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Downward Is Heavenward
You'd Prefer an Astronaut
HUM Dec 17, 2018
Hi friends. Update: I won't be able to take possession of the posters until Tomorrow it turns out, so the release day is bumped out to Wednesday. I might take a few pre-orders Tuesday night so I can start printing packing slips. Check back here. I will let you know the exact times, etc. And I am so very sad to report I did make a mistake on the song order. Aphids is listed as the first song on side 4...but it's actually the second song. After Puppets. Hmmm...well...ain't shit I can do about it now. Collector's item anyone?? Anyway, wanted to come clean. Sad face.
HUM Dec 16, 2018
Double album. Gatefold. 180g vinyl manufactured by RTI. Lacquers were cut from 1/2" analog masters and an entirely analog signal path was used during mastering and cutting. Side four is composed of three b-sides, and, I'll be damned, "Boy with Stick" is one of them...also cut from an original 1/2" master I had secreted away in my studio. The cost is $35. Add the optional Jay Ryan 12"x12" limited edition print for a total of $50 all in. (Not pictured...because Jay is still working on it. Printing tomorrow I believe. I've seen the initial drawing and it is, of course, beautiful.) I took a copy to the bar Thursday night and listened alone (easy to be alone at the Loose Cobra on a Thursday night, unfortunately) and I thought it sounded great and was also thrilled that all the songs were actually in the right order (because I'm like that and I worry about that kind of thing, as well as everything.) Each copy comes with a little card explaining the mastering process and signed by yours truly...not that my signature is worth the paper upon which it is sketched. I hope you love it. I'll start taking orders Tuesday morning. Bears-Packers kick off in 24 minutes. I'm out. Love you. -mt
HUM Dec 11, 2018
Hi friends. Looks like I'll have a couple pallets of Downward is Heavenward records dropped in my driveway toward the end of the week. I'm hoping to start taking orders Monday or Tuesday of next week (Dec. 17 or 18) pending completion of optional accompanying Jay Ryan poster. In the meantime, I have made available some tour posters from our shows in Grand Rapids (2015) and Athens, OH (2016). Visit Click on "store." This is the same place to which you will travel to order the vinyl next week. Can you dig it? Also, you should come to the Loose Cobra ( this weekend for Indiana NoiseFest. Even though it's in Illinois. Blatz cans are just $2 bucks. Cheers!
HUM Dec 08, 2018
Hi friends. I'll be posting a release date and ordering info for the Downward re-issue here on Monday. I'm in the middle of a fiberglass insulation job in the meantime. Cheers!
HUM Dec 06, 2018
Hi friends. Just wanted to let you know I'll have a few pallets of DiH vinyl re-issues departing California for my house tomorrow. I'll post here when they arrive and when I got my ducks in a row to start processing orders. But just know that I'll be accepting and shipping orders well before Christmas and that there will be no scarcity of records. If you have a question, it's likely I will answer it here with a post in the coming days. So check back. Or come see me at the Loose Cobra tonight or tomorrow night. My shift starts at 6:00 cst. Cheers! -mt
HUM Sep 21, 2018
Hi friends. This is matt. Wanted to let you know about a few things going on in our world here. In no particular order: Our vinyl re-issue of Downward is Heavenward is in the manufacturing stage. Please visit my label site for details: Meanwhile, I'm very happy to let you know we are nearing the end game with our new record. I've got just a but more singing to do and then we'll start mixing in late October. My band mates have done some amazing work and I'm lucky to be part of it. We'll keep you posted here. Lastly, on a personal note, I'm doing a few solo shows in November around the Midwest. Maybe I'll see you around? See below for link. Love to all. -mt
HUM Apr 06, 2018
Parasol Label Group
HUM Oct 24, 2017
Heading out again this week, friends. Hope to see you there. **with Sweet Cobra 10 25 2017 Zanazabar Louisville, KY ** 10 26 2017 Mercy Lounge Nashville, TN ** 10 27 2017 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA ** 10 28 2017 The FEST Gainesville, FL
HUM Sep 25, 2016
Hi all. Seems like there's been some confusion. We're playing at 8:50pm tonight at Fox Theater. Balance & Composure, then us, then Touché Amoré. Also traffic is extra nuts due to county fair. Hope you can make it.
HUM Sep 23, 2016
Pomona, California this Saturday 9/24/2016 at the Fox Theater. Touché Amoré / HUM with special guests Balance & Composure. Heading back out to California for one more show before we get back to work writing and recording new music. Looking forward to playing my new Dunable Guitars R2D2 and challenging the sound engineer with unreasonable decibel levels. Sacha makes some of the best instruments on the planet. Give them a look if your on the market for a new guitar or bass. Can't say enough good things. If you're in the area, we'd love it if you came out to see us this Saturday! -Tim
HUM Sep 02, 2016
Looking forward to jettisoning are day jobs for the next week! See you in New York!
HUM Aug 09, 2016
And one in Athens, OH at The Union Bar & Grill on Sept 10 One of the first bars to ever book us out of town!
HUM Aug 09, 2016
We added two new shows on the way back from our NY show: Sept 9: Pittsburgh, PA at Spirit
HUM Jun 29, 2016
Look at these dirt bags. Embarrassing. Be that as it may, we'd love it if you joined us this Saturday in historic Tolono, Illinois for CobraFest 2016. tickets: Info:
HUM Jun 22, 2016
Folks, HUM will be in NY and LA in September for two fantastic shows with Touche Amore. Thanks to all involved in putting this together and dealing with our limited schedules.
HUM Oct 05, 2015
Florida! We are headed your way this weekend for sun and surf, and three shows. First up Jacksonville: For more info see
HUM Sep 29, 2015
Instead of hitting "like" on all the comments below, we would just like to thank everyone who came out to our shows, and those who wish they could have, and everyone else who have supported us through the years. You all made the tour possible. It was awesome. Our tour manager Chris took this photo somewhere in Wyoming as the sun rose as we drove back from Seattle. I think he might have been driving at the same time, or sleeping, or sleeping and driving, not sure.
HUM Sep 22, 2015
Seattle, we are closing our West Coast run with Mineral at El Corazon this fine Tuesday night -- Hope to see you all out there!
HUM Sep 21, 2015
Portland thanks so much! Beautiful venue and awesome crowd. BTW, is it illegal to serve shitty food in your town? Fantastic eats everywhere.
HUM Sep 19, 2015
Thanks San Francisco and Slim's! You treated us so well!
HUM Sep 18, 2015
Thank you Los Angeles!
HUM Sep 17, 2015
Los Angeles... We'll get there. Right now we are 10 feet short of the county line. See you tonight!
HUM Sep 17, 2015
Finally made it back West... It's been a while! First up San Diego.
HUM Sep 14, 2015
Mobile Uploads
HUM Sep 04, 2015
Heads up! It turns out we are playing a weekend in Florida with Failure and Torche in October. Nice! 10/09 Free Bird Live, Jacksonville, FL 10/10 Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 10/11 House of Blues, Orlando, FL