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Nathan Jonson Jun 12, 2019
Yesterday's episode of #meanwhilethemusic up now on mixcloud! ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Dtroy - ABYsmal13xM(e) [DETROIT UNDERGROUND] Dtroy - MandleBr0t Pie [Detroit Underground] Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) [Whities] Lanark Artefax - Virtual Bodies [UIQ] FaltyDL - Untitled 111vgr [DJ Haus / Unknown To The Unknown] FaltyDL - One For UTTU [Unknown To The Unknown] Warlock - Work Dat Shit [We Buy Gold] Special Request - Broken Dreams [Houndstooth] Special Request - Looking Glass [Houndstooth] Fracture & Neptune - Chal Dub [Astrophonica] Remarc - R.I.P. [Suburban Base Records] Steven Julien / Funkineven - TEER (Instrumental) [Apron Records] ✨✨✨ #electroforlife #electromusic #warmmusic #goforit #dontwastetime #bassmusic #radioshow #guestmix #boxoutfm #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic #boomboomboom #streamingradio #freshandstillfresh
Nathan Jonson Jun 07, 2019
<3 Thanks for the love Resident Advisor!!! Excited AF to be back at Bass Coast Festival again this year! First time DJ'ing....gonna bring the madness ;)
Nathan Jonson Jun 07, 2019
9 years ago I released an album called Where Did You Just Go? under the name Hrdvsion. I asked a few friends to remix tracks from the album, and because of this or that, the remixes were never released. Fast forward 9 years, and here we are today, I'd say, very lucky to see the Eddie C version of 842 Colours finally seeing the light of day. It will be released on a bonus 7" record accompanying the vinyl version of his new album "Green Space" on Endless Flight/mule musiq. I THINK it's limited to the first 100 or so copies, so cop that shit fast, and good luck! ✨✨✨ P.S. For interests sake, here's the original:
Nathan Jonson Jun 05, 2019
Yesterday's episode of #meanwhilethemusic featuring an influence set by Cosmic Force up now on mixcloud! ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ Tracklisting: Cosmic Force - Miami Is The Place To Be [Newflesh Records] ✨Cosmic Force Influences Set: Schoolly D - PSK [Schoolly-D Records] Liaisons Dangereuses - Etre Assis Ou Danset [Roadrunner Records] T.A.G.C. (The Anti Group) – AAAA (Accelerated Audio Alpha Activity) [Soleilmoon Recordings] Wildstyle Breakbeats - Gangbusters [BCM Records] Der Plan - Gefährliche Clowns [Bureau B] Man Parrish - Man Made [Polydor] TANGERINE DREAM - Phaedra [Virgin] De Fabriek - Warzone [Artware Production] The Jonzun Crew - Ground Control [Tommy Boy] Cosmic Force - Mighty Envy [Something Happening Somewhere] Cosmic Force, Legowelt Music & Orgue Electronique - Transmitting Illicit Logic (Silicon Scally Remix) [Something Happening Somewhere] Silicon Scally - Mind Splitter [Cultivated Electronics] Danny Daze & DeFeKt - Negative Pressure [OMNIDISC] Aphex Twin - Goon Gumpas [Warp Records] #electroforlife #electrofunk #electromusic #minimix #influenceset #radioshow #guestmix #boxoutfm #margueritarecordings #technomusic #electronicmusic #influentialmusic
Nathan Jonson Jun 01, 2019
Last weeks episode of "Meanwhile, the music..." up now. Tracklisting: Kenny C - [Unreleased] Kenny C - [Unreleased] Kenny C - [Unreleased] Kenny C - [Unreleased] Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) [Skam Records] Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Hell Interface Remix) [Skam] Man Parrish - Boogie Down Bronx (Gescom Remix) [Skam] Gescom - A1 [Skam] Gescom - A2 [Skam] Gescom - D1 [Skam] Minor Science - Volumes [Whities] ERP - ZRX [Frustrated Funk] ERP - Tuga [Frustrated Funk]
Nathan Jonson Jun 01, 2019
Playing some music with Big Body in Beacon Hill Park with Rainforest Pavilion this Sunday. #savetherainforest #electronicmusicinthepark #housemusic #sunsetset #dancinginthepark #beaconhillpark
Nathan Jonson May 28, 2019
Last weeks episode of "Meanwhile, the music..." up now. Tracklisting: Nathan Fake - Feelings 1 [Ninja Tune] Nachtzug - Pyramids Of Ixqs4 [mindcolormusic] Nachtzug - Parafloips [mindcolormusic] Bromic - Monol Champ [mindcolormusic] Bromic - Chiappori [mindcolormusic] Antònio Sà - Kg Friends [mindcolormusic] Eazykill - Atomsk Caged [mindcolormusic] Forein Sequence - Love In A Field [mindcolormusic] Omni Causa - Pixel Of Nostalgia [mindcolormusic] Walter Gross - Soak It In [RAAR] Ekiti Sound - Testify [Crammed Discs] Z72.52 - Walk [Ten Trax] Z72.52 - Long Song [Future-Everything] My Girlfriend - Modal [Apron Records] My Girlfriend - Gidi [Apron Records] Zadig The Jasp - Soleil Brulant [Museum of Skin]
Nathan Jonson May 23, 2019
Nathan Jonson
Nathan Jonson May 23, 2019
"Meanwhile, the music..." airs weekly on radio.
Nathan Jonson May 23, 2019
Another fantastic synth review by my brother, Mathew Jonson. ✨❤️✨
Nathan Jonson May 14, 2019
Rewind last week's "Meanwhile, the music..." Tracklist: b o d y l i n e - panorama nighttime [Museum of Skin] Benny ill - Is It Safe [Blueberry Recordings] Rhyw - Biggest Bully [Fever AM] SDEM - 6448 [CPU] Flume - Upgrade [Future Classic] Radiohead - *Japanese Hidden Track Kid A* [Parlophone] Joannes - Vrijdag [Something Happening Somewhere] Special Request - Memory Lake [Houndstooth] Special Request - Vortex 150 [Houndstooth] Amrint Keen - Crepuscular [Uncanny Valley] TV.OUT - USER3328 [Veyl] James AV - korrrre [125+] Charles Murdoch - Annoying [Beats Of No Nation] Charles Murdoch - Oil Tank [Beats Of No Nation]
Nathan Jonson May 13, 2019
✨🛸✨ Midnight Operator Remix (and Benjamin Damage Emika Jensen Interceptor Charlotte de Witte) of Len Faki out now! ✨🛸✨ ✨🛸✨ ✨🛸✨ ✨🛸✨ ✨🛸✨ ✨🛸✨ ✨🛸✨
Nathan Jonson May 07, 2019
✨ Thank you GROOVE-Magazin for premiering Mathew Jonson and my Midnight Operator remix for Len Faki! ✨
Nathan Jonson Apr 30, 2019
Thrilled to say that this monthly radio show has quickly turned into a weekly. Very happy to have had my first guest, efemme bringing some badass electro (Listen again here:🔥🔥🔥 Tune in next week at 🎙️📻♥️
Nathan Jonson Apr 25, 2019
For those who haven't seen this, Modulations:Cinema for the Ear, was a film I watched on repeat about the history of electronic music back in the late 90's. I highly recommend it as it's quite informative and also very entertaining. Watch in full here:
Nathan Jonson Apr 16, 2019
psssssssst..... 😏 Mathew Jonson and i did a remix as Midnight Operator for Len Faki 🤖🧬 #robotevolution #keepyouearspeeled #boomboomboomboomiwantyouinmyroom #techno #comingsoon
Nathan Jonson Apr 09, 2019
Nice documentary about the giant that was Ikutaro Kakehashi and the impact he had on the world of music through the creation of Roland.
Nathan Jonson Apr 05, 2019
Playing with @chrislongshanks at @luckybaryyj tonight! (Friday)✨ feels just like old times. Should probably play nice and not play any weird shit.... 😂
Nathan Jonson Apr 03, 2019
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Nathan Jonson Apr 01, 2019
Nathan Jonson Mar 30, 2019
Djing b2b2b with @efemme_ and @chrislongshanks tonight (before @214_electronix in the Amphitheatre and Bendy all night in the Parlour)✨🚀✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #victoriabcnightlife #electroforlife #electro #danceparty
Nathan Jonson Mar 26, 2019
Tune in now to @boxoutfm to hear the first episode of my new radio show, "Meanwhile, the music..." streaming in India and around the world. Logo made in collaboration with the lovely and talented @efemme_ ✨🚀✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #radio #streaming #meanwhilethemusic
Nathan Jonson Mar 25, 2019
Excited to announce that on the last Tuesday of every month, I'll be on the radio in Delhi, playing music on my new show, MEANWHILE, THE MUSIC... streaming worldwide via @boxoutfm. The first episode airing tomorrow at 22:00 IST (that's 9:30AM our time, Mom) ♥️ I hope you enjoy the music! #radio #boxoutfm #musicforyourbody #musicforyourbrain #musicforyoureverything #meanwhilethemusic #ahealthydistraction #wheneverythingelseisastruggle #wealwayshavemusic #andilovemybb
Nathan Jonson Mar 19, 2019
<3 real nice interview with DVS1 about the state of the electronic music scene.
Nathan Jonson Mar 19, 2019
Everyone A Nice Time goes to Victoria, Canada! March 30th marks the 13th edition featuring 214 efemme, Chris Longshanks, and Bendy!!!