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I Am Empire Jan 25, 2019
We released KINGS 8 years ago. Enjoy this video and the YouTube comments. Goodbye for now. -IAE
I Am Empire Apr 04, 2016
Bang your head.
I Am Empire Nov 21, 2015
Talkie is offering their new record for FREE until Sunday! Download below:
I Am Empire Nov 12, 2015
New album from Talkie out 11/20
I Am Empire Sep 11, 2015
Check out "Be There" on sound cloud! Leave some comments!
I Am Empire Sep 11, 2015
Well... The time has come! You can now stream or purchase my 2 new singles "Be There" and "Thunder" via Spotify / iTunes / Apple music. Big thanks to Andrew Stanton Music , Eric Adam Martin , Corey Martin , Jerry Ososkie , Matt Baca , and Dan Otis for being a part of this project! Check out the lyric video below and or head over to . Oh and theres more to come in the next few months this is just the beginning! Hope you all enjoy! -Austin
I Am Empire Aug 21, 2015
Get ready for some new tunes!
I Am Empire Jul 30, 2015
And we're back! Our Twitter was hacked, translated into Turkish, and every follower we had was blocked. Thanks to the 4th person at Twitter for helping us out!
I Am Empire Jul 23, 2015
Still no luck getting our Twitter account back. If anyone works at Twitter and wants to help, please DM us!
I Am Empire Jul 18, 2015
Hey friends, Go check out our bassist Joshua in He has 2 new singles out at iTunes & Spotify. Show some love.
I Am Empire Jul 15, 2015
Our Twitter got hacked and we currently do not have any access to it. Major breach of security, we are hoping for the best. #breach #whalebreach #NSA #hackers You should all tweet @iamempire in support of the real I Am Empire.
I Am Empire Apr 06, 2015
I Am Empire Mar 08, 2015
We have quite a bit of unreleased material. A few b-sides and acoustic tracks from "Anchors" and "Kings". We are working on getting "permission" to release them for free. Would anyone be interested in hearing them?
I Am Empire Mar 08, 2015
's cover photo
I Am Empire Oct 28, 2014
I Am Empire - 2009 Photo:
I Am Empire Sep 28, 2014
I Am Empire 2008-2012 lineup
I Am Empire Jul 28, 2014
Congratulations on your marriage Eric! After an amazing wedding and reception last night its safe to say he's a lucky guy. Show him some love!
I Am Empire Jul 17, 2014
A glimpse into being an indie artist on an indie label. This I Am Empire royalty statement shows nearly 500,000 internet radio streams/plays on one quarterly statement. Total royalty paid from this portion. $.58 per band member. Spotify streams.. nearly 50,000 streams.. paid $3.35.
I Am Empire Jul 14, 2014
This one goes out to Kyle Wise of Ohio, who is learning this song on guitar for a competition in his hometown! Bring home the gold Kyle!
I Am Empire Jul 06, 2014
I saw this in Ohio at my grandmothers church last week, I just wanted to share for the art and divine coincidence. Anchors & Kings. Miss you all! - Andrew
I Am Empire Apr 26, 2014
Thanks for putting us over 20,000 likes friends!
I Am Empire Mar 13, 2014
For those that are interested, two of us are playing a show together in San Francisco on April 22nd. Eric with Talkie and Josh with Million Trillion. It would be cool to see some of you there! Venue Information: Hotel Utah 500 4th Street San Francisco, CA, 94107 $7 | 21+ Thanks!
I Am Empire Jan 31, 2014
We just noticed we are officially over 500,000 plays on Spotify and are slowly approaching 1,000,000. Thanks for continuing to listen to I Am Empire. We really appreciate you. We're hoping to eventually add to our discography, but for now, please enjoy our first three albums, for free (unless you pay for Spotify premium). Thanks.
I Am Empire Jan 23, 2014
A few of us are doing some new things at the moment. Keep up with some different projects going on. Thanks. Talkie Million Trillion Disciple Rocks
I Am Empire Dec 30, 2013
Greetings, We would like to take this moment to publicly show our support for our guitar player, Andrew Stanton. Andrew and his wife have recently moved to Nashville. Well..they are currently probably about 3/4 of the way there. Andrew has been given the opportunity to join another band called Disciple, and we are very happy for him. This picture was taken at their going away party last week. So.... go out and see Disciple Rocks on tour and say hello to Andrew for us. We love you Drew!