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Nathan Jonson Aug 08, 2019
Episode 16 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Hrdvsion - 842 Colours (Eddie C Elektro Funk Remix) [Endless Flight] Eddie C - Dancin’ Music [Endless Flight] Territroy - Sleeping Fury [Dekmantel UFO] Low End Activist - Street Level [Sneaker Social Club] SL2 - DJs Take Control (DJ BORING Remix) [Food Music] Poté - Sirens [Deviation] Almaty - Gennaro [naive] Posthuman - Redelivered [Balkan Vinyl] Bruce - Xull [Higglers Records] Aphex Twin - Peek 82454201 [Warp Records] Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Dark Version [Soundcloud] Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy [Warp Records] DMX Krew - I’m All Alone (Cylob Remix) Breek - Oiwa (Massive Remix) ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Aug 06, 2019
I'll be 🏃ing in the #cibcrunforthecure breast cancer research fundraiser for the 2nd year in a row this coming October, and I'd love if you could help me reach my goal. Any size donation is much appreciated. ♥️
Nathan Jonson Aug 01, 2019
Episode 15 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Bochum Welt - Southern England In Summer [Central Processing Unit] Violet - They Don’t Wanna Know [Dark Entries Records] Violet - Bed Of Roses Part II [Dark Entries] BFTT - Like [Gobstopper Records] AFX - NEOTEKT72 [Warp Records] CM-4 - Hover! [Three Point Oh] Hyter - We Try / We Fail (Elvin Brandhi Remix) [Realia] DJ Karawai - Demonsatemyacid [Posse Up Records] Cameo Blush - Murky Waters [Touch From A Distance] 30/70 - Get To Me (Setwun Remix) [ Rhythm Section] Djrum - Sex [R&S Records] Jodey Kendrick - 2 Bedroom [Rephlex Records] Ross From Friends - Pale Blue Dot [BRAINFEEDER] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jul 29, 2019
Lovely review of Eddie C's new album, 100 of which contain a bonus 7" featuring a very special track ;) "Eddie's remix of HRDVSION's "842 Colours" is full-on Afrika Bambaataa, circa 1980, wonderful....The track is a killer."
Nathan Jonson Jul 24, 2019
Episode 14 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Guava - Super Club [Holding Hands Records] Horsepower Productions - Stranger [Sneaker Social Club] Dawl - Drop It [Craigie Knowes] Neil Landstrumm - Tomorrow People [Central Processing Unit] Floating Points - Coorabell [Ninja Tune] DJ Haus / Unknown To The Unknown - Too Much Data (DJ Boneyard AKA Aries Remix) [Dance Trax] Speedy J - Ni Go Snix [Plus 8 Records] Komarken Electronics - And Again… [Between Places] Roy Of The Ravers - 1999 [Winthorpe Electronics] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jul 20, 2019
Episode 13 of #meanwhilethemusic featuring guest host, efemme on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: FFT - feil [Super Hexagon Recordings] LOWFISH - 999 [Satamile Records /STATIC events] Dwaallicht - 32614 [Analogical Force] Client_03 - 1nce Again [Astrophonica] Maelstrom - CRFT [Zone] Mause - FX22 [Analogical Force] Local Group - Rampage [Ritual Poison] Transparent Sound - No Call From New York (Acid Mix) [Electrix Records] Detroit In Effect Detroit Technobass [M.A.P. Records] Milanese - Billy Electron (Venger Remix) [Planet Mu (OFFICIAL)] Second Storey - London Isn’t Easy [Frustrated Funk] Brainwaltzera - mixolydian transition 18 [Film] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh @ Delhi, India
Nathan Jonson Jul 20, 2019
Episode 12 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Cassius Select - Loose Pursuit [Hypercolour Records] Cassius Select - He Aint Worth [Unknown To The Unknown] Maelstrom - Alph4 [Central Processing Unit] / aphtc - Rewind The Subject [Arcane Patterns] LONE - Young Star Cluster [Ancient Astronauts] Overmono - Quadraluv [Whities] Sharp Felon - Cyber Fex [Lone Romantic] J. Albert - World War Me [Hypercolour] Pangaea - Why [Hessle Audio] Baltra - Ted’s Interlude [96 and Forever] Baltra - In The Mist Of Lovers Past [96 and Forever] Mija - Sweat It Out (Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid Onsen Dub) [HotHaus Recs] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jul 19, 2019
So excited to be DJing B2B2B with two of my favoritest people! 💜 @efemme_ & ❤️ @chrislongshanks and me all night long at @luckybaryyj ✨ Beginning the night off nice and smooth, but ultimately, inevitably finishing it off rough and dirty. 🤪🤯💥💅🧠🤖🍌💥🤡😭❤️✨ #boomboomboomiwantyouinmyroom #electro #techno #house and #wha'everrrrrr
Nathan Jonson Jul 16, 2019
✨❤️✨ Thanks a million to Bass Coast Festival for having me back again this year, I had the best time playing (so happy this Midnight Operator remix of Len Faki went over so nicely) and catching up with so many friends! What an incredible festival... The combination of amazing people and music leaves me feeling grateful and full of joy every time! thank you ❤️ The Librarian ❤️ Max Ulis and 💜 efemme 💜 #iloveyoubb
Nathan Jonson Jul 16, 2019
❤️ well done, Dane! ❤️
Nathan Jonson Jul 05, 2019
omgomgomg..... it's happening! so close now! ✨💅🔥🧠💥🤖🤡🤯😂🤪😭😍 #peeingmypantsinexcitement @basscoastfest #basscoast2019 #favourite #electronicmusicfestival
Nathan Jonson Jul 04, 2019
Episode 11 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Guys Call Me Dude - Relaxing [Resonance Moscow] Don Heston - I'm actually [Higglers Records] Cop Envy - Rat Break [Hypercolour Records] Nigil Caenaan - January's End [Spectral Sound] Soundbwoy Killah - Escape Velocity [Sneaker Social Club] Oli XL - Mimetic [W - I] Chavinsky - In The City [Sneaker Social Club] / aphtc - When Grounds Shift (The Otolith is Obsolete) [Arcane Patterns] Burial - Rodent (Kode 9 Remix) [Hyperdub Records] 3KZ - Cyber Ninja [Suburban Avenue] Dax J - Feed The Pigeons [Monnom Black] Nathan Fake - PROVIDENS [Ninja Tune] Nathan Fake - The Equator & I [Ninja Tune] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jun 28, 2019
Episode 10 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on Mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Bézier - 府城 [Honey Soundsystem] Special Request - Phosphorescence [Houndstooth] Special Request - Entropy [Houndstooth] Burial - Claustro [Hyperdub Records] J.Wiltshire - Lemon Squash [Black Orpheus] Fitzroy North - Animate [Ancient Robot] Hunter/Game - Memories (Scissor Remix) [Just This] Scissor - Reflections [Just This] Nick León - Pelican Dub [!K7] ASOK - Hyperspace [Lobster Theremin] Mount Kimbie - Flux [Hotflush Recordings] SDEM - BX16 [CPU] Luke Sanger - Dawn at 3:15pm [Dead Bison] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #rave #plur #technomusic #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jun 26, 2019
First episode of Here There Be Monsters by efemme streaming now on's mixcloud featuring loads seriously heavy duty electro, braindance, and ©•¶🤯§¥ˆ😍¶•§😲∞¢£🤖fiÍ‹›flÎfi‡Ï🥳fl°™😳¶•¶§¢∞•🤘£™🤩¢??!?!??!? ✨🚀✨
Nathan Jonson Jun 25, 2019
Episode 9 of #meanwhilethemusic on up now on mixcloud for a revisit! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Panos Ghikas - World Of Illusions [Lo Editions] Orbe - Edelweiss [Lone Romantic] SHE'S DRUNK - MashMash [XLR8R] Dolenz - Helium II [Exit Records UK] Dolenz - Evesdrop [Exit Records] Second Storey - The Cusp [Frustrated Funk] Basic Rhythm - The Light [Planet Mu (OFFICIAL)] Basic Rhythm - St. Fabian Tower [Planet Mu] Dervisis - Yelde (BFTT’s Gliding Slug Remix) [Trial & Error] Shadowax - А и Б (version) [RASSVET records] Joey G ii - Working Aspirations feat. Klein Zage [Orphan] Matias Aguayo - Pikin [Crammed Discs] Matias Aguayo - Insurgentes [Crammed Discs] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jun 12, 2019
Yesterday's episode of #meanwhilethemusic up now on mixcloud! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Dtroy - ABYsmal13xM(e) [DETROIT UNDERGROUND] Dtroy - MandleBr0t Pie [Detroit Underground] Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) [Whities] Lanark Artefax - Virtual Bodies [UIQ] FaltyDL - Untitled 111vgr [DJ Haus / Unknown To The Unknown] FaltyDL - One For UTTU [Unknown To The Unknown] Warlock - Work Dat Shit [We Buy Gold] Special Request - Broken Dreams [Houndstooth] Special Request - Looking Glass [Houndstooth] Fracture & Neptune - Chal Dub [Astrophonica] Remarc - R.I.P. [Suburban Base Records] Steven Julien / Funkineven - TEER (Instrumental) [Apron Records] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #guestmix #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jun 07, 2019
<3 Thanks for the love Resident Advisor!!! Excited AF to be back at Bass Coast Festival again this year! First time DJ'ing....gonna bring the madness ;)
Nathan Jonson Jun 07, 2019
9 years ago I released an album called Where Did You Just Go? under the name Hrdvsion. I asked a few friends to remix tracks from the album, and because of this or that, the remixes were never released. Fast forward 9 years, and here we are today, I'd say, very lucky to see the Eddie C version of 842 Colours finally seeing the light of day. It will be released on a bonus 7" record accompanying the vinyl version of his new album "Green Space" on Endless Flight/mule musiq. I THINK it's limited to the first 100 or so copies, so cop that shit fast, and good luck! ✨✨✨ P.S. For interests sake, here's the original:
Nathan Jonson Jun 05, 2019
Yesterday's episode of #meanwhilethemusic featuring an influence set by Cosmic Force up now on mixcloud! ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Cosmic Force - Miami Is The Place To Be [Newflesh Records] ✨Cosmic Force Influences Set: Schoolly D - PSK [Schoolly-D Records] Liaisons Dangereuses - Etre Assis Ou Danset [Roadrunner Records] T.A.G.C. (The Anti Group) – AAAA (Accelerated Audio Alpha Activity) [Soleilmoon Recordings] Wildstyle Breakbeats - Gangbusters [BCM Records] Der Plan - Gefährliche Clowns [Bureau B] Man Parrish - Man Made [Polydor] TANGERINE DREAM - Phaedra [Virgin] De Fabriek - Warzone [Artware Production] The Jonzun Crew - Ground Control [Tommy Boy] Cosmic Force - Mighty Envy [Something Happening Somewhere] Cosmic Force, Legowelt Music & Orgue Electronique - Transmitting Illicit Logic (Silicon Scally Remix) [Something Happening Somewhere] Silicon Scally - Mind Splitter [Cultivated Electronics] Danny Daze & DeFeKt - Negative Pressure [OMNIDISC] Aphex Twin - Goon Gumpas [Warp Records] #electroforlife #electrofunk #electromusic #minimix #influenceset #radioshow #guestmix #boxoutfm #margueritarecordings #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic
Nathan Jonson Jun 01, 2019
Last weeks episode of "Meanwhile, the music..." up now. Tracklisting: Kenny C - [Unreleased] Kenny C - [Unreleased] Kenny C - [Unreleased] Kenny C - [Unreleased] Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) [Skam Records] Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Hell Interface Remix) [Skam] Man Parrish - Boogie Down Bronx (Gescom Remix) [Skam] Gescom - A1 [Skam] Gescom - A2 [Skam] Gescom - D1 [Skam] Minor Science - Volumes [Whities] ERP - ZRX [Frustrated Funk] ERP - Tuga [Frustrated Funk]
Nathan Jonson Jun 01, 2019
Playing some music with Big Body in Beacon Hill Park with Rainforest Pavilion this Sunday. #savetherainforest #electronicmusicinthepark #housemusic #sunsetset #dancinginthepark #beaconhillpark
Nathan Jonson May 28, 2019
Last weeks episode of "Meanwhile, the music..." up now. Tracklisting: Nathan Fake - Feelings 1 [Ninja Tune] Nachtzug - Pyramids Of Ixqs4 [mindcolormusic] Nachtzug - Parafloips [mindcolormusic] Bromic - Monol Champ [mindcolormusic] Bromic - Chiappori [mindcolormusic] Antònio Sà - Kg Friends [mindcolormusic] Eazykill - Atomsk Caged [mindcolormusic] Forein Sequence - Love In A Field [mindcolormusic] Omni Causa - Pixel Of Nostalgia [mindcolormusic] Walter Gross - Soak It In [RAAR] Ekiti Sound - Testify [Crammed Discs] Z72.52 - Walk [Ten Trax] Z72.52 - Long Song [Future-Everything] My Girlfriend - Modal [Apron Records] My Girlfriend - Gidi [Apron Records] Zadig The Jasp - Soleil Brulant [Museum of Skin]
Nathan Jonson May 23, 2019
Nathan Jonson
Nathan Jonson May 23, 2019
"Meanwhile, the music..." airs weekly on radio.
Nathan Jonson May 23, 2019
Another fantastic synth review by my brother, Mathew Jonson. ✨❤️✨