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Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions
You Can't Kill Us
Icon for Hire
Icon For Hire Dec 12, 2018
Reasons to listen to our new album: -every song is lovingly hand-crafted 100% by us -we recorded it in our own studio because DIY or die -a completely unbiased source told you to 😜 Stream it now:
Icon For Hire Dec 11, 2018
Dig Ariel's style? Then you'll be happy to know she's added some new handmade pieces to her shop. Which one is your fave??
Icon For Hire Dec 10, 2018
"Been a long road but I never gave up, don't know where I'm going but I keep my head up, been a long time but I don't look back, I've got my whole life left to live...." What's your favorite song off the new acoustic album?
Icon For Hire Dec 09, 2018
When you wear 4 inch heels and *still* need to stand on crocheted bricks to make the shot work 😏
Icon For Hire Dec 08, 2018
Love seeing the #SpotifyWrapped photos from all of our amazing fans! Icon Army, you made this year amazing! In the meantime, we've got some new acoustic tracks for you to stream, check them out at
Icon For Hire Dec 07, 2018
Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions is HERE! From the beginning, it was important to us to make an acoustic record *our way*, not just reuse the same vocal takes from the last album and slap a few acoustic guitar chords on top and call it a day. No. We spent weeks laboring over each song, letting it speak to us, trying to make more of the original heart of it shine through. What resulted was full of nuances and some of these tracks surprised us... we think you're gonna dig it. Thanks for all the it's time to go work on the next album! Stream the record online everywhere, and get your hands on a physical copy at
Icon For Hire Dec 06, 2018
This #tbt we're going behind the scenes to talk about WHY we made Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions and how excited we are to get to share all the tracks with you on Friday!
Icon For Hire Dec 05, 2018
If you preordered Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions, your package is on its way!! We filled these bundles with light, we hope you love them!
Icon For Hire Dec 03, 2018
Signing CDs and posters for all of our preorders going out this week! 4 MORE DAYS!!! #stillcantkillus #handcramps #iconarmy
Icon For Hire Dec 03, 2018
Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions comes out this Friday!! Only a few days left to preorder, we can't wait to get this in your hands!
Icon For Hire Dec 01, 2018
Only ONE WEEK left until the release of Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions! Connect with us on Spotify to get the whole album as soon as it's out AND get a chance to win an awesome merch bundle! #WINNING
Icon For Hire Nov 30, 2018
hey girl👩‍🎤don't listen to your mother when she tells you/you aint pretty/need to look more like the others -->Too Loud is out today! Hear it on Spotify and pre-order the album here now! #stillcantkillus
Icon For Hire Nov 29, 2018
Come hang with us tonight! Join the Icon Army Headquarters now at the Gold level and get the secret link to tonight's intimate acoustic show. You also get great perks like unreleased demos, BTS pics, oh-and you'll get to preview Too Loud *tonight*!
Icon For Hire Nov 28, 2018
Want a handwritten track listing *signed by us* sent to your house?! Just pre-order a physical copy of Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions by midnight tonight for a chance to win. TEN lucky winners will get get one of these included with their album! 😲😎😁 Still Can't Kill Us Track Listing: Demons Get Well II Happy Hurts Pulse Supposed To Be Bam Bam Pop Under The Knife The Magic War Too Loud
Icon For Hire Nov 27, 2018
The most stripped down release to date off Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions is dropping this Friday! For all you who've been asking for something extra intimate....we think you're going to like this one;) Presave/preorder the entire album at
Icon For Hire Nov 27, 2018
Our Cyber Monday sale is going on now! Use code SHARETHELOVE to get a free digital download of You Can't Kill Us or Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions when you buy one! Mix or match, give one to a friend, or get both just for you!
Icon For Hire Nov 26, 2018
Preorder Still Can't Kill Us:Acoustic Sessions now and check out our new video for Demons that just came out Friday! #stillcantkillus
Icon For Hire Nov 25, 2018
Our FADE TO BLACK Friday sale goes on until Sunday!!! Use code "Demons" for 25% off the entire store! Shop at and then go take a look at our newest video!
Icon For Hire Nov 23, 2018
The new video for the acoustic session of Demons is out now! Check it now out at #stillcantkillus
Icon For Hire Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving, Icon Army. Sending our love and gratitude to you all for your amazing support over the years! <3
Icon For Hire Nov 21, 2018
Time with family, yummy food, new music videos, Black Friday sales in the Icon for Hire many cool things happening this week!! What are you guys most excited for?!
Icon For Hire Nov 21, 2018
The live acoustic video for Get Well II off of Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions is out now! Be sure to share with your friends, and pre-order the album now at
Icon For Hire Nov 20, 2018
You didn’t come this far to just get this far You didn’t shoot for the moon just to hit the stars You didn’t work this hard just to fade to black... 11.23.18
Icon For Hire Nov 20, 2018
Black Friday sales start today! Get 25% off the entire store including preorders of Still Can't Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions! Check out the exclusive merch bundles at
Icon For Hire Nov 17, 2018
“Demons” is about not settling for where we’re at, and this version of the track allowed us to bring a more ethereal feeling to the foreground. What resulted isn’t an acoustic track per say, but we wanted the song to take a new shape and that meant re-approaching the melodies, vocal delivery, and all supporting instruments. Shawn’s production skills really shine and bring a whole new vibe to one of our must requested songs.