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Winter's Gate
Shadows of the Dying Sun
One For Sorrow
Across the Dark
Above the Weeping World
Since the Day It All Came Down
In the Halls of Awaiting
Insomnium Apr 23, 2019
More happy faces from drum recordings. Big thanks to @sfsoundstudio for delivering again!🙏 #insomnium #studio #albumnumber8 #drummerlife
Insomnium Apr 10, 2019
Here Markus V. rocking @johnsmithrockfestival last year... And we'll be back there in a few months! Pic by the amazing @krogography #insomnium #festival
Insomnium Apr 02, 2019
Some more magic to be done here...🌚🌝#insomnium #studio #albumnumber8 #guitar @teemuaaltomusicproductions @ Karhulan Teollisuuspuisto
Insomnium Mar 29, 2019
Bass & vocals done!✌️#insomnium @teemuaaltomusicproductions #studio #albumnumber8
Insomnium Mar 26, 2019
Markus V. and @omniumgatherumofficial are off to tour Dubai, Asia and Oceania - Go go check 'em out!🤘Photo by @rockbrary
Insomnium Mar 22, 2019
"Dying Sun" quality zip hoodies with golden printing available now exclusively from our official webshop! Get yours at
Insomnium Mar 21, 2019
"That's some psychedelic shit, man!" #insomnium #studio #albumnumber8 @teemuaaltomusicproductions
Insomnium Mar 20, 2019
"I'm blue, diibaa-dibada-duu!" #insomnium #studio #albumnumber8 #nostromo @teemuaaltomusicproductions
Insomnium Mar 18, 2019
"Did you sing 'god is the coolest' or whaat?" Evening shift at @teemuaaltomusicproductions #insomnium #albumnumber8 #studio
Insomnium Mar 15, 2019
Insomnium Mar 15, 2019
Studio days continue with guitars and vocals🤘#insomnium #albumnumber8 @teemuaaltomusicproductions
Insomnium Mar 12, 2019
Bass days🤘#insomnium #albumnumber8 #studio #bass @espguitars @musamaailma @teemuaaltomusicproductions
Insomnium Mar 08, 2019
New batch of "The Blackest Bird" premium zip hoodies available at our official shop! This hoodie is made of 100% recycled pre-consumer jersey waste clips. Durable and super comfortable.
Insomnium Mar 08, 2019
"Cut out the Hetfield ending and put some more Jarva in it!" @teemuaaltomusicproductions #insomnium #albumnumber8 #studio #vocals @taneli_jarva #dissection
Insomnium Mar 06, 2019
Arsenal of Markus V. in da studio! @teemuaaltomusicproductions @evhgear @officialjacksonguitars #insomnium #guitar #studio #albumnumber8
Insomnium Mar 05, 2019
What new devilry is this? #insomnium #guitar #studio #albumnumber8 #ebow @teemuaaltomusicproductions
Insomnium Mar 02, 2019
Well, check out this guitar solo! Horns up if you dig it!🤘🤘🤘#insomnium #albumnumber8 #studio #guitar #guitarsolo #guitarmayhem Teemu Aalto Music Productions
Insomnium Mar 01, 2019
It's @aleksimunter and his magic ways👌#insomnium #albumnumber8 #studio #synth #cubase @steinbergmedia
Insomnium Feb 26, 2019
Darkness & mystique meets deltablues, thats what happening at muddy banks of Kymiriver, right here right now = G-dayz!
Insomnium Feb 21, 2019
's cover photo
Insomnium Feb 21, 2019
Phew! Just recorded the last drum parts for the outro song and feeling good! What a rollercoaster ride this session was! Feelings varied from epic highs to lowest lows but in the end it came out pretty well. It's always a pleasure to work with Kimmo SF Sound Oy. Also hats off to Teemu Teemu Aalto for helping in the beginning of the session. The stringed (eheh) guys will now take over. I absolutely cannot wait to hear the end result.
Insomnium Feb 20, 2019
My work is soon done here... #insomnium #drummerlife #studio #albumnumber8 @teemuaaltomusicproductions @sfsoundstudio
Insomnium Feb 19, 2019
What do you guys think about this line-up here? @johnsmithrockfestival #insomnium #festival
Insomnium Feb 18, 2019
Press release of the day: INSOMNIUM - currently in the studio to record a new album Finland’s foremost melodic deathsters INSOMNIUM have begun recording their 8th studio album, as drums are being nailed at SF Studio with engineer Kimmo Perkkiö. Afterwards the work shall continue at Teemu Aalto Music Productions in Kotka. Jens Bogren will do the mix at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. "Again when the days grew darker and the nights became colder, our path led into the dark. We checked-in to our traditional forest cabin-hq in the southern Finland for a new material rehearsal camp and (un)reality-check. We came out with 10’ish songs full of that good ol’ Finnish melancholy, sorrow & misery and now it’s time to wrap it all on tape for you peeps to hear ’em. Cannot wait to start the studio process and let the creative processes go up-and-down again!" comments guitarist Markus Vanhala. ”Exactly so!” adds vocalist & bassist Niilo Sevänen. ”We have a pile of great songs in our hands and we can’t wait to get these recorded and finished. I would say the album will be the kind of dreary and wistful Insomnium that people probably might expect but we also have a few surprises in store. Lyrically the album will revolve around Finland’s bleakest and most sorrowful tales and songs. So this time we are really going into the blackened heart of Finnish gloom!” The forthcoming INSOMNIUM album is scheduled for an autumn 2019 release.
Insomnium Feb 17, 2019
We are very happy to return to @johnsmithrockfestival and play Across the Dark special set! See you there!🤘#insomnium #festival #johnsmith