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Treachery in Beatdown City Episode 1 EP
The Chipping of Isaac
Pretty Eight Machine (Special Edition)
Shuttle Scuttle Original Soundtrack
Inverse Phase Aug 25, 2019
While I was in Dallas for Let's Play Gaming Expo, I dropped off some CDs at The National Videogame Museum! So next time you're up there, pick one up in the gift shop if you don't have it already! #chiptune #retrogaming #videogame #vgm
Inverse Phase Aug 20, 2019
Seen Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music? Version 3 is out:
Inverse Phase Aug 17, 2019
A long time ago in a land far away, I helped with MAGFest for ten years and some change. If you enjoy game concerts like that and want to see some cool #VGM arrangements in Jazz live, check out The Hard Modes' fundraiser for an online game music concert:
Inverse Phase Aug 07, 2019
Always sucks to see your lighting board go kaput before a show. Maybe I can get a new controller from @cnlohr. Glad I have a few backup plans / ideas! if you want to see what it looked like once upon a time...
Inverse Phase Aug 04, 2019
Found another tape: Walkman recordings of Sound Blaster / AdLib music. I'm currently being serenaded by the character themes of Hoyle Book of Games Vol.1 on an OPL2. This is peak #chiptune, folks.
Inverse Phase Aug 02, 2019
Great Raver Doc. Is this #demoscene? 😉 Seek to 33:17 if it doesn't take you there...
Inverse Phase Aug 01, 2019
Dallas/Fort Worth area, get ready. I'm performing at Let's Play Gaming Expo on Saturday, August 10th, with #demoscene and #chiptune presentations Friday and Saturday. Check it:
Inverse Phase Jul 29, 2019
I was always baffled by people who frame LP jackets and hang them on their wall, until I found this #C64 #retrogaming cover (also, do I ever love those EA/Mindscape gatefold game cases). Really makes me want to play the game.
Inverse Phase Jul 28, 2019
My inventory adventure for The Bloop Museum continues... I found over 100 boxed C64 games and am submitting piles and piles of scans to RF Generation, one of my favorite collection management sites. Here's a #retrocomputing gem I found..don't forget to fastload!
Inverse Phase Jul 21, 2019
Today while sorting inventory for The Bloop Museum, I found a pretty rough port of a not-so-great arcade game to begin with... #retrocomputing #retrogaming #PC #DOS
Inverse Phase Jul 17, 2019
Back when I was a kid, the computer and video game music was great, but archiving and cataloguing it was hard. So, I resorted to putting a boombox or walkman up to the TV or monitor and recording it. Did you do the same? What's your story? #chiptune #retrogaming #retrocomputing
Inverse Phase Jul 10, 2019
You know, I wonder if the same people who think we need a wall have tried to leave the country and return to it? I was subject to inspection while driving to Canada and home from it. As a citizen of the United States, it was MORE of a todo for me to return home than to leave.
Inverse Phase Jul 01, 2019
Happy Canada Day! Here's some KD — er, Mac and Cheese for US folks — Poutine from Smoke's. What are all my Canadian friends doing for the holiday? #CanadaDay
Inverse Phase Jul 01, 2019
So I went to the Asian market in Canada and they have "Shrimp on the Barbie" flavored Lay's Chips! Tag your Aussie friends, who will assure you they never say this! #flavors #snacks
Inverse Phase Jun 28, 2019
Interesting things you see while in another country #vanlife #rvlife
Inverse Phase Jun 26, 2019
ICYMI, they let me into Canada! While I'm here, I'll be backing up the data from the AY-3-8910 demonstration board with David at Plogue Art Et Technologie, meeting up with the Canadian Embassy from MAGFest, hanging out with friends and sceners, and eating poutine! Let me know if there are any musts for finding weird retro electronics and games!
Inverse Phase Jun 25, 2019
Don't mind me, just attempting to document the story of my travels for my Patreon #Patrons 😊 Check it out if you want to get the details ♥️
Inverse Phase Jun 25, 2019
This morning's #chiptune composing includes Tim Hortons and some friendly chat with local Ontario folks
Inverse Phase Jun 18, 2019
I wonder which poor unpopular MOD/Amiga musician got ripped for the theme of the "Flying Tickets" arcade machine?
Inverse Phase Jun 15, 2019
While hanging out with @party friends last weekend, it occurred to me that I feel weird about Vulkan API being from The Khronos Group. Khronos/Kronos/Q'onoS/however you want to spell it is the Klingon homeworld, and they are bringing you Vulcans! 😂 #StarTrek #deepthoughts
Inverse Phase Jun 12, 2019
I heard Banjo-Kazooie was added to Smash at the same time I "grabbed" this game at the shop yesterday... coincidence? Shout outs to my friends @khconnell and @grantkirkhope ❤
Inverse Phase May 29, 2019
Found this lovely #retrocomputing gem - Color Craft for the Commodore 64! Also, does anyone else find it interesting how we use the word "dragon" a whole bunch, yet large fantasy dragons don't really exist? #deepthoughts
Inverse Phase May 25, 2019
Cool read on how Rainbow Islands got ported to various home systems. Thanks for the link, Kieran! =] #retrogaming #arcadegames
Inverse Phase May 23, 2019
Been dealing with some repairs to my house. Someone backed into the #RV and drove off. Just finished up the patch work, thanks to my mechanic Jon. Gotta stay dry! #rvlife #vanlife #rvliving
Inverse Phase May 18, 2019
Don't oversell your #chiptune app or anything...