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Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Us; the Hollows
INTOHIMO Sep 23, 2015
Check out our version of "Can't Feel My Face" with my new band Ember Island Hope you like it <3 / Jocke
INTOHIMO Nov 20, 2014
Based on the pure love for music we created Ember Island. With individual references from different styles and genre we started to write songs and it all came out so natural. I hope you guys like this video with my new band. It´s a acoustic version of Porter Robinsons song "Sad Machine" we did with Didrick! Share and spread the word. thanks for your neverending support. Much love /Jocke
INTOHIMO Sep 16, 2014
Hi guys! It´s a while since we updated you with something here. First of all i want to say that we are so happy to see that we still get new likes and fans on this page. Joakim(drummer) and the other Joakim(guitar) is speaking now. We have been working for a while with Didrick and we're now a part of his live band! It´s a totally different music style but we are so excited to try something new! Check out this sick mashup that Monstercat just released and get a feeling of the live set. Thanks for your support!
INTOHIMO Jun 08, 2014
This is amazing! Check it out. NORMANDIE
INTOHIMO Jun 05, 2014
Hey everyone! Its been awhile. I have a new video out and it would mean alot if you checked it out and gave me the thumbs up :)) /Steve jr.
INTOHIMO Feb 05, 2014
Check out our brother Didrick's new video and his collaboration with Steve jr. its HOT!
INTOHIMO Oct 27, 2013
Sharing is caring we heard, so all of our friends help Steve jr. out and spread his music :)
INTOHIMO Oct 13, 2013
Just wanna make sure that no one of our friends missed this! And go give Steve jr. some love with a like on his new page! :)
INTOHIMO Oct 10, 2013
IM BACK BABY! Check out my new video called "The Crüe Medley" and go like my new page Steve jr. I will put up all my new music there so if you liked Intohimo you should absolutely do it :) Love/ Steve jr.
INTOHIMO Sep 02, 2013
One year ago Didrick was in the studio with us and helped us out with Northern Lights. Yesterday he played a massive show. Go and like his page now!! Because this guy is seriously the next big thing and a big talent!
INTOHIMO Sep 01, 2013
This is AMAZING, the next big thing, brand new band from Sweden! Check out our friends in NORMANDIE!
INTOHIMO Aug 16, 2013
The last show was amazing! We can't thank you enough. Thanks for your support all these years. We love you all!! Photo: Oskar Mollmyr
INTOHIMO Jul 29, 2013
Only 10 days left to our last show ever at Festivalen Frizon!! who is coming?the line-up is Joakim Möller, Albin Blomqvist, Jonas Blomqvist, Johan Lindblom, Joakim Bergquist. see you guys soon!!
INTOHIMO Jun 04, 2013
INTOHIMO's cover photo
INTOHIMO Jun 04, 2013
THE END OF EVERYTHING. Intohimo have always been about two things: Our passion to create music and our hope that when someone hears our music, they will feel good inside. Since the start back in 2004 we’ve played about 300 gigs around the world and it has given us memories for life. We’ve seen so much and we’ve met so many awesome people. For that, we’re forever grateful. But even the best of things has to come to an end at some point. There is no easy way to say this, but for alot of reasons, we’ve decided to put INTOHIMO to rest. We are so greatful for all of your support over the years. Without You, we had never been able to do this. We love you all so much for it, and will always remember you guys! A big extra thank you goes out to: Blindside (Sweden), Andreas Skogmo , Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks, Tim Ottley, Marcus Krylborn, Maria Janzon and Avocado Booking. Without you, we had not been able to pull any of this off. We’re going to do one last gig this summer and it will be at Festivalen Frizon (the Frizon-festival) in Örebro, swe, on August 8. You find tickets here. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! Alot of love, INTOHIMO
INTOHIMO May 21, 2013
INTOHIMO's cover photo
INTOHIMO May 16, 2013
We're sorry to say that we're gonna have to cancel our upcoming tour with OLN. It really hurts to disappoint all of you that was looking forward to see us, but we hope we will be able to see you all soon in a not to distant future /INTOHIMO
INTOHIMO May 13, 2013
Need to give Nya Musik - Musikavdelningen a BIG thank you for hookin' us up with the gear we need! If you're in Sweden and in need of expretise and serviceminded staff - there's the place to go.
INTOHIMO May 11, 2013
Who's coming out to see us and Our Last Night in June?
INTOHIMO Apr 28, 2013
Check this out! The lyrics to Northern lights pt2 on the wall of a fans room. We think it's beautiful. We are so thankful for your support and you guys are our inspiration for sure!!
INTOHIMO Apr 26, 2013
Guys! We are writing on a new album right now, between the tours. We have a lot of news that we soon will share with you guys. which songs is your favorite with INTOHIMO so far?We are so thankful for your support and look forward to let you hear the new songs.
INTOHIMO Apr 21, 2013
Get excited for the summer Europe! We will be on tour with Our Last Night in June.
INTOHIMO Apr 19, 2013
INTOHIMO's cover photo
INTOHIMO Apr 19, 2013
Tour with Our Last Night coming up Europe!
INTOHIMO Apr 17, 2013
So who will come see us and share an awesome day with us and PARAMORE on the 27/6 at the P&L Festival?