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In Fear and Faith
Your World On Fire
In Fear and Faith May 18, 2019
New Noble video “Chained Rabbit” out now!!
In Fear and Faith May 04, 2019
Available on most if not all platforms!
In Fear and Faith May 04, 2019
New Noble song out for all u heavy chasers
In Fear and Faith Apr 28, 2018
Hey SoCal friends!! My band Noble was able to jump on to a show with Emmure last minute so come hang out if ur available!! -Scott
In Fear and Faith Apr 06, 2018
New Noble song “Alpha” out now!!
In Fear and Faith Mar 23, 2018
Come support Noble as we play our first ever shows!!!
In Fear and Faith Nov 03, 2017
Hey Noble and Infaf fans, Noble’s new video for our new song ‘Eighty One’ is up On YouTube! Please head over to the Noble FB page and check it out and like/subscribe to the page for easier updates regarding Noble because we are just getting started! Please help spread the word by sharing the Noble page with your friends, we need as much support and involvement from you guys as we can possibly get right now by spreading the word so we can be a step closer to being able to come out and play our music on tour for you guys. You are all the reason we’re able to exist so please take a moment to share the crap out of this new Noble song and our FB page. Thank you all so much! Also the Spotify situation is being looked into.
In Fear and Faith Nov 02, 2017
New Noble song ‘Eighty One’ out Friday y’all
In Fear and Faith Aug 26, 2017
new Noble song "Filth" out now!!! please check it out
In Fear and Faith Aug 26, 2017
It's taking quite a while for the new video to upload so for good measure friend's. Here's a snippet...
In Fear and Faith Aug 26, 2017
In regards to the complaints about Noble posts on the infaf page: The Noble page is brand new and still gaining traction. It would be incredibly silly to not use the resources that each member of Noble has at their disposal in order to attract attention to the new project so that eventually the usage of infaf/confide/ATS/oh sleeper pages can be scaled back. Regarding Infaf: it's an incredibly complicated situation and putting out new music was no longer an option after the "promise" of a comeback was made (which was actually a teaser regarding our final show with Saosin before the hiatus). Infaf would like to put out new music but for the time being we cannot. But that doesn't mean we don't still want to play music and forming a new outfit was the best course of action. We appreciate all the support for Noble so far in such a short time and hope that those who only want to hear Infaf will give Noble a chance. We're grateful for each and every one of you who has supported Infaf over the years and can only hope to have your continued support regarding any future endeavors whether it be Noble or a solo project or some sort of completely different genre project we decide to cook up next. We play heavy music but we love all different types so we do not want to place ourselves inside a box. Thank you all again!! -Scott
In Fear and Faith Aug 26, 2017
Cus we know how much you all love teasers 👀it🤘🏼💣
In Fear and Faith Aug 11, 2017
Hey all, go check out Scott and Seans new band Noble at their FB page and watch our music video for our first single called "Deadset" that was just released and dont forget to give it a like/subscribe to keep up to date with more tunes coming soon! The band features members of Confide, Oh Sleeper, and At the Skylines so head on over to their pages as well and show some love. We've had this project in the works for a while now so were excited to finally get some new music out there!
In Fear and Faith Jun 13, 2017
Not new Infaf but new music nonetheless. #InfAttheSleepAttaConFaith
In Fear and Faith Jun 01, 2016
Hey guys, just want to apologize to those who have written us with questions. We have quite a few messages to respond to along with the ones to our personal pages but we are doin our best to get to everyone and address any concerns or questions, just bare with us a bit longer as we go thru the messages cus we want to make sure to reply to everyone. And each response is specifically tailored towards the needs of those who have written us, we don't want to just write a blanket statement and paste it in response to each message cus that to us seems half hearted and insincere. So we will get to everyone as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience! -Scott
In Fear and Faith May 22, 2016
Hey guys! Our good friends in Destroy The Runner are back and coming out with a new ep featuring all original members! Check it out, help some great dudes come back and make great music!
In Fear and Faith May 04, 2016
Hello InFAFlio's! Disclaimer: This might not be the post you've been waiting for but it's important to me, so I (Scott) just ask that you take a moment to read it and check out the provided links. I understand that a new post after a long period of silence might trigger an influx of questions/concerns about InFAF but please try to contact this FB page, myself or Sean Bell directly on that subject. ON TO THE REASON WE ARE HERE RIGHT NOW... My dudes in End The Century are currently tracking a new album and have one song available for audible consumption at the moment. In order to finish the rest of the album, they are humbly asking for some support in the form of an indiegogo page here: DIY releases are both expensive and a big pain in the ass (big obstacle for InFAF as well) so any support you can provide I'm sure they'd love u for it. I've provided a couple links to their music down below but make sure you check out their IGG page and hear what they're all about. You can donate any amount to help an awesome band do wut they love. Make sure to check out their new single on their Youtube channel: Oh and for those unaware, i did guest vocals on their album Monsters years back so take a listen to their song "Ventriloquist" to hear it (you might as well since i plan on doing at least one (or more?) guest spots with them if our music community is able to help them reach their goal on IGG). You can find the song "Ventriloquist" here: And Facebook for good measure of course: So please take a moment to check out their tunes and visit their IGG page ( Thanks all, and remember to direct any InFAF related questions to this FB page, Sean Bell, or myself as this post is dedicated primarily to helping out my friends in ETC. Thanks for taking the time to do this! -Scott
In Fear and Faith Jun 04, 2014
Wow it's been a long time since we were all in a room together. Come see us with our friends in Saosin at Club Nokia on June 7th in Los Angeles. It's going to be a good time :)
In Fear and Faith May 08, 2014
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In Fear and Faith May 28, 2013
In Fear and Faith May 23, 2013
Make sure to pick up our "Self-titled" album! In stores now and iTunes!
In Fear and Faith May 10, 2013
Pick up some new merch at our merch store here!