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In Hearts Wake Mar 28, 2019
Shorts + Hat + Bag = Endless Summer bundle Only 8 of these bargain bundles left! LINK:
In Hearts Wake Mar 25, 2019
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In Hearts Wake Mar 24, 2019
Jake has just posted 'walkabout 8' over on his Earthwalker Tribe page: "Nestled in the Mountains inland from Australia's Gold Coast, Lamington National Park is truly transporting. Antarctic beech trees that date back to Gondwana land, dense rainforests, crystal creeks, and an abundance of waterholes, waterfalls and hikes galore. Do I need say anything more? We've been going on family weekends here for years and it truly is a magical place. This was our first family weekend away in ages and Mother nature couldn't have put on more of a spectacular show for us." Read more:
In Hearts Wake Mar 21, 2019
She's back! Nightmare catcher on red acid wash 💀 LINK:
In Hearts Wake Mar 20, 2019
Happy Equinox on Earth 🌗 Northlane #equaldayequalnight
In Hearts Wake Mar 17, 2019
EUROPE/UK: new IHW Merch has arrived LINK TO BUY:
In Hearts Wake Mar 17, 2019
Low ceiling + boat + sold out show = chaos. Thank you Gold Coast for a wild night 👏🏼 #SS19 #survival
In Hearts Wake Mar 16, 2019
Sunshine Coast last night was wild per usual. Thanks to those who travelled far & wide to be there. Sold out Gold Coast tonight let’s go ! 📷 @louiemosscropphotography
In Hearts Wake Mar 15, 2019
It’s time to make way... 🌏 #schoolstrikeforclimate
In Hearts Wake Mar 14, 2019
Jam the Summer Setlist on Spotify ahead of this weekends shows 😉 🤘 #NowPlaying
In Hearts Wake Mar 14, 2019
Queensland the boys are back in town! Noosa tomorrow night on the Sunny Coast. Remaining tickets via link in comments below 🎫 #SS19
In Hearts Wake Mar 13, 2019
Who wore it better? @kyleerich or @mercury_motg 👮🏻‍♂️😂 #SS19
In Hearts Wake Mar 12, 2019
There’s nothing quite like playing small regional venues: No barriers, high vibes, unapologetic crowds & absolute chaos. Looking forward to sharing more wild moments like these on the weekend. Sunshine Coast QLD you’re up first on Friday night! Remaining tickets available through the link in comments below. See you there! #SS19
In Hearts Wake Mar 11, 2019
btw Queensland here's the setlist for this weekends shows as voted by over 1,000 legends. Did your favourite track make the cut? There's still some tickets to the Sunshine Coast show on Friday, which is only a 1.5 hour drive for all you Brisbane folk 😉 Looking forward to it!
In Hearts Wake Mar 08, 2019
's cover photo
In Hearts Wake Mar 07, 2019
Our Gold Coast show is now SOLD OUT. There’s still some tickets remaining for next weeks Sunshine Coast show March 15th. Tickets selling fast:
In Hearts Wake Mar 07, 2019
Our Gold Coast show is now SOLD OUT. There’s still some tickets remaining for next weeks Sunshine Coast show March 15th.
In Hearts Wake Mar 06, 2019
Our Sound Guy & dear friend 'Chucky', who has been touring with us for the past 7 years, has been fighting for his life in ICU. It's a miracle that he’s still alive & it's going to be a long road to recovery in hospital. He and his partner are currently unable to work as a result. If you have a spare minute please share this around and help them out. We will also have a donation tin at our merch desk during next weeks QLD shows. Wishing you a speedy recovery brother Chuck ❤ IHW Here is a message from his partner Sunny: "The love of my life, Chucky Hope, was working a show in rural Australia when a PA fell on his head. A few hours after this, he ate the only vegan catering option available, and a few hours later spent 8-10 hours vomiting from what was suspected food poisoning. He made his way home to me in Byron Bay a day later. He was weak and I suspected dehydration from the food poisoning. Over the next two days, he slept and only had the strength to make it to our bathroom and back to bed running a fever. On Tuesday January 29th, he messaged me at work that "something is really wrong". We got him into our local doctor immediately, and that was the last time that he walked. From there he was rushed to the local hospital where tests were run, and then to a larger hospital. Overnight, the paralysis spread to his entire body and he was transferred to the ICU. After a lumbar puncture, they suspected Gillian Barre and treatment began. Two days later, the treatment wasn't working and his left lung collapsed. He was intubated and put on a central line. He was like this for 10 days with little memory of his time spent in there. The diagnosis then changed, and a full team of doctors remained puzzled. Developing pneumonia from the intubation, he fought infection and fever like hell. When he was awake, he kept communicating by blinking and little finger taps in the two fingers he could move. That sense of humour I love so much still very much alive in a trapped body. He began to improve, so was moved to a ward and taken off the intubation while sore, exhausted and confused. He now has some movement in his upper body, and we are trying desperately to get him into a rehab facility before too much muscle mass is lost in his legs. He just wants to walk.... he just wants to go home. The road to recovery is going to be a long, hard and mentally challenging one, but he is up for the fight. He is currently unable to work though. Days exhaust him, and the support needed is extensive and expensive so any little bit helps. If you can't help with money, just help with sending him love and positive vibes please. Thank you."
In Hearts Wake Feb 28, 2019
Only 2 weeks until our only QLD headline shows this year! Alpha Wolf and The Brave join us at both locations with locals I Shall Devour in Noosaville and We Set Signals in Miami. Don't miss out on tickets!
In Hearts Wake Feb 28, 2019
Only 2 weeks until our only QLD headline shows this year! @alphawolfcvlt and @thebraveofficial join us at both locations with locals @ishalldevour playing Noosaville and @wesetsignals playing Miami. Get your tickets now from link in bio!
In Hearts Wake Feb 24, 2019
Catch Cottonmouth next month on The Summer Setlist Tour - Noosaville QLD & The Summer Setlist Tour - Miami QLD gigs March 15th + 16th. BYO outfit 🤘
In Hearts Wake Feb 21, 2019
Jake & Earthwalker Tribe have released these cool new Straws! Stainless steel, reusable, durable & plastic free. Each set includes 4 straws, 1 pouch & cleaner. LINK:
In Hearts Wake Feb 20, 2019
Brace for the impact #SS19
In Hearts Wake Feb 14, 2019
New Summer Merch! Hats, Tanks & More. We ship worldwide. SHOP LINK:
In Hearts Wake Feb 08, 2019
Catch The Brave on our two QLD shows next month! The Summer Setlist Tour - Noosaville QLD The Summer Setlist Tour - Miami QLD Tickets on sale now: