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White Butterfly
Trilogy: Dawn
The Pride (Acoustic Version)
The Pride (Bonus Track Version)
Phoenix - The Best of InMe
Herald Moth
Caught: White Butterfly
Overgrown Eden
InMe with Lebrock at Exchange (September 8, 2019)
Venue: Exchange (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
InMe with Lebrock at The Cluny (September 9, 2019)
Venue: The Cluny (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
InMe, Lebrock, and Oxygen Thief at The Classic Grand (September 10, 2019)
Venue: The Classic Grand (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
InMe with Lebrock at Hare & Hounds (September 12, 2019)
Venue: Hare & Hounds (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
InMe with Lebrock at The Garage (September 13, 2019)
Venue: The Garage (London, UK) Find tickets
InMe with Lebrock at The Deaf Institute (September 15, 2019)
Venue: The Deaf Institute (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
InMe Jun 23, 2019
🤘NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY!🤘 Want to be the first to hear some exciting news about our next single? Tune in at 1pm on Tuesday 😉 In the mean time, our September headline tour tickets are flying out the door! We're excited to have LEBROCK and Oxygen Thief along with us too. You can get your tickets now from: 👉 🙂 8/9/19: BRISTOL - EXCHANGE 9/9/19: NEWCASTLE - CLUNY 10/9/19: GLASGOW - CLASSIC GRAND 12/9/19: BIRMINGHAM - HARE AND HOUNDS 13/9/19: LONDON - GARAGE 15/9/19: MANCHESTER - DEAF INSTITUTE 16/9/19: LEEDS - BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB 👉 🙂
InMe May 31, 2019
🤘SEPTEMBER TOUR: SUPPORT ANNOUNCEMENT🤘 We are super pleased to announce we have both LEBROCK and Oxygen Thief joining us on our September Jumpstart Hope album release tour! We really think you’ll dig it🔥 Sooo... whatcha waiting for? Tickets available here🙂:
InMe May 23, 2019
💥STUDIO DIARIES: PART II💥 In this 2nd part of our studio diaries we catch up with our very own Dave McPherson, talking us through his approach to vocals on our upcoming album Jumpstart Hope🤘 Leave a comment below to let us know what you want to see next! 👉Tour tickets available from:
InMe May 20, 2019
From Dave McPherson... THE FELLOWSHIP DIARIES Hello friends. I feel happy to be alive after a dark few years of suffering with my mental health & personal demons. Over the next year I intend to recover with a creative musical diary involving whoever joins me. It’s kinda like a ‘fan club’ that will lead towards a new (kinda) solo album, and a new chapter. Every fellowship pledger shall receive a weekly personal diary update for a year with exclusive music, podcasts, VLOGs, photo albums, meet-ups, group chats, online live shows, live gig song requests, Xbox Live / mobile gaming & so much more, in return for helping me get back on my happy feet. Supporter: Super Supporter: Superhero Supporter: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Supporter: I have a long way to go & so much work to catch up on, but this time next year I intend to draw a line under what’s been a hard time & to be truly better. Hope you can be a part of this with me through The Fellowship Diaries. Thank you for the years of support for my music & my life! Feel free to email [email protected] about anything, I’m back in the land of the living. Big real smiles & love, Dave McPherson x
InMe May 19, 2019
Sooo... The correct answer to our “Which Overgrown Eden song has the best intro?” video is of course Mosaic🤪 Oh and if you’re feeling some love for Overgrown Eden then we have just a few copies of our limited edition vinyls left😱 You can pick up a copy here: 👉September Jumpstart Hope tour tickets are selling fast! Tickets available from:
InMe May 15, 2019
What's the best intro on Overgrown Eden? We'll let you know the correct answer on Sunday 🤘😜🤘 Overgrown Eden is 16 years old, get your special edition vinyl with Jim Vickers iconic reimagined artwork available here 👇
InMe May 13, 2019
We caught up with producer Mike Curtis at CDS Studios to talk about our new album, Jumpstart Hope! In this first part series, Mike talks us through his approach to recording and a few insights into some of the gear used to record our guitars :) Leave a comment below to let us know what you want to see next! We'll be playing a bunch of tracks from our new album on our september tour - Get your tickets now from:
InMe May 08, 2019
We’re doing a Facebook live Q&A in the studio today at 5:30pm... tune in and get your questions ready...🤔
InMe May 06, 2019
💥So who’s been enjoying the re-release of White Butterfly this bank holiday weekend?😀 In case you missed our recent post, White Butterfly is now available across all streaming platforms - Spotify users can take a listen right here: 👉TOUR! We will be back on the road for another UK headline tour in September for the release of our upcoming album Jumpstart Hope, tickets are flying out the door! We also want you to let us know which White Butterfly tracks we should play live😉 Get your tickets now from: 👉LIVE Q&A! This Wednesday we will be bringing you a live q&a from the studio - stay tuned for more info🙂
InMe May 01, 2019
Greg and Tom are in the studio with Mike starting the final mix for Jumpstart Hope today, ask us anything!
InMe May 01, 2019
🦋WHITE BUTTERFLY🦋 Our 2005 album White Butterfly is now available on all streaming platforms😀 👉And to make our September Jumpstart Hope tour even more special, we’ve decided to play a bunch of tracks from White Butterfly and we want YOU to pick which ones - Comment below which tracks you want us to play! 👉Tickets are absolutely flying out the door for our September tour, get yours now from: 👉Spotify users can listen to White Butterfly now at:
InMe Apr 29, 2019
🔥COMING THIS WEDNESDAY🔥 Guesses in a comment below but we're keeping quiet🤫
InMe Apr 17, 2019
We've just released a little sneak preview of Gazz's lead guitar solo from our upcoming single to say thank you to everyone that has signed up to our Patreon page! Head on over to to check it out and get involved🙂 We are busy busy at the moment finishing off the final touches to our upcoming album Jumpstart Hope, which we can't wait to share with you later this year. Tickets are available for our album release September tour here: 👉
InMe Apr 04, 2019
Lots of cool new stuff coming your way over the next few months, including new music🤫 Oh and who’s coming to see us in September for our Jumpstart Hope album release tour? 🔥Tickets selling fast - get yours here: (📸: Tom Russell)
InMe Mar 28, 2019
A little tribute at a very good friends birthday! 🐱
InMe Mar 14, 2019
😱NEW MUSIC!😱 This week we have been busy shooting another new music video for our next upcoming single and we can't wait to share it with you. Who's excited? ;) Tickets are selling fast for our September 'Jumpstart Hope' release tour! Get yours here: 👉
InMe Mar 13, 2019
🍏OVERGROWN EDEN FANS!🍏 As a band we’ve evolved a lot over the years; it hasn’t always been easy but one thing that has pushed us to keep doing what we love most is every single one of you that has showed us your massive support over the years. On that note we wanted to give a massive shout out to Rock Sound for including Overgrown Eden in their latest ‘250 greatest albums of our lifetime’ feature. As many of you will know, this album means the world to us (and, perhaps, to some of you too). You can get a copy of their feature here: 👉 We’ve lots more exciting things to announce soon, such as new music, but more on that tomorrow😉 We are also touring the UK in September for our Jumpstart Hope album release, tickets available here: 👉 Happy Wednesday from all of us.
InMe Mar 05, 2019
I'm (Greg) in the studio with Mike Curtis mixing the next single from Jumpstart Hope today, and whilst Mike is doing some important producer tech stuff I thought I would make a playlist of everything I am listening too right now 😀 I am mostly listening to Black Peaks at the minute, What are you listening to? I'll check out all suggestions 😎
InMe Mar 02, 2019
Simon Taylor (InMe's original drummer and founding member) has an adorable little niece called Ruby, and unfortunately she has a childhood cancer called a High Risk Neuroblastoma. She's undergoing treatment at the moment and following this, her family want to get her some additional treatment to hopefully prevent relapse. They need to raise £100k via crowdfunding to go and get this treatment, so we want to spread the word about this and hope that they can raise what they need. We'd be massively grateful for any support that anyone is able to give for her, and any sharing etc to help this story get out :) Thanks for reading! InMe xxx
InMe Mar 01, 2019
London's venue has been upgraded to The Garage due to phenomenal demand
InMe Mar 01, 2019
BIG NEWS! London, due to overwhelming demand we're upgrading the venue to The Garage! Grab your tickets here 🗓️Friday 13th Sept - SAVE THE DATE
InMe Feb 01, 2019
Tickets are on sale for our tour in September! We're touring to celebrate the release of our latest album 'Jumpstart Hope'. Get your tickets here 👇
InMe Jan 30, 2019
To celebrate the release of our latest album 'Jumpstart Hope', we'll be touring the UK in September. Sign up below to get access to pre-sale tickets before they all go We'll be playing small venues along the way to connect with you on a personal level. Tickets will sell quickly for this, so don't miss out! Tickets go on general sale on Friday the 1st of February at 9am
InMe Jan 28, 2019
BIG news coming very soon! Be the first to hear it by signing up to our mailing list
InMe Jan 25, 2019
Thanks so much to everyone that was a part of our sold out UK tour - Veridian, our crew and of course every single one of you that travelled near and far to watch us play!🤘 We hope you enjoyed a few songs from our upcoming album Jumpstart Hope. Sooo... who wants another tour announcement soon?😉💥