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Not Getting Any Better
InnerPartySystem Aug 30, 2013
Here is chill tune to wind down your summer with. Spacebrother remixes "Miko" by The Chain Gang Of 1974
InnerPartySystem Aug 27, 2013
Hey guys, Kris ( Wuki ) here. I just put out a song called Jolt on beatport. It would mean a lot if you could support it! Hope everyone is well, and feel free to share it if you dig :)
InnerPartySystem Aug 20, 2013
Jared, now Spacebrother, has teamed up with Brooklyn's Big Data to give you a hard hitting remix of their new single "Dangerous". Stream it below!
InnerPartySystem Jul 02, 2013
Hey everyone! Patrick and I (Kris) have decided to finish up one of our recent demos and give it out. This song holds a special place in my heart so I am very excited to give it to you guys. This is NOT us re-uniting. Think of it as a huge thank you for all your years of support. Download it, blast it with the windows down in your car, and have a great summer. Listen here : Download here :
InnerPartySystem Apr 16, 2013
Hello Everyone! I (Jared, now Spacebrother) had the pleasure of working with two great Denver based bands on my latest remix. Check out "Oceancrest" Ft. Rhias (of Air Dubai) by My Body Sings Electric on Soundcloud!
InnerPartySystem Feb 05, 2013
Check out this remix Kris ( Wuki ) did for AEROTRONIC
InnerPartySystem Feb 01, 2013
One more blast! did you grab my new track yet?? - Kris ( Wuki )
InnerPartySystem Nov 15, 2012
Have you guys heard Kris' remix of Don't Stop? If you dig it you can download for free HERE:
InnerPartySystem Oct 31, 2012
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Spacebrother, Shaun Lopez and STV. Free download HERE
InnerPartySystem Oct 25, 2012
Hello all! Spacebrother (Jared, the drummer of IPS) will be releasing a track called the "The Antidote" he wrote with STV and Shaun Lopez. It's about Zombies, it comes out on Halloween, and you can watch the teaser below!
InnerPartySystem Oct 20, 2012
A long time friend of IPS, one of the most positively awesome dudes on the planet, POS, needs a kidney. He explains below. You can donate via paypal at [email protected] . Also, his record drops on Oct 22nd. You can buy it on iTunes here
InnerPartySystem Oct 08, 2012
hey guys have a free track ( Wuki )
InnerPartySystem Sep 28, 2012
THROWBACK THURSDAY here is a pic from our first photoshoot ever, who is that 5th dude??
InnerPartySystem Aug 28, 2012
I am going to be releasing a never before heard IPS remix as well as an original next week. all FREE of course. - Wuki
InnerPartySystem Aug 25, 2012
Anyone remember this remix? I was going through old music and totally forgot about it. Pretty dope for the time.
InnerPartySystem Aug 12, 2012
We still love you guys
InnerPartySystem Aug 03, 2012
Kris' ( Wuki ) remix of Cenob1te and Midnight Conspiracy "The Eye" is at number 52 on the charts! Help this bass monster climb the charts :) :)
InnerPartySystem Jun 23, 2012
Im going to be posting some new music in the next coming weeks, watch this to keep updated (kris) ...
InnerPartySystem Apr 23, 2012
Our good friends Cenob1te (they made the slaying remix of Money) are dominating the dubstep world with their new track "Onslaught". Take a listen and support our friends!
InnerPartySystem Apr 17, 2012
InnerPartySystem's cover photo
InnerPartySystem Apr 16, 2012
When I get stuck for ideas, I like to remake older songs for inspiration. I had this floating around on my hard drive for a little while, so I thought I'd share. Enjoy!
InnerPartySystem Mar 30, 2012
While you wait for us to make new music, head over to my tumblr. Fresh new tunes posted everyday!
InnerPartySystem Feb 24, 2012
InnerPartySystem Feb 22, 2012
Alright! Time to get my Spacebrother page up to par. I'm going to release a teaser of my new original music and remixes as soon as I hit 500 likes over at my page. GO!
InnerPartySystem Feb 21, 2012
Free Download! Our good friend Invader! made an awesome remix of Not Getting Any Better. Check it out, and show him some love and like his FB!