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I'm Gonna Tell God All of My Troubles (single)
Scandalize My Name (single)
Scandalize My Name (EP)
Scandalize My Name
Fortress 'round My Heart
Fortress Round My Heart
Ida Maria Jul 21, 2019
Yachtlife ⚓️
Ida Maria Jul 09, 2019
Some pics from my last show!
Ida Maria Jul 03, 2019
To all of you who has been with me from the start. Here is what looks to be the first sketch of the lyrics for Oh My God. 💚 found it in an old notebook from 2005! take care of each other. If any pain lands on you, try to take it and transform it into something beautiful, useful or into a lemonade. Become aware of the pain transmission process and try to let the pain stop with you/me. We don’t need to pass it on. You can get rid of pain by: screaming loud, meditating, helping someone else, using your body physically, changing diet, stop hurting yourself, stop hurting the planet, spend more time with the people you love and buy less junk. Be on the side of Mother Earths and humankind, don’t let the propaganda machine for consumerism and individualism run us all to the ground. Money is an illusion, you can grow your own food. The time is now. Share the bread and save your money. Buy second hand. You don’t need Gucci trust me. Go and help your sister, your brother. Get creative and Be free.
Ida Maria Jun 23, 2019
Cool shot from when we played Moen Kulturlåve June 21! Photo Odd-Inge Larsen.
Ida Maria Jun 18, 2019
Sooo....Now my new song is released into the universe! This is my love letter to humanity 🥰
Ida Maria Jun 13, 2019
My song is being played here tomorrow! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰
Ida Maria Jun 08, 2019
Ida Maria
Ida Maria Jun 05, 2019
Ida Maria Jun 03, 2019
I still can’t believe I do this for a living - singing songs and making music, but you all make it possible for me to do this. Thank you! 🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️June 15 there is new music coming from yours truly! Just a song, just a song, and it’s called “Comfort Song”. Out on @tbcrec @applemusic June 15. Also tagging @princessmarthalouise, this song is for you - too. Love your energy. Let the flowers spring! NY SINGEL UTE 15. JUNI - COMFORT SONG - trøstesang Photo: Linda Jakobsen
Ida Maria Jun 03, 2019
I still can’t believe I make a living singing songs and making music, but you all make it possible for me to do this. Thank you! 🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️June 15 there is new music coming from yours truly! Just a song, just a song, and it’s called “Comfort Song”. Out on @tbcrec @applemusic June 15. Also tagging @princessmarthalouise, this song is for you - too. Love your energy. Let the flowers spring! NY SINGEL UTE 15. JUNI - COMFORT SONG - trøstesang
Ida Maria Feb 22, 2019
Ida Maria's cover photo
Ida Maria Feb 13, 2019
Ida Maria
Ida Maria Feb 10, 2019
Ida Maria Jan 11, 2019
Trying guitars in Los Angeles California. Back to my favorite city on TUESDAY! Los Angeles I´ve missed you! I´m gonna be eating tacos, pancakes, sushi and cruise around in my old hometown! See ya!
Ida Maria Jan 02, 2019
I LOVE VICE and NOISEY and I´m so honored both by being featured in NOISEY and on the awesome show Big Mouth. Read about it here.
Ida Maria Nov 29, 2018
Proud of being invited to such a current and courageous television program where the theme is mental health, and grateful to be allowed to share my experiences with addiction, alcohol, self-esteem, creativity and forgiveness. (Norwegian/sapmi subtitles only)
Ida Maria Nov 27, 2018
Bad Karma/Bad News live 2014
Ida Maria Nov 27, 2018
A piece of Keep Me Warm live and some Cherry Red 2014
Ida Maria Nov 26, 2018
I spend way too much time nowadays getting depressed over the climate change, Trump, the phenomenon that I´m getting older and winter arriving all at the same time. I see that this is a luxury that I´m able to worry about such random shit. Basically things are good and the media has hijacked my brain. Except climate change. That´s a real worry. And it´s way bigger than what I can even start to comprehend. Anybody else feel like that? What can we do to get out of this collective depression and anxiety thats going on? Is it just me feeling like this? How can we change the direction we are heading in? Where are the superheroes when you need em? Can we be superheroes? Cause I just feel like I fly too much, and I can´t figure out a way to stop, and still get my music out. I fly too much and save nobody and nothing. It costs too much to change the way we are living because we are dependent on doing stupid environmental choices because our jobs depends on it somehow. Using oil or eating meat and stressing for some money seems like it´s the most normal thing you can do nowadays, and vegans, natives and nature get hounded and threatened and ridiculed. Strange, huh? It´s gonna change soon. If we want it. I talked with some people working in Equinor the other week, and Equinor is Norways oil-business flagship. I asked them straight: what is your plan, how is the general discussion in your company about what strategy we should all take going forward to reduce the human impact on the climate? Like using less oil? They just looked at me as if I had fallen from the moon. I didn´t think the question would take them by surprise! I was surprised that they were surprised by the question. And then the answer I got was that there was no real strategy. I mean, in Norways own flagship oilcompany numero uno the best answer I got was that you - or they - can´t invest in something unless it gives you a real payoff in terms of money! And that the solutions that were on the marked for right now were not valuable enough in terms of payoff. - I´m like, are you for real? I´m not saying this is an official statement from the Equinor company but it sure as hell seem like it since four employees are not able to collectively present a better answer, sitting in a SAS Lounge just about to board a plane. I asked them if they felt there was a comfortable environment in their company to discuss issues like this, like climate change, and where it´s taking us all, and what we should do about it. Did not get an assurance that they felt this was something they preferred to discuss with their colleagues. Understandable, group mentality, and the fact that your livelihood is dependent on an employment in a company which is an entity which in fact is not a living person, soul, but a corporation based on numbers and growth for the sake of growth, (not to be confused with growth of an actual living thing, but the growth of money) and you need the money, to feed your family, cause you cant´t grow a potato and you´re forced to comply with whatever kind of bullshit you must do for money. Since when did money become more important than human lives, animal lives and the general existance of everything we call our natural environment? Since the industrial age, I assume. Correct me if I´m wrong. And we still haven´t collectively agreed upon the fact that we live on a finite amount of earth, soil, water, air etc. And that whatever money that is being made is taken directly from this earth and usually even from other human beings/countries/cultures. And then a country like mine, Norway refuses to take in refugees! Cause we are "full", "no vacancy", "go look for help somewhere else", "we´re busy", "refugees are terrorists" "Sugar kills more people than terror, so we tax sugar but we send anyone who has the audacity to show up on our border to Afghanistan cause we don´t have room for you, just endless amounts of money, land, water, food, infrastructure and wellfare systems". Like we need to cover up how it´s all put together. "We had nothing to do with that", we say. Like if anybody would believe us! "Here´s the Nobel Peace prize - shut up!" "Ooops we gave it to Aung San Suu Kyi - and now she´s overlooking a genocide, cause she´s afraid to lose her job - gee I´m afraid to lose my job too, someone should critizise her, you go first, ok, it´s a genocide, why is she not saying anything - oh cause she might get killed herself, definitely lose her power, they will call her insane again and lock her up". "Just make sure they don´t see that we have iphones and eat ourselves to obesity, it would make them come here, great work Ms Suu Kyi, sorry you have to clean up after our greed!" It´s a farce! I don´t know where I should turn because it seems like everyone is collectively delusional, stressing to death for a job they don´t need, panicking about money as if it was a thing that is alive! Money as if money was all mighty! At best you can buy a government and a huge yacht, guns and human bodies with money! It´s not like it´s fancy, it´s tragic! Hoarding money is like hoarding anything! It´s a human instinct run riot! We punish rape, so why not punish raping of other countries livelyhood? Hoarding money as a poor replacement for a missing confidence and a traumatic childhood! And where are the women? The mothers? Are we all so exhausted cause we are busy juggling careers and children and feeding on each others insecurities not getting appreciation for either so we forget our collective role as mothers? Where does the expression Mother Earth come from? Was it a dick that started the whole thing? The dick of God? Does God even have a dick? Did I lose the plot now? Probably did. About time. I´ve been staying "on track" way too long. If it´s insane to feel crazy in a crazy world, then I´m happy to be insane. And a last unrelated note: women are not born by virgins and men are not born by virgins so stop shaming women for expressing their sexuality. We are all here because of sexuality and female sexuality is a part in it so start respecting women and begin with your own mother. Ent of rant.
Ida Maria Nov 11, 2018
Thanks for all your ideas for my new website! Maybe it should be orange like my staircase 👌🏼 Had a great night performing last night! I love music. Don’t you? What makes you obsessed with music?
Ida Maria Oct 12, 2018
Hi everyone! Today we’re releasing a brand new song, a collaboration/duet with Norwegian roots/folk group Vamp and myself on vocals, listen here and share!
Ida Maria Oct 11, 2018
Recording new music in Haugesund 🤩🤩🤩
Ida Maria Jul 19, 2018
The song I co-wrote and produced for The Coctail Slippers is doing quite well out there!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Ida Maria Jul 07, 2018
Had a fantastic night in Sandefjord yesterday! Photo: Håvard Flaatten