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I, The Breather Feb 20, 2017
I, The Breather Nov 04, 2016
Check out our buddies In Honor Of. They will be dropping an EP tomorrow that's amazing!
I, The Breather Sep 21, 2016
From Shawn: "A couple weeks ago when visiting home, I got to see my brother, my son got to finally meet his uncle Ry. The brother that had been gone for several years from my life, losing his battle with addiction was now free from pain and back to the hero he was to me when we were growing up. It feels great to have him back, it feels great to be able to say how much he has truly inspired me during his fight. I know many of you probably battle addiction yourselves. You probably feel like you have no way out. This man right here is living proof that you still have a chance and a purpose here on this earth. Please take a minute and check out this link below and if you could, please donate to help him achieve another goal. Thank you for reading."
I, The Breather Jul 12, 2016
Bands! Shawn has teamed up with Merch Lords to help bands get affordable Merch and killer designs. If this is something you are interested in, Email him at [email protected]
I, The Breather Jun 20, 2016
Farewell Short Film Coming soon...
I, The Breather Jun 06, 2016
The most valuable aspect of being in this band for all of us has been the ability to relate to our fans/family and help them through any tough time that they may be going through. If you need anything, please reach out. Although we are no longer creating music and performing together, helping others is still our mission. - Shawn, Conor, Aaron, Mack
I, The Breather Jun 01, 2016
Last month 3 out of 4 of us were able to meet up in Chicago to hang out and catch up with some amazing friends. Yesterday we found out one of them lost her battle with Lupus. Lupus is a disease that she dealt with daily and even though she was in pain and tired, she gave us her absolute best. No complaints were ever heard on her end... Alexa was an amazing friend to us for several years. She would take the train to hang when we were in town, let us crash at her beautiful home and most importantly, she always had a loving/beautiful smile on her face that inspired us. The reason we are even posting this status is because we know how delicate life is, we know that it can be taken from us in a matter of seconds. We want to spread the word about our wonderful friend Alexa in hopes that we can inspire others to cherish this life just as she did. When times get hard, still make the best of it. Make sure you hold those close to you closer, make sure you tell them you love them often and cherish the moments you have together. We're gonna miss you bud, but your inspiration and beautiful soul will live forever. -Shawn, Mack, Conor & Aaron
I, The Breather Apr 11, 2016
We're grateful to have had our friends at The StraightEdge Media Group come out to the Allentown, PA date of our final tour and film the entire show. If you weren't able to make it to any of the final tour dates, or would simply like to relive the set, definitely check this out. You can keep up with us post-ITB on our personal social media outlets: @shawnspann_ @conorhesse @aaronovecka @xmackgothx
I, The Breather Apr 09, 2016
Now that we've been home for a couple of weeks, we've had some time to collect our thoughts following our farewell tour. We had an absolute blast at the final shows. Realizing that we will no longer be putting our hearts and souls into this band has put a lot into perspective for us. It's clarified for us how important it is to live in the present and be grateful for experiences that we'd otherwise take for granted. It's ironically made us closer as friends. Most of all, it's reminded us how thankful we are for all of you that have supported us unconditionally. You are just as big of a part of this band as we are, and it's amazing to think that we'll always be connected in some way because of I, the Breather. If you've had any memorable experiences with us, please tell us in the comments below. We'd love to reflect on them.
I, The Breather Mar 18, 2016
Come send us off tonight at The Champ in Lemoyne, PA!
I, The Breather Mar 17, 2016
Come say goodbye to us tonight at Ottobar in our hometown, Baltimore, MD!
I, The Breather Mar 16, 2016
Come out to Shaka's Live tonight to send us off Virgina!
I, The Breather Mar 15, 2016
We're playing the Drunk Horse Pub in North Carolina tonight. Come out and say goodbye!
I, The Breather Mar 15, 2016
Hitting The Champ one last time on March 18th with our homies in Forevermore, My Enemies & I, and The Road To Milestone! Grab tickets here:
I, The Breather Mar 14, 2016
Send us off one last time at New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia, SC tonight!
I, The Breather Mar 13, 2016
We're out here in Atlanta today. Catch us one last time at the Masquerade tonight!
I, The Breather Mar 12, 2016
Tonight, we're at Syndicate in Birmingham, AL. Come out and get rowdy!
I, The Breather Mar 12, 2016
We've run out of dog tags, but all VIP's for the remainder of the tour will be receiving special VIP laminates!
I, The Breather Mar 11, 2016
Texas! Round 2 at The Door in Dallas tonight.
I, The Breather Mar 10, 2016
Catch us at the Dirty Dog bar in Austin, TX tonight!
I, The Breather Mar 10, 2016
Our last hometown show is one week away!!!
I, The Breather Mar 09, 2016
Albuquerque! Send us off tonight at The Co-op!
I, The Breather Mar 08, 2016
Today we'll be joining our label mates and brothers on the Sumerian 10 Year Tour to play out last show ever in Mesa, AZ at the Nile Theatre. Looking forward to seeing you Born of Osiris VEIL OF MAYA After The Burial ERRA Bad Omens
I, The Breather Mar 07, 2016
Southern California! We're at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood tonight. Send us off the right way and make this show crazy!
I, The Breather Mar 06, 2016
BIRMINGHAM - We're at The Syndicate Lounge this Saturday, March 12th for our Farewell Tour w/ Forevermore and My Enemies & I Get tickets: RSVP: