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Winter's Gate
Shadows of the Dying Sun
One For Sorrow
Across the Dark
Above the Weeping World
Since the Day It All Came Down
In the Halls of Awaiting
Insomnium Dec 17, 2018
Sounds of dystopian future... #insomnium #writingmode #analoglab @arturia_official #cubase @steinbergmedia
Insomnium Dec 16, 2018
We shall rock @dong_open_air next summer! Yeah!🤘
Insomnium Dec 14, 2018
More vinyl coolness! Keep them coming🤘#insomnium #vinyls #abovetheweepingworld
Insomnium Dec 13, 2018
Coolness!👌#vinyls #insomnium #shadowsofthedyingsun
Insomnium Dec 13, 2018
Coolness!👌#vinyls #insomnium #shadowsofthedyingsun
Insomnium Dec 12, 2018
Classic "The Duel" t-shirt 30% off only today! Order Thursday 13th Dec at latest and you'll get your package delivered before Christmas!
Insomnium Dec 08, 2018
Darkened riffs and mystik melancholy deep in the woods... #insomnium #bandcamp #writingmode #workwork
Insomnium Dec 03, 2018
No rest for the wicked... #insomnium #workwork #writingmode
Insomnium Nov 27, 2018
Howdy ho! Here they are, and looking just great!👌 Get them now from our own shop at Backstage Rock Shop 🤘🎅🏼🤘#insomnium #vinyls @candlelightrec Spinefarm Records
Insomnium Nov 26, 2018
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Insomnium Nov 26, 2018
That's a nice shot from Dallas a few years ago by Scott Coleman. #insomnium @darktranquillityofficial @miklstne
Insomnium Nov 25, 2018
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Insomnium Nov 24, 2018
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Insomnium Nov 23, 2018
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Insomnium Nov 22, 2018
Nice one👌#insomnium #vinyls
Insomnium Nov 21, 2018
He has them all... Way to go Ben👌#insomnium #vinyls
Insomnium Nov 14, 2018
Sziasztok! We shall come to @rockmaraton next year! See you! #insomnium #hungary
Insomnium Nov 13, 2018
They have arrived!🙏 All your pre-orders shall be posted swiftly👍 @backstagerockshop #insomnium #vinyls
Insomnium Nov 12, 2018
Have a fun Monday! And go see Markus V. & @omniumgatherumofficial as they are touring Europe right now!🤘Go go, check those dates! #insomnium #tykitellään
Insomnium Nov 11, 2018
Insomnium Nov 06, 2018
Lot of doom and gloom in certain home studios these days... Stay tuned, friends! #insomnium #writingmode @nativeinstruments
Insomnium Nov 02, 2018
ProgPower ticket sales for days 1 & 2 begin tomorrow! 10 am ET! Be quick! See you there!
Insomnium Nov 01, 2018
New shirt "Moon Maidens" by the amazing @brigitteroka - From our own webshop: check out @backstagerockshop ! #insomnium #mysticism #okkult #hautecouture
Insomnium Oct 30, 2018
The days grow darker... Which means it's good to sit inside and write some new music! Stay tuned, friends. #insomnium #writingmode
Insomnium Oct 26, 2018
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