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The Iron Cemetery
Final Hour
Illusion Suite Sep 03, 2016
So as we all know, making a surgical hahahaha! Progressive album takes time! But keep your ears up. Soon!
Illusion Suite Jun 03, 2016
In the beginning!
Illusion Suite May 20, 2016
Im selling my old drums from the last two albums. PM for more info :) Stay tuned!
Illusion Suite Mar 21, 2016
So what is your favorite progressive album so far this year? You can never get enough inspiraton, so bring it on! Happy easter everyone 😁
Illusion Suite Feb 10, 2016
Good good good memories!!! :D Looking forward to a time like this very soon again! :D Have a great day from Illusion suite.
Illusion Suite Feb 05, 2016
You guys remember carry on my wayward son? Just woke up to this song and relalized i's used in the super high end tv series Supernatural. Kansas : Respect! ;) #metal #rock #Kansas #Friday #Weekend
Illusion Suite Nov 21, 2015
I`m so exited, things are falling into pieces. There will be no mail vocal on this third album but i there will be some already known vocalists doing songs on the album and other musicians!! , and i can revel that it will be an consept album! ;) Love you guys,. Stay tuned. My slumber is long gone!!! :D
Illusion Suite Nov 21, 2015
Very few people know that "The Iron Cemetery" was recorded with these drums:
Illusion Suite Oct 07, 2015
here is hitler`s thoughts !!! For those who do not know german!!!! haha........
Illusion Suite Oct 07, 2015
So what do you guys think of the new symphony x album? We in IS love it!
Illusion Suite Jun 08, 2015
Metal Bands Underground: 10 Norwegian bands that you have to listen Pt. 1
Illusion Suite May 16, 2015
Hey friends!!!! I'm back, new album is in my mind and will start making beats and tunes in the new future! Think i can smell a third release guys.
Illusion Suite Nov 01, 2014
Listen to Illusion Suite on the podcast with Anthony McDonald. Click the link and sign up with the reminder button:
Illusion Suite Jul 12, 2014
These days Illusion Suite will soon close in on 100 000 playings on you tube and spottify. In addition to this Illusion Suite is currently played 6 different internet radiostations such as AOL radio and Pandora internet radio. We would love to hear YOUR feedback on "The Iron Cemetery" forumthread that has been started by you fans. Please feel free to state your honest opinion :) Have a great weekend!!!
Illusion Suite Jan 27, 2014
Illusion Suite Jan 11, 2014
This is fantastic, guys...:) "The Iron Cemetery" is the album of the year in several different webzines and websites. The national radio in Norway calls illusion suite the band of the year. READ MORE HERE: As this is being written there are still a few lists where Illusion Suite is nominated so more of these good news may keep ticking in. Thanks a bunch to all who have supported the band by voting or buying the album. Still do not have the album? Support metal and the band by adding a classic album to your collection with an additional special sticker when purchasing the full CD version here at 14,99 Euro:
Illusion Suite Dec 21, 2013
Ho, ho, ho. It is time to wish everybody a merry Christmas. If you want to give a Illusion Suite a Christmas present you can vote or the Iron Cemetery as the album of the year here: Anyways, Merry Christmas everybody :)
Illusion Suite Dec 19, 2013
STEM PÅ THE IRON CEMETERY SOM ÅRETS SKIVE 2013 NÅ. Det tar kun 5,2 sekunder (følg linken, velg "Illusion Suite - The iron cemetery" og skriv navnet ditt.) Ha en lekker og smekker helg…:)
Illusion Suite Dec 05, 2013 Nytt norsk review for Illusion Suite. La oss bare trekke frem et sitat for de som ikke orker å lese hele: "Det er faktisk låt etter låt med progressiv metal på sitt beste, og er egentlig litt usikker på om jeg noensinne har hørt ett Norsk band på høyde med Illusion Suite".
Illusion Suite Dec 04, 2013
Illusion Suite Nov 16, 2013
Help Illusion suite climb from number 6 to number 1 on the progmetal throne at Rate "The iron Cemetery and give your vote to the top progmetal albums of 2013. Simply follow this link, click "The Iron Cemetery" on the 6th row and give your rating.
Illusion Suite Nov 13, 2013
Number 29 and climbing (with your help). Give "The Iron Cemetery" a vote on this web page if you enjoyed the album!!! P…P..P…Please!
Illusion Suite Nov 12, 2013
THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER GIVES ILLUSION SUITE 5 OUT OF 6 on The Iron Cemetery. The engergy and melodic feeling on these guys' second album is magnificent, the riffs come like heavy artillery and in Bill Makatowicz they have a classical heavy metal vocalist. The Iron Cemetery keeps the paste throughout the whole album and never lets the prog tendencies get in the way of the concise expression of the album. A huge positive suprise!" VG (One of the biggest national newspapers in Norway) TERNINGKAST 5 I VG til Illusion Suite- The Iron Cemetery! "Energien og melodifølelsen på guttas andre fullengder er suveren, riffene oljetjukke og i Bill Makatowicz har de en klassisk heavy- vokalist... The Iron Cemetery ivaretar drivet fortreffelig gjennom hele platen, og lar aldri prog- tendensene overskygge det tette og kontante uttrykket. En stor, positiv overraskelse!" VG. Buy it digitally here:
Illusion Suite Nov 04, 2013
WHAT A BLASTING START ON A NEW WEEK!!! Illusion Suite has the last couple of weeks received three new reviews. Two of these are rated 9 out of 10 and one is rated 5 out of 5. Based upon ranking from critiques "The Iron Cemetery" is now being placed right next to classical albums such as "Paradise Lost" (Symphony X) and "The first Chapter" (Circus Maximus) Datails of the reivews are here: Still haven't gotten the album? YOU CAN GET IT HERE for around seven dollars:
Illusion Suite Oct 30, 2013
Are you curious about the process behind the design on "The Iron Cemetery" executed by our brilliant friend and designer Anestis Goudas. Then follow this link: Do you want to know more about Anestis and his work you can do that here: :)