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Winter's Gate
Shadows of the Dying Sun
One For Sorrow
Across the Dark
Above the Weeping World
Since the Day It All Came Down
In the Halls of Awaiting
Insomnium Feb 20, 2019
My work is soon done here... #insomnium #drummerlife #studio #albumnumber8 @teemuaaltomusicproductions @sfsoundstudio
Insomnium Feb 19, 2019
What do you guys think about this line-up here? @johnsmithrockfestival #insomnium #festival
Insomnium Feb 18, 2019
Press release of the day: INSOMNIUM - currently in the studio to record a new album Finland’s foremost melodic deathsters INSOMNIUM have begun recording their 8th studio album, as drums are being nailed at SF Studio with engineer Kimmo Perkkiö. Afterwards the work shall continue at Teemu Aalto Music Productions in Kotka. Jens Bogren will do the mix at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. "Again when the days grew darker and the nights became colder, our path led into the dark. We checked-in to our traditional forest cabin-hq in the southern Finland for a new material rehearsal camp and (un)reality-check. We came out with 10’ish songs full of that good ol’ Finnish melancholy, sorrow & misery and now it’s time to wrap it all on tape for you peeps to hear ’em. Cannot wait to start the studio process and let the creative processes go up-and-down again!" comments guitarist Markus Vanhala. ”Exactly so!” adds vocalist & bassist Niilo Sevänen. ”We have a pile of great songs in our hands and we can’t wait to get these recorded and finished. I would say the album will be the kind of dreary and wistful Insomnium that people probably might expect but we also have a few surprises in store. Lyrically the album will revolve around Finland’s bleakest and most sorrowful tales and songs. So this time we are really going into the blackened heart of Finnish gloom!” The forthcoming INSOMNIUM album is scheduled for an autumn 2019 release.
Insomnium Feb 17, 2019
We are very happy to return to @johnsmithrockfestival and play Across the Dark special set! See you there!🤘#insomnium #festival #johnsmith
Insomnium Feb 16, 2019
This is it! The very beginning of the 8th studio album. Drums sound absolutely great!!! #snaregame #balbex #komppisorvaamo #sabian #sfsoundstudio #teemuaaltomusicproductions #musikantti #fmusiikki
Insomnium Feb 16, 2019
"Coat of Arms" shirt with 30% discount only today and tomorrow! Get yours ->
Insomnium Feb 14, 2019
Valentine's Day Sale is on! If you haven't got your "Death Walked the Earth" shirt yet, you can get it now with 25% discount. Offer is valid until Sun February 17th. Men's Tee: Women's Tee:
Insomnium Feb 13, 2019
Heavens will burst and cosmic creations unfold when Markus prepares to blast those new songs in studio! Who is getting excited already? Let's hear it!🤘 #insomnium #studio #drummerlife #albumnumber8 #blastbeat
Insomnium Feb 10, 2019
That's a cool shot from Athens last year.🤘Guess we should try to get our asses back to Greece soon again! #insomnium #repost #greece 🇬🇷
Insomnium Feb 06, 2019
Rock on! Pic by Polina Kulikovskikh #insomnium #brutalassault #festival #drummerlife
Insomnium Feb 05, 2019
Well done @jamielikesvinyl - that's a solid 7/7!👌#insomnium #vinyljunkies #vinyl #vinyllovers
Insomnium Jan 31, 2019
Pop quiz! The main themes on the forthcoming album will be? A) Margaritas under Mexico sun, B) Sex with an airhead celebrity, C) What does the fox say? D) Finnish melancholy, yearning, heartache, regret and death, E) Trick question, it will be instrumental...? Make a lucky guess! Photo by @rubygoth #insomnium #lyrics
Insomnium Jan 30, 2019
Belgium!! We are super excited to get to @graspopmetalmeeting this year! Gonna be blast!🤘#insomnium #graspop #festival 🇧🇪
Insomnium Jan 29, 2019
Ah that's nice... 7/7👌Well done @vinyl_galaxy - #insomnium #vinyl #vinyllovers #vinyljunkies
Insomnium Jan 28, 2019
The Blackest Bird premium zip hoodies restocked, get yours from our official webshop!
Insomnium Jan 28, 2019
Just casually rocking this festival... #insomnium #repost #festival
Insomnium Jan 27, 2019
Do you recognize these charming drummers?🥁
Insomnium Jan 24, 2019
Okay folks, show me those horns... Awesome times last year at @johnsmithrockfestival #insomnium @krogography #festival
Insomnium Jan 23, 2019
Ah fun times last year at @70000tons ... 🤘#insomnium #repost #metalcruise #70000tons #caribbeangate
Insomnium Jan 22, 2019
Ah the smell of fresh vinyls in the evening... #insomnium @candlelightrec @spinefarmrecords #vinyl
Insomnium Jan 21, 2019
Nice one!👌#insomnium #tour 🇵🇱
Insomnium Jan 12, 2019
All work no play! Epic album in the making, boys and girls! #insomnium #writingmode #trainingmontage #tuuitevetää
Insomnium Jan 11, 2019
Arrangement camp continues... Time for whiskey and sauna now. #lihaajaperunaa #derpäbste #popeda
Insomnium Jan 11, 2019
Coat of Arms t-shirts 25% off this weekend only!
Insomnium Jan 11, 2019
Sauna sessions and album production at Insomnium HQ continues... True vision! #raskastaloppiaista #kukatämänkimaksaa #wintermetal #saunaseasonspart2