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Inverse Phase Jun 15, 2019
While hanging out with @party friends last weekend, it occurred to me that I feel weird about Vulkan API being from The Khronos Group. Khronos/Kronos/Q'onoS/however you want to spell it is the Klingon homeworld, and they are bringing you Vulcans! 😂 #StarTrek #deepthoughts
Inverse Phase Jun 12, 2019
I heard Banjo-Kazooie was added to Smash at the same time I "grabbed" this game at the shop yesterday... coincidence? Shout outs to my friends @khconnell and @grantkirkhope ❤
Inverse Phase May 29, 2019
Found this lovely #retrocomputing gem - Color Craft for the Commodore 64! Also, does anyone else find it interesting how we use the word "dragon" a whole bunch, yet large fantasy dragons don't really exist? #deepthoughts
Inverse Phase May 25, 2019
Cool read on how Rainbow Islands got ported to various home systems. Thanks for the link, Kieran! =] #retrogaming #arcadegames
Inverse Phase May 23, 2019
Been dealing with some repairs to my house. Someone backed into the #RV and drove off. Just finished up the patch work, thanks to my mechanic Jon. Gotta stay dry! #rvlife #vanlife #rvliving
Inverse Phase May 18, 2019
Don't oversell your #chiptune app or anything...
Inverse Phase May 09, 2019
Today I do something out of my usual element. But, for a #chiptune musician who's worn a pizza onesie in Tokyo, what do you consider a crazy thing for me to do?
Inverse Phase May 07, 2019
Where my DEC terminal repair folks at? All four keyboard lights blinking simultaneously, and this pattern on the screen. #TTY #VT220
Inverse Phase Apr 30, 2019
Last chance to use some Google credits and get free music, if that's your jam: ...and now I get to figure out how to set up an official YT music channel.
Inverse Phase Apr 29, 2019
I had a great weekend at BSides Charm, spreading #chiptune and #demoscene love to Towson, MD. A big thanks to the organizers for having me, everyone that purchased something for the support, and all the awesome folks that stopped by for a chat! #bsides #BSidesCharm
Inverse Phase Apr 17, 2019
Google announced the shutdown of Google Play Music at the end of April in favor of YouTube Music. If you have any Play Store credits you want to blow on musicians you like, now is probably the time to do it. Here's my page:
Inverse Phase Apr 13, 2019
I'm going solar in my #RV! Somehow I think wedging one of the cells in my bathroom and front door isn't the right way to do it though... 🤣 #RVlife #vanlife #RVliving #solarpower #solarenergy
Inverse Phase Apr 12, 2019
While showing a friend some #demoscene things today, she said something rather profound to me: "You know how if you science hard enough, you get religion? It seems if you math hard enough, you get art."
Inverse Phase Apr 05, 2019
Six years ago, I got called "The 8-Bit Guy" when a bouncer pulled me in to meet Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan at a HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS show. And now, here I am, invading The 8-Bit Guy's space as he stole my title. 😉 🤣
Inverse Phase Apr 04, 2019
I've been watching some conversations about DRAM today. It's refreshing.
Inverse Phase Apr 03, 2019
Here's some (actual) news that might not have made it through your April Fools filter...
Inverse Phase Apr 03, 2019
Something is coming...
Inverse Phase Mar 29, 2019
If Hip Tanaka were feline, would he be "Hip Tanakat" or "Hip Taneko"?
Inverse Phase Mar 28, 2019
Anyone got plans for the night? I Luv Video in Austin gave me an idea...
Inverse Phase Mar 23, 2019
It's Caturday, so here is a floof.
Inverse Phase Mar 21, 2019
My life is weird: I bought my childhood computer on eBay and it happened to be at Austin Goodwill. Alexander Brandon aka Funky Rustic, a composer of games from my childhood, now my friend, picks it up for me, and here I am picking it up from him. #retrogaming #retrocomputing
Inverse Phase Mar 20, 2019
In Austin, even trees can win awards, apparently. This one was a long time coming! #ATX
Inverse Phase Mar 19, 2019
I'm in Austin! Never been here before, so my friends said I should check out the views at Mount Bonnell. They don't disappoint! Also, a cactus with an attempt at rocks installed into it. #scenery #scenic #nature #landscape
Inverse Phase Mar 10, 2019
What's under the hood of that ominous keypad unit from yesterday? Well, I also have an original AY-3-8910 demonstrator board with a ceramic AY. #chiptune history!
Inverse Phase Mar 09, 2019
A fun piece of #chiptune history, this is an AY-3-8910 demo board, fitted to a case, and used as a car alarm for a 1972 Dodge Challenger #YM2149