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Immortal Technique May 28, 2019
Taking a break from Studio work and mourning the loss of some family to open up for the Wailers on June 16th in Upstate NY. I appreciate all those that reached out to me over these past few weeks to check on me and make sure my family was doing good. This show is just a spot date. It's about an hour and change away from the city going North. The Festival itself begins on June 15 but I will be on June 16th (early because it's a day festival around 1pm. The festival will be held at Croton Point Park in Croton-on-Hudson, Westchester County, NY. Festival gates open to attendees at 9AM. See you all there. One love. Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique Jul 18, 2018
I’m coming on tour to a few places this summer. Still working in the studio. Touré Harris have been trying to grind down The Middle Passage into 14-18 tracks but we have a lot of extras this time. We'll be back in the lab soon. In the meantime. This is only 1/3 of the upcoming schedule. Mostly out on the #WestCoast It starts off in Ohio on July 18th at the infamous #gatheringofthejuggalos then I’m doing a conference on the 20th of July with the @nationallawyersguild in Oakland. The next day (7/21) the BBQ show in Oakland. I’ll be speaking on my journey to become a citizen as a teenager and I dealt with the system before I had papers. Fresno the 22nd of July! Then down to Southern Cali for two shows in Tustin, CA (July 23/24) After those shows I am also heading to the border with the org called @borderangelsofficial to do the water drops and see the people in shelters waiting to be reunified with their children at the border. Then we are ending this little part of the run in LA on the 27th of July ( #@regenttheaterla ) to bring it all home. I’m gonna have a lot of familia in the house that night. I have a really big family and my supporters are mobilized. It's gonna be great to be back in LA. New music is being mixed I have some features coming soon. @chinoxl @spmusik @poisonpenbk @swavesevah @cf201 @therealmrchoc and of course my bail bondsman and my lawyer will be in the building. Just so you cops reading this know the deal. #LA #Ohio #Oakland #Fresno #Tustin #immortaltechnique #tourlife Peace, Felipe Coronel Immortal Technique PS. The movie @thekingthemovie that I was featured in is now in theaters all over. Thank you @oscopelabs @thinktanknyc !!! Let’s do some more Q&As! haha PPS. I'm also coming to England, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, and some lovely countries in Africa.
Immortal Technique Jul 06, 2018
Some people were having trouble viewing the video before. Here it is in a better format. As promised, here’s the FULL music video of Rich Man’s World from my appearance in the amazing new film, THE KING @TheKingMovie, about America and what the hell’s going on. Out now in NY and LA, and more theaters around the country in the coming weeks. Check it out!
Immortal Technique Jul 05, 2018
Today is the 4th of July. There were fireworks, meat was cooked, some words were said. I wasn't there. I was working all day a bunch of different things. I'm going to spare you history lessons and those long diatribes you love from me today though.. Instead I off you this video from a movie "The King" it was an impromptu thing we put together randomly. I though you guys would like it, the song is a couple of years old but it rings true. Even now. I'm looking forward to sharing some time on tour this summer along with some new music. Movie kinda bugged me out at first, the rise and fall of Elvis and the rise and fall of America. The idea of a culture war and its origin being ignored in that it comes from actual war in many ways. Great movie. Out now in NYC and LA, and more theaters around the country in the coming weeks. WATCH IT! Love ya'll. Peace & Respect, Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique Dec 26, 2017
I took my Abuelita for a walk through the park today & reflected on what is most important in life. Believe me when you're about to turn 104 (that's right) you're not gonna look this good. LOL It felt great to be away from it all. Instead of being flooded with stress & commercialism it was liberating to get off line and be immersed in family. Especially those who I haven't seen in years. We took my cousin to the hospital because he was sick, and now he's getting better. My other cousin is battling lung cancer as we speak right and that's a much more complicated matter so I wanted to stop by and show my support in any way possible to him and his family. We are often caught up in our drama we forget how much people we love need us and depend on us. This holiday can be debated, debunked and even mocked. However the extra time you take to spend with them shouldn't end when the lights are unplugged and tree is in the garbage. Being a technologically superior nation doesn't necessarily reflect a more advanced sense of morality. For example Grandma will never live in a nursing home. She always stays with family, because she paved the way for us long ago before anyone reading this was alive. I'm about to go through the corner of the Andes tomorrow and then I'll be coming back through the jungle. A purification process of sorts, something to fill my life and the lives of those close to me with success and positivity. I probably won't be back until the New Year. I wanted to wish you all reading this the best in life, no matter who you are, if we know each other or we don't. I wish you and your children and your elders and long happy and healthy life. Remember those with less or nothing, the homeless, the orphaned and remember that "holding onto to anger is like drinking poisoning an expecting the other person to die." Eat healthier so you can grow old with your family. And remember that forgiveness is important, without it we cannot forgive ourselves. This isn't just a message from #ImmortalTechnique this is Felipe Coronel wishing you all reading this the absolute best! Cooked food! I'm doing this for us! Haha #feliznavidad #Peru
Immortal Technique Nov 01, 2017
One day the media will actually have a long conversation about the radicalization of Islam. We'll have a long drawn out painful discussion for some people because it will change their oversimplified narrative. It will call into question the very meaning of terrorism and how we define that... Unfortunately today is not that day so we're gonna go with the typical response, thoughts and prayers and more discrimination. I'm going to do a show by the way and some of you might be there and some of you might. I appreciate those of you who have been with me on this ride. See you tonight.
Immortal Technique Oct 19, 2017
I want to thank all of the people who came to the first concert series in Houston to support the those in dire need after Hurricane Harvey. Since that horror we have had more catastrophes rip apart our global communities. First in Puerto Rico where a series of horrible Hurricanes tore the infrastructure of the island apart. Then in Mexico where Ciudad de Mexico suffered from a horrible Earthquake. When these things happened we promised to do a concert series to provide aid to smaller community based organizations. That is exactly what we did in Houston and what we plan to do here. I know that much like the recent Somalia bombing that the media at times pays less attention to these issues but we cannot wipe them from our memory and move on as if nothing has happened. Without the proper aid being given, the death toll has continued to rise in Puerto Rico. The initial numbers are deceptive because they don’t factor in all of the elderly and infirmed that are trapped on the island. I have spoken and met with several people just returning from the island and they are in dire need. Later on there will be a conversation about the corruption, about whether being a free independent nation would have enabled them to receive immediate necessary aid from nations that we blacklist for slanted political reasons. In Mexico we saw entire neighborhoods leveled and homes and office buildings collapsing left and right. Now people are trying to rebuild their lives. They are suffering and we take for granted what people are in dire need of. By working with grassroots organizations we have the ability to get these funds/resources rot the people who will utilize them immediately and not sit idle earning interest. Please come by and show some support. We really need your help. I haven’t done an NYC in a long time and this needs to sell out because if it does then we will get the matching funds from a sponsor. That’s 500 tickets. We are at 50 tickets today. I can’t believe that in a city like NYC I don’t have 400 fans, some of which might be Puerto Rican that can spare $20 to support a good cause. All of the proceeds will be going to grassroots organization and we value that transparency very much. It’s why people trust us. As for the West Coast same principle, we are just doing two shows since we couldn’t get a sponsor out there. Which was unfortunate but we press forward. These are last minute shows, yes. But I am as we speak in the studio working on the album and the book which adds a new dimension of difficulty but I won’t be touring really until 2018. So if you want to see me before I die… Please come out and support. Respect, Immortal Technique Felipe Coronel NYC = Wednesday Nov 1 @ Bowery Ballroom Link = Ticket = $20 Ages = 18+ Times = doors @ 8pm Santa Ana = Friday November 10 @ The Observatory Link = Ticket = $17 Ages = ALL Times = doors @ 11pm Los Angeles = Saturday Nov 11 @ the El Rey Link = Ticket = $25 Ages = ALL Times = doors @ 8pm
Immortal Technique Sep 01, 2017
In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, we announced earlier this week that myself and others would be doing a concert Sept. 23rd in San Antonio, TX where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to local charities on the ground helping people. The venue in San Antonio was chosen because as I said before we were told by people in Texas that holding it in Houston was going to be logistically impossible and potentially divert immediate resources. I appreciate the advice of the residents of Texas and I really appreciate the venue Korova for helping us find sponsors and giving the full door for the people. As of now the lineup ( we are still waiting on one or two more names so the flyer may be updated but the date and venue are solid) Immortal Technique Slug of Atmosphere Brother Ali ChinoXL KRino Poison Pen Emilio Rojas Swave Sevah Bobby Sessions Dj Static Dj GiJoe And more TBA I want to extend my appreciation to everyone who came forward to help put this together. Not just the artists but the local residents, promoters, sponsors, venue and all of the staff that will be killing themselves behind the scenes. We look forward to seeing you all down there in San Antonio on Sept.23rd. There were some more artists from Texas and abroad that wanted to come but their situation is tentative so we may announce more artists. Also if the venue sells out early then we may add another date as well. Eid mubarak to my supporters who celebrate it. We should always remain humble and appreciate the things we take for granted that others are dying without. I am humbled by the support across the board and the unity I have witnessed in the wake of this. I look forward to seeing you in Texas. We will also be taking donations at the door for clothes and canned food. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Here is the Ticket Link Peace & Respect, Immortal Technique Felipe Coronel PS. Please share on your social media, especially if you live in Texas and get the word out!!! One love.
Immortal Technique Aug 30, 2017
These are only a few of the images from the flooding in Houston and the surrounding area. People who only a week ago were just going on about living their lives, have had everything washed away. As horrific as this is to witness, its obviously exponentially worse to actually live through. One thing I have seen though, is lots of human beings, irrespective of race creed color, sex, status, orientation banding together to help one another in their most difficult hour. That doesn’t just give me hope it makes me proud to know that at our core, no matter how we feel we are willing to rise about the petty nonsense. Sometimes it makes me somber to think about how we often only seem to come together during a catastrophe like this. However I’m just glad that people are coming together. I see such strong support for the people of #Houston and the surrounding areas devastated by flooding. A cataclysm shouldn’t be the only time we find unity, but perhaps it is because that’s the time when we need each other the most. Seeing things like this humbles us greatly, and rightfully so. So just like we did up North with Sandy, myself and others in the local area residents from down in Texas are organizing a large relief show in Texas to help raise, funds, supplies and whatever is needed for the people. I’ve been on the phone with local artists, charities and promoters down there for the past 2 days working on the details. As of now we don’t have a flier or a complete list because more people are being added every day but hopefully by the end of the week or early next week we will have a link. What I can tell you is that we will most likely be holding our event in on the 23rd of September. And it will most likely be in San Antonio because we were offered a venue there where 100% of the proceeds would go to the people and nothing would be touched. Also, there is no way to do anything in Houston, a levee breech as of today will create more flooding and we don’t want to interrupt any rescue efforts. We were advised by the people down there is was the best course of action. For those of you who aren’t aware, I have family and friends down in the Houston area and in a lot of places in Texas. They are in less flooded areas and they are safe but what about those people that couldn’t get out. I saw some posts blaming the people themselves rather than realizing that some of them had no resources to move and some had no capacity to even if they wanted to. We want to help as many people as possible, not just the ones we see on TV but those who are swept under the rug often. The homeless, the elderly, the immigrants and many more. As a person who was in Haiti to help after the Earthquake, I have decided to send the money we raise and any donations to local organizations rather than the Red Cross and I hope people understand and respect that. I feel it will go a longer way if we delivered supplies ourselves and worked with people on the ground. Let’s show and prove for all of those going through it. I know that we are one human race, and we can overcome this together. I’ll be making an official announcement with a preliminary lineup later this week. I haven’t been on social media much because I’m digging in to finish some music. I just felt this was too important to not help contribute to. We will make an announcement about this Relief Effort Show very soon. Thank you for all your support. If you are from the Texas area, a lot of people see this page, please feel free to post places where people can seek shelter and receive supplies. I know that there will be a lot more benefits and a lot more shows of support from all over. I appreciate all of you for doing something. Thank you all, Respect, Felipe Coronel Immortal Technique Thank you. @chinoxlofficial @smoothvega85 and all of the other people working behind the scenes with me to make this happen. Love you all.
Immortal Technique Jul 29, 2017
Sept.3rd I'll be back in Chicago for the first time in a while... Whats good Chi-town... I should give away some tickets for this show, and I will. #ImmortalTechnique #Chicago I'm in LA right now working on The Middle Passage. Love you guys. I'm coming through Chicago!!!
Immortal Technique May 22, 2017
Viper Records
Immortal Technique May 17, 2017
Viper Records
Immortal Technique Apr 20, 2017
Viper Records
Immortal Technique Feb 21, 2017
Immortal Technique Dec 08, 2016
Recently news reports highlighted the Army Corp of Engineers denying Easement to the Dakota Access pipeline. I believe this was a very good first step, but the company behind the Pipeline (Energy Transfer Partners) has not been deterred. After hiring mercenaries to hares water protectors and pushing law enforcement to crack down on the people in completely inhumane ways, they plan to still drill. I’m here to tell you that the fight isn’t over. We should rejoice in this victory, it was won by the people who would not be silences. However we should be be wrapped up in a false triumph. People still have legal fees, supplies are needed for the people who will stay at the camp and monitor the pipeline being rerouted or drilling on behalf of ETP in defiance of the denial of easement. In response to what I was seeing taking place, my friend CF and myself traveled out there a couple of months ago. We didn’t go there to give direction, rather to take it. We didn’t go there to bring people freedom, we found freedom among them. We went on supply runs everyday for food and medicine. Now we want to continue that tradition of standing with our Indigenous brothers and sisters from the North. Next Monday 12/12/16 It will be my honor to appear along with many other artist in support of the people and the movement out at Standing Rock. We will be at Brooklyn Bowl representing for the people. 100% of all the profits are going to those people who I believe the vast majority of my supporters are in solidarity with. Lastly, I left the studio today working on The Middle Passage, slated for mid 2017 release, and it dawned on me. Woven into the language of the songs is the idea that this system is testing itself on the people with the least amount of political representation. It routinely does that because corruption once exposed has no other refuge but audacity. The brave people who I met out there had nothing given to them, they suffered and persevered through that for all that they have achieved. I consider it my responsibility to support them. I hope to see you next Monday! Peace & Respect, Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique Nov 10, 2016
"The Middle Passage" looking like 2nd Quarter 2017. More info coming soon, release date announcements in Dec/Jan. New music top of the year. Yeah we aren't going to stop. People have asked me to make a statement about fascism vs corruption. I will reflect back here with the two of you soon. "It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to."
Immortal Technique Oct 12, 2016
Viper Records
Immortal Technique Sep 19, 2016
Some people only see what they want to see. They don't see the bigger picture. They are either agents of discord pushing to cause hatred and division instead of a meaningful conversation or they act out of sheer ignorance. We condemn all forms of terrorism. Not just the stereotypical scare tactics we see in the media but also the State sponsored terrorism. I repeat again and again whether it's people poisoning water for profit, engaging in "regime change", or blowing up innocent people. These are all connected. We are again and again asked to give up our freedoms for the illusion of security. People say that if you have nothing to hide you won't mind the invasion of privacy. The logic of fake blocked accounts run by Feds and other agents of disinformation. #ImmortalTechnique #4thBranch #Media #Terrorism #Patriotism People died for the right to speak out, the right to protest, the right to fight against a corrupt system. Miss me with me petty nonsense. The walls are closing around us and people are arguing about what color people's shirts are or if they believe in this God or that idea. You're gonna wake up with everything you believe in shattered someday. Just don't say I didn't warn you. Be safe out there!
Immortal Technique Sep 17, 2016
Today is a bittersweet day for me. My brother J Arch would have turned 40 today. It is my old friend Pumpkinheads birthday too. After all of the things we have been through in this short life of mine I can say it was my honor to know these guys. The last couple of years have been a very difficult time. To tell you the truth, I have lost a lot of people in my life. It never hurts any less. As a matter of fact it puts all of the small things in life into perspective. You tend to overlook the smaller less important things. You focus on the big picture. You realize that people who have a problem with you, usually have a bigger problem with themselves and their lack of achievements in life. You realize that consciousness doesn’t imply immortality. That just because you’re alive right now and reading this doesn’t mean that you’ll be here forever. You see the strongest people in your life, the ones that love and care for you, become old and their unbreakable bones become brittle. However, on the other side, you see young and care free children, those that break glasses and throw mud on the walls become strong and wise in their own respect. Someone told me that young people either emulate their childhood heroes or seek to destroy and replace them. I don’t know if that’s always true because I never tried the latter in a vain attempt to distinguish myself, and I always wanted to be my own man. PH and Arch were both people who pushed me to do that. Every time I perform, “Toast to the Dead” I usually dedicate it, to them. Pumpkinhead was one of the first Underground legends that really believed in me, he gave me pointers and passed down the knowledge of pitfalls in the game. JArch, literally saved my life on countless occasions. Ironically it wasn’t because he was 6’7” and 400lbs. It was because he had a bigger heart than a Blue Whale. There were so many times that I was on the verge of exploding in anger and he would sit and talk sense to me, we would burn something and just politic and laugh for hours. I remember when they passed and people felt guilty for not talking to them more or seeing them before they died. I said that guilt was the right emotion at the wrong time. I said take that guilt and put it in your pocket, save it for a time in the future. Take it out of your pocket in 6 months or a year when all of the articles are old and the RIP has tags flow in less and less. Then, at that point ask yourself what have you done for their family, what have you done to help their kids? My friends may be gone, I cannot sit and speak with them, however their seeds are still here and I vow that I will do my best to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to them. Not just glorifying my success but explaining my failures and what I learned from them as well. I took this picture with Caleb “BabyArch” and I thought it was fitting for today. I want to send a big shout out to Ph, Sean Price's family and the Archers, also to the people reading this who have lost someone close to them. I grieve with you, but I also share my hope. There are stars in the sky that are so far away, that even though they died thousands of years ago, it takes that long for the light to reach us that we are just seeing a reflection of what was. However, if this is true, imagine how many stars have been born whose light has yet to reach us. Water your seeds. See you today if you are in Jersey! Peace & Love. Immortal Technique #Jarch #PH #SeanPrice #RestinPower #ImmortalTechnique
Immortal Technique Sep 08, 2016
Just landed in North Dakota. Heading into the Sacred Stone Camp. Standing in solidarity with my Indigenous brothers and sisters. I will post more later. I'll be back in NYC for my show but I have a responsibility to share whats going on out here. I haven'y come here to bring anyone freedom. I have come here to find freedom among my people. What is going is a living example of corruption and moral bankruptcy. Respect Sacred Stone Camp Myron Dewey
Immortal Technique Aug 10, 2016
Sept. 15th Immortal Technique Returns to New York City. (Even though I live there.) It's been a long time since I've done my own show in NYC. Some partners in crime that have been doing their own thing and some special guests will join me Sept.15th. I've been steadily working on new music, new stuff for the book, and more. You've heard that before but now I have the files to back it up. I'll also be in London next week randomly so I might just stop by for an event somewhere. I'll let you know. I'm hardly ever on here, people have to check the messages for me because I get about 50,000 a day on fb, please don't take it personal if it takes some time for me to get back to you. The backlog is crazy and the staff isn't huge. If you are free on Sept. 15th come by and check out myself, Chino XL & Chris Rivers Pen Nostrand and many more. Thursday : 9/15 @ Highline Ballroom 431 W.16th Street (Between 9th & 10th Ave) Ticket Link: Doors are at 7pm / Show is at 8pm See you there. Spread the word please, and I'll be giving away some tickets on-line as well !!! Peace & Respect, Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique Jun 16, 2016
Saturday - Fresno!
Immortal Technique May 18, 2016
Immortal Technique May 13, 2016 "You prematurely senile Underground pre-madonnas/ I was Oliver North during Iran-Contra/ Because I never snitched and that's backed by evidence/ I learned it by watching you, don't ever forget it bitch/ 'Cause everybody knows how the government do/ They never snitch on themselves but they want u to snitch on you/" - Immortal Technique "That's What It Is" The 3rd World Viper Records
Immortal Technique Apr 20, 2016
How did you first hear about my music? I love reading those stories.