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Astral Rejection (OG)
Astral Rejection
You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter
I Set My Friends On Fire Jun 13, 2019
NEW ISMFOF SINGLE OUT NOW! + I TURNED 29 TODAY!!!!😱👽🥰🖤 - “Versace Tamagotchi” - Go show some love on YouTube -
I Set My Friends On Fire May 30, 2019
My and my brother @lilxlotus just dropped a 4 song EP including 2 originals/2 covers!! Go listen to it now!!! Comment below/show some love & SHARE PLEASE! Link in bio!! Love you all so very much!🖤🖤🖤 - Spotify link -
I Set My Friends On Fire Apr 12, 2019
I Set My Friends On Fire Apr 10, 2019
Dallas! We missed you on the 10 Year, so we’re coming back THIS SUNDAY with some awesome bands to come and make up for it. See ya there!
I Set My Friends On Fire Apr 10, 2019
Austin - lets fucking party this weekend! Roll up!
I Set My Friends On Fire Apr 01, 2019
Grab “Astral Rejection (OG)” on iTunes and go to the review section and leave your thoughts🖤👽Love you guys so much! Here is the iTunes link-
I Set My Friends On Fire Mar 30, 2019
“ASTRAL REJECTION (OG)” OUT NOW ON ITUNES/SPOTIFY/APPLE MUSIC/ETC.. - If you love ISMFOF and support me please go to the review section on ITunes and leave your thoughts! This album was in hibernation for 9 years but finally got to see the light of day! I’m so proud of the material Me/Nabil Moo and Christ Lent (Even Lee Dyess our Engineer) made on this album and super thankful that Epitaph Records agreed put it out! I couldn’t have better supporters than you guys! Let me know what your favorite song is in the comments below and how this album made you feel!!! Love you guys more than words describe!! CLICK “SHOP NOW” ON THIS POST TO GET ON ITUNES!!! Thank you much for sticking around all these years guys it means the universe to me! More music is on the way really soon!!!!🖤🥰
I Set My Friends On Fire Mar 14, 2019
Last year we didn’t just lose a friend. We lost a brother. For those of you that don’t know, Awaken I Am was on the first leg of our 10 year tour. It was our second tour with them as we had previously toured with them in Australia the year before. We shared a van with these guys, they became family to us. Connor was always the best guy to be around. His smile lit up any room he walked into. He was the first person to ask if we needed anything. Whether that meant borrowing guitars, grabbing us stage waters, helping us load out. He was always there. It’s actually been a year to the day since the last time we saw you. We still miss you every day. Every single time we step on stage, you’re with us. Every time we get in the van, you’re with us. We love you Connor.. Thank you for blessing us with memories that will be with us forever. Please check out Awaken I Am’s beautiful memorial as they put this terrible hurt into a beautiful album for Connor.
I Set My Friends On Fire Mar 07, 2019
ASTRAL REJECTION (OG) IS FINALLY OUT RIGHT NOW GUYS!!!! Click the link to grab it on iTunes and be sure to leave your thoughts in the review section!! This is a huge deal!!!! Love you guys so fucking much!!!! -
I Set My Friends On Fire Feb 22, 2019
Was “Crank Dat” on your MySpace profile?? Don’t lie! ::) What were your first reactions when it first came out?? Follow ISMFOF on Instagram! -
I Set My Friends On Fire Feb 21, 2019
I Set My Friends On Fire Feb 10, 2019
Who thinks Soulja boy and ISMFOF should make “Crank Dat 2” ?? ::) #isetmyfriendsonfire #ismfof #souljaboy #crankthat #hardcore [Share This!]
I Set My Friends On Fire Feb 09, 2019
I Set My Friends On Fire Dec 13, 2018
Syracuse this is tonight! Come hang!
I Set My Friends On Fire Dec 12, 2018
Connecticut - it's been a second! We'll be inside of you December 14th at Hartford Underground! Grab your tickets below. Don't sleep!
I Set My Friends On Fire Dec 11, 2018
This tour starts later this week! Don't sleep on tickets, come end the year right and watch us play "Slaughter" front to back one more time! Ticket links below! Albany: Syracuse: Hartford: Corning: Manchester:
I Set My Friends On Fire Nov 09, 2018
We’re taking over the gram over at Alternative Press today! Go follow our day in the life of the Fully Automatic tour in Munich, Germany!
I Set My Friends On Fire Nov 05, 2018
Russia, We are so sorry but due to visa issues, we are going to have to reschedule the 3 shows we have coming up at the end of this month. All of us are incredibly bummed out and were really looking forward coming back. Huge apology to anyone who had tickets, to the promoters promoting the shows, and the bands we were suppose to tour with. We will be back soon, we promise! You guys have a special place in our heart and can’t wait to see you all again. I promise, it won’t be long. Thanks for understanding! - Matt, Nate, Chris, Connor, and Jimmy
I Set My Friends On Fire Nov 04, 2018
France, we’re in you tonight for the first time ever. Lyon, let’s fucking party! #kanyewest #ballsohard
I Set My Friends On Fire Oct 25, 2018
Kicking this off tonight in Berlin! Deutschland, let’s party!
I Set My Friends On Fire Oct 22, 2018
Join us on Reddit tomorrow and ask us some weird shit.
I Set My Friends On Fire Oct 20, 2018
UK and Europe, were under way!
I Set My Friends On Fire Oct 07, 2018
This album changed my life for all eternity! It came out exactly 10 years ago today. I don’t where I would be today if @nabilmoo never agreed to start this insane band that still continues to kicks ass today. Even though he hasn’t been in the band for over 7 years his heart still remains installed within band and I still honor the greatness that is Moo! I’m proud to have carried on the name, and I will continue to keep this band alive as long as I am<3 I love all of you guys and I’m absolutely nothing without you. #youcantspellslaughterwithoutlaughter
I Set My Friends On Fire Oct 02, 2018
The year is starting to wind down and what a great year it's been between the two legs of the 10 year, finally releasing new music, and every other adventure we've shared this year. Good news is, we have a lot of shows before the end of the year. Europe! You're up next, don't miss out, grab your tickets! Photo: Bryan McCabe October 17th: Fibber Mcgee’s - Dublin Ireland October 18th: 02 Academy Islington - London, England October 19th: The Asylum - Birmingham, England October 20th: Satan’s Hollow - Manchester, England October 21st: Winter Arm Up Festival - Huddersfield, England October 22nd: The Joiner Arms - Southampton, England October 25th: Musik & Frieden - Berlin, Germany October 26th: Bastard Club - Osanabruck, Germany October 27th: Luxor - Cologne, Germany October 28th: Fatal Club - Prague, Czech Republic October 29th: Faval Music Club - Brno, Czech Republic October 30th: Scheune - Dresden, Germany October 31st: Z-Bau - Nuremberg, Germany November 1st: Musikzentrum - Hannover, Germany November 2nd: Logo - Hamburg, Germany November 3rd: Matrix - Bochum, Germany November 5th: Thom's Beer Box - Chur, Switzerland November 7th: Circolo Svolta - Treviso, Italy November 8th: Universum - Stuttgart, Germany November 9th: Backstage Club - Munich, Germany November 10th: Flex Cafe - Vienna, Austria November 11th: Explosiv - Graz, Austria November 12th: Club Kulturak - Bratislava, Slovakia November 13th: Barrak Music Club - Ostrava, Czech Republic November 14th: Fabrika - České Budějovice, Czech Republic November 15th: Garage - Saarbrucken, Germany November 16th: Color Sal - Aschaffenburg, Germany November 17th: Taubchenthal - Leipzig, Germany November 20th: Detroit 39 - Kaliningrad, Russia November 21st: Mod Club - St. Petersburg, Russia November 22nd: NZN - Moscow, Russia
I Set My Friends On Fire Sep 07, 2018
After almost two years of not being able to release music, we're super excited to bring you our new single "Don't Take Me For Pomegranate" featuring LIL LOTUS. Over the past few years, there's a lot of things that damn near killed us, but the dust has settled and we're back on track. Spin it, share it, like it, jam it - spread the love! Thanks for sticking with us! Album announcements shortly! With love, -ISMFOF