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Interlude in Prague (Music from the Motion Picture)
Dead Again in Tombstone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Vice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Blind Side
Original Sin
Disappear Here (Instrumental Versions)
Disappear Here
Disappear Here
Can You Hear Me
Break My Soul
Disappear Here (Widescreen Edition)
Can You Hear Me (Remixes)
Disappear Here
Sound-System 01
Formula of Fear
I Choose Noise
I'm Still Awake
Morning Sci-Fi
Theme from Wide Angle (Remixes)
I Choose Noise
If I Survive
Wider Angle - Special Edition
If I Survive
Fall Out of Love
Finished Symphony (Remixes)
Wide Angle
Wider Angle

Can You Hear Me (Remixes)


Instrumentals and Remixes

Cinematic Soundscape
Hybrid Jun 11, 2019
We need to sort this shit out!
Hybrid Jun 01, 2019
‪For anyone looking for some chilled out listening material this weekend - here’s a collection of our album tracks in Armchair form and some of our film score tracks #ambience ‪‬
Hybrid May 23, 2019
If you haven’t voted yet, please please go. Everyone’s counts and you don’t even need the ballot paper if you’ve misplaced it. You’re on the list at your local polling station. Please GO! #europeanelections2019
Hybrid May 22, 2019
Really excited and kinda gobsmacked that our video for upcoming single, Hold Your Breath has won these awards 😲 #jamespurefoy
Hybrid May 20, 2019
We’re talking game scores on BBC Radio One’s ‘The Gaming Show’ - you can watch it here... 🙂
Hybrid May 19, 2019
Just to let you know that the sale on clothing in the shop ends tonight at midnight GMT WWW.HYBRIDSHOP.CO.UK Have a great Sunday people x
Hybrid May 17, 2019
There's 25% off on clothing in the shop this weekend ONLY! (And hurry if you want to get our last album in 24/48 or 5.1 surround, our limited edition USB sticks are going fast!)
Hybrid May 09, 2019
Hybrid May 02, 2019
PEOPLE!!!!! Look what just arrived!!! Just a case of putting the info on now... bear with us and let the copying of data COMMENCE!! (As well as your personal combos of LOTF in 5.1, LOTF & SOTF IN 24/48, it’s also available as just a stick BTW!) Comes with a signed note and the all important sticker! These are limited edition and all numbered so grab them while you can.
Hybrid Apr 15, 2019
In case you missed it...
Hybrid Apr 04, 2019
Full Quality and 5.1 Surround versions of our latest album and bonus album now available to pre-order here NOW!
Hybrid Apr 04, 2019
Hello you lovely people - just letting you know that the Hybrid 'stick' is now available to pre-order and you can choose to load it with high-res and surround versions of the album should it tickle your ear buds... xx (Vinyl currently isn't in the running we're afraid)
Hybrid Mar 28, 2019
To all our lovely Facebook followers. My two friends and I are running a half marathon at the end of May. Although we are woefully unprepared (talking about myself really), we're raising money for Cancer Research UK. So many of us are affected by cancer and some of you might know that my Mum passed away 6 years ago because of Breast Cancer, so it's a charity really close to our hearts. If anyone could spare a few quid to go to this amazing charity, we'd really appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for helping us cross the finish line and for supporting an incredibly important charity. Jennifer Richards Sarah Kempson
Hybrid Mar 25, 2019
Meet the Hybrid alpacas... kinda 😂
Hybrid Mar 24, 2019
Ok... here you go. Me rolling down a hill like a complete and utter nob!
Hybrid Mar 24, 2019
Would anyone like to see a video of me (Lottie) rolling down a hill while Mike belly laughs? Still nothing to do with music but might bring a smile to your face... maybe. 😄
Hybrid Mar 23, 2019
It’s #brexshitconga day!
Hybrid Mar 21, 2019
We don’t agree with Brexit but if you do, then that’s fine. We signed the petition, you don’t have to. The comments on our previous post has only demonstrated the hate and division it has caused so we have deleted it to stop the spiral of hate that followed. What will be will be and we will no longer be posting anything about it on this platform again to protect our faithful followers from abuse [apart from tomorrow when I might mention something about the conga]. To those who believe we should just stick to music, we have an opinion and have the right to speak about it publicly. We believe that the poorest people in our country will be the most badly hit by all this. Music and art in all its forms have anyways spoken of politics for obvious reasons. Our opinion may be one that differs from yours and that’s fine. But please be kinder to each other here and please respect other people’s opinions. This isn’t a platform for hateful and abusive language.
Hybrid Mar 16, 2019
Welcome to the mad house #weekend
Hybrid Mar 10, 2019
Few shots of our gig at Subterania on Friday night. We had an amazing night, left on a total high and you were an incredible crowd. Thank you for making it feel like one big family. Photos courtecy of Tom Steemson from Hybrid Simon Hanson Stuart Morgan #hybridlive
Hybrid Mar 07, 2019
The van’s packed. The band’s all set to play at Subterania tomorrow night! Hope to see you there 🙂 #hybridlive
Hybrid Mar 01, 2019
Apparently I have to show you what goes on in the studio, pre-rehearsals ... so here goes, fingers crossed ❤️🙏
Hybrid Feb 26, 2019
So who is coming to see us play live at Subterania on March 8th?
Hybrid Feb 25, 2019
You can hear our interview with BBC Music Introducing here where we talk about making the video for #HoldYourBreath and working with actor James Purefoy Online - They play a few tunes as well! :) BBC Radio 6 Music
Hybrid Feb 25, 2019
Our new Music Video starring James Purefoy is out now! !! WATCH HERE !! #jamespurefoy #hybridband