rob_earth
Ira Losco Jun 24, 2019
First Day of auditions. We want to see even more determination and uniqueness. Looking forward to being blown away tomorrow... let’s hope ;-) @howardkeithdebono @alexandraaldenn @raymercieca
Ira Losco Jun 24, 2019
Day 1. @xfactormalta @nikolicdiane @privehairmalta @this_is_rob_earth @lucies_sliema @dianeparnis
Ira Losco Jun 23, 2019
This July my younger sister @loscolisa is getting hitched. I still remember how inseparable we were while growing up. I remember the “al fresco” dining when we were 7 and 5, dinner consisted of maltova with bovril and grapes or watermelon as dessert. The shows we put up for our parents and grandparents in the garden of the new house in sliema. And of course I remember how in love with our baby sister @jacquilosco we were when she was born and still are of course. I also remember telling her first that I was going to become a mother and she was ecstatic. I love having sisters. I trust them with anything and everything and they are my rocks. Lisa we can’t wait to see you walk up the aisle. I seriously don’t know how the hell in going to hold back the tears DAMN IT!
Ira Losco Jun 22, 2019
Just love @charlesandron monochrome. @this_is_rob_earth @nikolicdiane @privehairmalta @lucies_sliema
Ira Losco Jun 22, 2019
I would love to be as pleasantly surprised as I was in season 1. I’m also expecting contestants to step it up and show us that they were born to be in the industry. This industry isn’t kind and they need to know that this is really what they want. @xfactormalta
Ira Losco Jun 21, 2019
Summer Cotton Candy Feels @nikolicdiane nikolicdiane @make_up_factory @privehairmalta @rachelmuscatphotography
Ira Losco Jun 20, 2019
And we’re back! @xfactormalta @howardkeithdebono @alexandraaldenn @raymercieca @ben.camille @riverisland @nikolicdiane @this_is_rob_earth @privehairmalta @rachelmuscatphotography
Ira Losco Jun 20, 2019
Good morning! Absolutely in LOVE with this jewelry!! Keeping this pastel and vintage vibes real. . . . 💎: @zsazsa_malta 👙: @riverisland 💄: @nikolicdiane 💇🏻‍♀️: @privehairmalta 💅🏼: Lucie's nails & beauty 👗: @this_is_rob_earth
Ira Losco Jun 19, 2019
Coming soon.... @virtuferrieslimited @jeep
Ira Losco Jun 18, 2019
Still a photo I love of us both. This was one month before we became parents but we didn’t know it! 😍 @sgravina10
Ira Losco Jun 17, 2019
Buckets of fun 😘
Ira Losco Jun 16, 2019
Ira Losco Jun 14, 2019
My make up artist for over 20 years, a pioneer in the industry is holding her very own Make Up Bootcamp where she will be sharing her expertise with aspiring make up artists. Be part of this new and exciting experience!!
Ira Losco Jun 12, 2019
Hi, bye, ciao, see ya 💅🏼: @lucies_sliema 💇🏻‍♀️: @privehairmalta 💄: @nikolicdiane
Ira Losco Jun 11, 2019
Summer Colours 💛 @riverisland @lucies_sliema
Ira Losco Jun 08, 2019
H Hotel Opening..... guests keep your eyes peeled later... Styling: @this_is_rob_earth Dress: @ninacovacimalta MakeUp: @nikolicdiane Hair: @privehairmalta @hugosgroupmalta
Ira Losco Jun 08, 2019
Sure whatever you say... . . . @ritiennezammit @this_is_rob_earth @nikolicdiane @privehairmalta
Ira Losco Jun 07, 2019
See you all very soon!!!! Show starts at 8pm. I will be performing too 🙂
Ira Losco Jun 05, 2019
Making music is hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun. I’ve had a LOT of fun. And the best feeling on earth is when you finish a track... an album, a double one... and you know people are about to hear it. .... you set off to the radio stations and hope that you’ve got some hits there. . . . An even better feeling is when you realize that a song has made waves, starts trending and eventually stood the test of time. Some singles I will always remember fondly ... namely . . . Love me or Hate me and its impact, @djrubyofficial remix and how the track just grew into a sing along, Something to Talk About, What I’d Give, Me Luv u Long Time, One in A Million and more recently Hey Now. . . . Looking into a sea of faces and seeing their mouths singing your lyrics to your melody, music is one of the most electrifying feelings on earth! To more years of making music! #singer #songwriter #album #iralosco #malta #malteseartist #music #isleofmtv #mtvmalta #instartist #instasinger
Ira Losco Jun 03, 2019
Post shoot @nikolicdiane @privehairmalta
Ira Losco Jun 03, 2019
You can’t sit with us... 😜 @this_is_rob_earth @nikolicdiane @privehairmalta @jasongrech
Ira Losco Jun 02, 2019
Looking into next week like... . . . Happy Sunday 😎
Ira Losco May 31, 2019
You can never wear enough pink. . . . 👗: @jasongrech 💄: @nikolicdiane using @make_up_factory 💇🏻‍♀️: @privehairmalta 📷: @paris_kurt
Ira Losco May 31, 2019
When you are an artist just starting out you seek the approval of people you know have the ear for good stuff. You don’t want friends and family saying that your music is good only, but you want people who know what the hell they’re talking about to give you feedback, critique that you will take seriously and in turn work on. From my early days in TIARA and then when I started my solo career, Terry was there playing local hits and was part of the first local music boom I saw happen with my very own eyes in 2003.. it’s peak in 2005 alongside the conception of the extremely popular BAY MUSIC AWARDS and other innovative events, which always involved local artists. I guess when you have passion for something it just shines bright and Terry was a true beacon for Local Radio. RIP Terry I’ll never forget your smile whenever you told me that a single was doing well and that you believed in it. It always gave me more encouragement to pursue my dream further. I’m sure many bands and artists will agree with this. We will never forget you Ter!!! Xxxx