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Pretty Eight Machine (Special Edition)
The Chipping of Isaac
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Inverse Phase Dec 12, 2018
Perhaps I'm late to the party here, but oh hey, it's the holiday season! Musicians often need a lot of support during the holidays, so why not pick up a Bandcamp gift card for that #indiemusic enthusiast in your life?
Inverse Phase Dec 05, 2018
When getting online gets expensive #retrocomputing
Inverse Phase Nov 30, 2018
My maiden #RV voyage from Baltimore to Virginia and North Carolina starts tonight! 🚐 If you'd like to say hello along the way, just drop me a note and fill out the form at #rving #rvlife #motorhome #camper
Inverse Phase Nov 29, 2018
I was too exhausted to announce last night, but I'm now roughly a day into my #nomadiclife adventure. I want to thank anyone who supported my gofundme for my #RV, physically lifted some boxes, or even just said nice words of support. #rvlife #rving
Inverse Phase Nov 26, 2018
Cyber Monday Moving Madness! I have limited space in my RV, so I need to pare down my inventory. Get either of these CDs at the price of a download, or less! Get Re2rocovered for half off with code "RETROMONDAY" or Chiplust half off with code "WENEEDMORECYBER" at
Inverse Phase Nov 25, 2018
I posted a poll on my YouTube community page asking what people like most about my channel. Please answer it so I can do better at targeting my videos to what people want there!
Inverse Phase Nov 19, 2018
My life has really been a roller coaster ride these last few months. Without my fans, friends, and family all supporting me on Patreon. I wouldn't be able to do what I love and know I'll come out on the other side alive. #ThankYouPatrons, you mean a lot to me!
Inverse Phase Nov 18, 2018
Feeling dumb I didn't realise sooner but sharing the knowledge: Tired of ticking checkboxes in Gmail? Click on the first checkbox, hold shift, click on the last checkbox. Et voilà!
Inverse Phase Nov 16, 2018
Sorry, I know the aspect is a little bit whack, but did anyone ever call this BBS? #ASCII #ANSI #textart #retrocomputing
Inverse Phase Nov 15, 2018
I'm looking for particularly esoteric *original* sound chips as a part of a #chiptune research project. They should *NOT* be from, for example, a chinese reseller on eBay. If you have a sound chip you don't need, let me know what it is and how to get it from you!
Inverse Phase Nov 12, 2018
It's a rough day for nerds. Marvel comic legend Stan Lee has passed, Douglas Rain, our voice of HAL 9000 has passed, and I'm nervous to think of who else. My heart goes out to all the friends, families, and fans.
Inverse Phase Nov 12, 2018
I still have a couple more of these, if anyone is interested!
Inverse Phase Nov 10, 2018
Hey. If you like looking at pretty pictures, add me on instagram!
Inverse Phase Nov 06, 2018
Hello. If you're in the US and eligible, you should vote today. You can help create a better future. Buses and taxis are discounted or free everywhere if you don't have transportation. I am driving no less than 5 hours to vote. Please do the thing!
Inverse Phase Nov 06, 2018
Authentic vs non-authentic came up in conversation today. It can apply to food, a collectible item, or someone's #chiptune style. It's important folks realise calling something inauthentic isn't always an insult. For example, I'm a big fan of chinese-american food, which is not authentic chinese food. Describing things is OK. Using words is good.
Inverse Phase Nov 03, 2018
The @demosplash #ANSI/#ASCII/#PETSCII/#ETCSCII competition entries are being screened right now, so it seems like a good time to share my ASCII/ANSI duo-selfie that I took at the @burps_ and @pinguino selfie station. Thanks for bringing it! #demoscene #textart #textmode
Inverse Phase Nov 01, 2018
Hey folks, just a quick reminder that I will be at Demosplash 2018 which is tomorrow and Saturday, celebrating the #demoscene with my people and bringing #chiptune love to all. If you're anywhere near Pittsburgh, you don't want to miss this!
Inverse Phase Oct 26, 2018
Found this minibosses poster while going through my old stuff... for anyone that listens to #VGM, that Philly show was MAGICAL
Inverse Phase Oct 23, 2018
This past week, I was crushed by the loss of my own brother. He suffered from mental health issues. Reach out to a friend or family member today. And tomorrow. And the next day. Just a text or a call can save a life. Do not let his death be in vain. If you met him at a show, @MAGFest, or #MAGstock, please feel free to share a story. I'll read and forward as appropriate.
Inverse Phase Oct 12, 2018
If you don't know, my life right now is: I spend nights filling a trailer or my RV with my stuff for a museum, and morning into afternoons unloading it into another museum's warehouse and palletizing it. This is what we're trying to start:
Inverse Phase Oct 11, 2018
Just a Public Service Announcement: Minecraft is a very cool thing. But it is not 8-bit. Do not call something "8-bit" because it looks like minecraft.
Inverse Phase Oct 08, 2018
Looks like Google+ is shutting down, sort of. With all the social media drama lately, I just want to say that it doesn't matter where you are; I care and I want to stay in touch. Let me know how we can do that so we can continue to nerd out!
Inverse Phase Oct 07, 2018
Surprise! I'll be at the Downtown Columbia Mini Maker Faire tomorrow as both an exhibitor *and* as their musical talent! Tickets are FREE but required to park. Come anytime between 10 and 6; my performance is shortly after 2pm. More info at
Inverse Phase Oct 05, 2018
I'm late to the party, but a brief moment of silence please for one of the C64 #chiptune legends, Ben Daglish. Then let's continue to blast Deflektor, Last Ninja, and the rest of his work to remember him and keep him in our hearts. He passed Monday at age 52 from lung cancer.
Inverse Phase Oct 02, 2018
Price drop. Pretty Eight Machine posters are now TWO DOLLARS (and whatever shipping is). I am moving and I need to get rid of stuff. Help me get rid of stuff! #chiptune #demoscene #retrogaming #retrocomputing #NIN #8bit #6502