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No Sinner No Saint (15th Year Anniversary Double Album)
The Fire
Love Me or Hate Me
7th Wonder
Ira Losco Apr 23, 2019
What’s the Matter with You?
Ira Losco Apr 22, 2019
Hey everyone I'll be having a FACEBOOK live session tonight at 20:15 so be ready to fire away your questions & I'll try to answer. I'll be also revealing something new coming as well as what to expect in my upcoming concert at Beland - songs you want to hear, No Sinner No Saint, my recent trip in Spain, Chameleon - Michela & much more. Stay tuned XXX #Music #Live #QandA Beland Music Festival Steven Levi Vella Matthew Muscat-Drago Alex Mallia Steve Muscat Chris Curmi Ben Bailey Howard Keith Debono Jagged House Jonathan Bondin X Factor Malta
Ira Losco Apr 22, 2019
I can’t stop smiling when I perform ;-) @charlesandron Purple Catsuit Made specially for me :-) @this_is_rob_earth @nikolicdiane @marielle2calleja
Ira Losco Apr 22, 2019
Monday Reds
Ira Losco Apr 21, 2019
Good morning and Happy Easter!! We have much to be grateful for. I for one seem to take a lot for granted and so I ask Him to always remind me how blessed I am to have everything I could ever wish for right in the palm of my hand and to never let it go. To work hard every day to make the ordinary extraordinary and to do my work with heart and passion. To put myself in others’ shoes and to love unconditionally. Happy Easter everyone! Goodbye Madrid and see you in a few hours Malta.
Ira Losco Apr 20, 2019
Wearing @ritiennezammit on the blue carpet in Madrid
Ira Losco Apr 20, 2019
Hey Now @charlesandron
Ira Losco Apr 20, 2019
Wore @rosemarieabelastudio on stage tonight. Enjoyed the stage trying to sleep post Adrenalin. Good night everyone. @this_is_rob_earth #Madrid #Spain
Ira Losco Apr 19, 2019
Wearing @ritiennezammit for press conference in Madrid. @this_is_rob_earth
Ira Losco Apr 19, 2019
Ira Losco Apr 18, 2019
Spring feels @riverisland
Ira Losco Apr 17, 2019
@this_is_rob_earth :”xi darba jmissna immorru nieklu ta” Jien: “nixtieq Rob Imma has down qeda” Jien: while reading endorsement shoot brief... includes glam team lunch scene 😎
Ira Losco Apr 17, 2019
Women who support each other through thick and thin. Friendships that go over 20 years are ones that are definitely going right. @moira_delia @andreacassarliquorish @veroniquedalli
Ira Losco Apr 16, 2019
The track 'HEY NOW' written by Ira Losco featuring Leuellen is on it's way to 1 million views after the live performance uploaded on YouTube went viral ending up trending number 1. A recorded studio version was also released on radio last month topping the charts instantly ! TODAY we release the Spotify version! Link - #XFactorMalta Ira Losco Owen Leuellen Jagged House
Ira Losco Apr 16, 2019
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Ira Losco Apr 14, 2019
Ira Losco Apr 13, 2019
Loved every second of Stars at Heart at @unomalta. Partied all the way first in the Diamond Lounge Limousine And then with @tiffanypisaniofficial @poccigram and @owenleuellenofficial. Styled by @this_is_rob_earth wearing: @charlesandron makeup: @dianenikolic using @make_up_factory Hair: @privehairmalta
Ira Losco Apr 12, 2019
Ira Losco Apr 12, 2019
“Il messaggiero non e importante” only people who watch movies will know. Till then I’ll play my bagpipes 🎥 🍿
Ira Losco Apr 10, 2019
Gig season soon open! @imagesbyninaadams
Ira Losco Apr 09, 2019
Many performances to be announced. It’s going to be one hell of a summer! Till then THIS FRIDAY at HEART @unomalta Looking forward to seeing you there!
Ira Losco Apr 08, 2019
Nothing quite like an ice cold @cokezero when the sun starts a-blazin’ .... not quite all the time lately, but when it comes out ya need that @mycokemalta
Ira Losco Apr 06, 2019
Polka Queen. That 90s feel @riverisland
Ira Losco Apr 04, 2019
Timeline Photos
Ira Losco Apr 03, 2019
Same top same goals. @thesixpackrevolution @bodytransformationmalta @scottharrisonspr @meldemajo @karenschranz