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Pretty Eight Machine (Special Edition)
The Chipping of Isaac
Treachery in Beatdown City Episode 1 EP
Shuttle Scuttle Original Soundtrack
Inverse Phase Feb 15, 2019
For the discerning listener who just happens to have really big ears.
Inverse Phase Feb 14, 2019
Out looking for games, and I think one just asked me on a #retrogaming date tonight #vday #valentine #valentinesday #cheapdate
Inverse Phase Feb 08, 2019
Making some progress with my PS/2 L40 SX. It doesn't want to boot QNX, though =[
Inverse Phase Feb 08, 2019
Crazy Thought Thursday: Is everyone who knows what a BBS is, or is into #retrocomputing, #retrogaming, or #demoscene stuff, online these days? Have we left anyone behind? Is it possible some hermit from the Internet but still want to talk retro? Muse about possibilities with me.
Inverse Phase Feb 05, 2019
In 20XX, #chiptune was beginning
Inverse Phase Feb 02, 2019
Thinking about a laptop upgrade...
Inverse Phase Jan 26, 2019
I sometimes wonder if the creators of Javascript would've gone through with it if they knew it would take 10M of RAM just to click a "like" button.
Inverse Phase Jan 23, 2019
I found a real embodiment of that "rap piano" that everyone posted about years ago. Couldn't help but think it might have enough usable notes to write an Atari 2600 #chiptune 😆
Inverse Phase Jan 13, 2019
Current weather state in the Mid-Atlantic:
Inverse Phase Jan 06, 2019
I missed Chromelodeon. And now, here at @MAGFest, here they are again, playing the hits! ❤ #chiptune #retrogaming #prog
Inverse Phase Jan 05, 2019
The MAGFest #demoparty is screening all the competition entries in about 30 minutes! Come to the #demoscene room (Magnolia 3) or tune into the livestream at #magfest2019
Inverse Phase Jan 04, 2019
Couldn't make it to MAGFest this year? Get a dose of LIVE #chiptune #demoscene and #retrocomputing madness on the #demoparty #livestream at
Inverse Phase Jan 03, 2019
It's Thursday, you're at MAGFest and at 3pm, you should come to the #demoparty room for my #demoscene panel. There's a lot of cool history in the evolution of this underground computer art scene that I want to show you!
Inverse Phase Jan 01, 2019
Looks like my MAGFest panel has been moved to 3pm Thursday? I'm not sure if this is right, but I have a solution... just hang out in the #demoparty room (Magnolia 3) ALL DAY.
Inverse Phase Dec 31, 2018
Was cleaning and organizing at @bloopmuseum today and this sign from an @MTA @NYCTBus already seems to know I'll be at @MAGFest next. Come to my #demoscene seminar in the #demoparty room 7pm Thurs!
Inverse Phase Dec 25, 2018
Merry Chipmas, everyone! 💻🎄
Inverse Phase Dec 24, 2018
Facebook, help me look at SSDs. Data loss is my #1 worry. Price is next. I don't care about speed. Conflicting info everywhere.
Inverse Phase Dec 23, 2018
This isn't the view from my #RV today, but it did get me close to this spot! #rvlife #vanlife
Inverse Phase Dec 18, 2018
Here's one for everyone that likes Fifth Element... #autowash
Inverse Phase Dec 17, 2018
I'm sure everyone knows Smash Bros Ultimate is out by now, but perhaps you didn't know that Super Smash Land, as well as the #chiptune OST by myself and Flashygoodness, are free? #VGM #retrogaming
Inverse Phase Dec 16, 2018
Just playing with some Lions on #Caturday... #retrocomputing
Inverse Phase Dec 12, 2018
Perhaps I'm late to the party here, but oh hey, it's the holiday season! Musicians often need a lot of support during the holidays, so why not pick up a Bandcamp gift card for that #indiemusic enthusiast in your life?
Inverse Phase Dec 05, 2018
When getting online gets expensive #retrocomputing
Inverse Phase Nov 30, 2018
My maiden #RV voyage from Baltimore to Virginia and North Carolina starts tonight! 🚐 If you'd like to say hello along the way, just drop me a note and fill out the form at #rving #rvlife #motorhome #camper
Inverse Phase Nov 29, 2018
I was too exhausted to announce last night, but I'm now roughly a day into my #nomadiclife adventure. I want to thank anyone who supported my gofundme for my #RV, physically lifted some boxes, or even just said nice words of support. #rvlife #rving