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The End Is Not the End
House of Heroes Apr 19, 2019
Colin ran into one of the stars of our album Colors at a show this week. Have a great Easter weekend everyone!
House of Heroes Jan 02, 2019
All photos by Jared Hevron.
House of Heroes Dec 28, 2018
Not many tickets left for the show tonight!! They will be available at the door too.
House of Heroes Dec 26, 2018
LIMITED QNTY VINYL available at the show Friday!! (tickets: )
House of Heroes Dec 24, 2018
HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS!! (see you Friday Columbus) ((gonna be a party))
House of Heroes Dec 13, 2018
Cannot believe how many people wanna come to this show!! Tickets are still moving very fast. Don't wait. It will literally be the best HoH show ever played.
House of Heroes Dec 12, 2018
This is what we call a GLOW UP.
House of Heroes Dec 01, 2018
10 YEARS. 15 SONGS. DECEMBER 28. Tickets:
House of Heroes Nov 24, 2018
House of Heroes Nov 22, 2018
Have you got your tickets yet?? DEC 28. Columbus OH. They’re moving fast. Get them here:
House of Heroes Nov 17, 2018
So, after we play all of "The End Is Not The End"... what other songs should we play?
House of Heroes Sep 18, 2018
‪Ok, now Skullys is sold out too WHAT?!‬ ‪We’ve moved this show to the beautiful new Athenaeum Theater in downtown Columbus. It’s gonna be epic. ‬ ‪Come join this 10 year anniversary party! ‬ ‪Tickets:
House of Heroes Sep 15, 2018
‪Rumba sold out fast so we’ve moved the show to Skullys. ‬ ‪Tickets are still moving very fast so get them ASAP here:‬ ‪
House of Heroes Sep 14, 2018
Ok, so the show sold out in 2 hours. We are working on moving it to a bigger venue to release more tickets ASAP.
House of Heroes Sep 14, 2018
COLUMBUS OHIO! We are so excited to play The End Is Not The End front to back. Tickets are on sale today here:
House of Heroes Sep 14, 2018
House of Heroes's cover photo
House of Heroes Sep 14, 2018
House of Heroes Sep 16, 2016
Columbus, OH! We will see you tomorrow night. Free show at Independents' Day Festival in Franklinton!
House of Heroes Sep 16, 2016
Yeah, but have you heard it on vinyl? Like, the rare kind?
House of Heroes Sep 07, 2016
We will be at the Ignite Festival in Meadville, PA in 2 days! It's FREE, so you have no excuse if you're in the area. Come have a good time!
House of Heroes Sep 01, 2016
We only have two shows scheduled for the rest of this year right now. They are both right around the corner and they are both FREE!!! Sept. 9 - IGNITE Festival in Meadville, PA. We play at 8pm. Sept. 17 - Independents' Day Festival in Columbus, OH. We play at 10:45pm Do what you have to do and get to these shows!!!
House of Heroes Aug 16, 2016
Tim was on the debut episode of the Your Favorite Band Podcast this week! It's a really fun listen. Make sure you check it out and rate/subscribe to the podcast!
House of Heroes Aug 09, 2016
Tim was on our buddy, Ethan Luck's new podcast, The Pirate Satellite and the episode just came out today! It was way too much fun, and we hope you enjoy it thoroughly!
House of Heroes Jul 23, 2016
For those who have listened to "Colors" in it's entirety, what's your favorite track and why?