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Hollywood Make Believe May 23, 2013
Here it is people! Fixed and now with sound! Enjoy, like and share!
Hollywood Make Believe May 21, 2013
For everyone who's seen our video that we recently put up on YouTube, we know that there is no sound and that will be fixed! We'll keep you beautiful people updated! :)
Hollywood Make Believe May 19, 2013
Putting up a video on youtube! Something fun for you guys to watch I guess! :)
Hollywood Make Believe Apr 28, 2013
Dom som var och såg oss i fredags på slussen7, tack för att ni rocka loss med oss!
Hollywood Make Believe Apr 28, 2013
// Hey all you wonderful people! We've recently noticed that we can't seem to see who's new here on our Facebook page so it would be really kind if you're new to liking our page to like this as well so we can say hi and stuff! Lotta love! // HMB
Hollywood Make Believe Apr 27, 2013
// Tack till Slussen7 och Oakfield och dom som kom ut igår och röjde! Tack också till Firstborn och Small Time Giants!!! Vi hade kul! Vi ses snart igen! Håll er uppdaterad på Facebook! Kommer en massa roligt!
Hollywood Make Believe Apr 07, 2013
Vi vill tacka med hela våra hjärtan Peppfest för en sån fet bra uppstyrt härlig underbart gigg! Vi fick nya vänner och träffade gamla! Tack! Tack till alla som kom ut och röjde! Tack alla banden! Tack crewet för maten och behandlingen! Betyder mycket för oss! Det är sånt som får oss gamla gubbar att vilja fortsätta ett tag till! Mycket kärlek till er! ♥ HMB
Hollywood Make Believe Mar 28, 2013
// Om vi skulle spela i Sollentuna skulle du komma? Like om du skulle! :)
Hollywood Make Believe Mar 21, 2013
Our very good friends in Indevotion have there second music video and we in HMB love it! You should to! Check it out!!!
Hollywood Make Believe Mar 17, 2013
We are very late with this we know but here you go! Our very own soundcloud!
Hollywood Make Believe Feb 16, 2013
// Say hi with a comment if you're from Japan!:D
Hollywood Make Believe Feb 13, 2013
// How many of you would like us to visit Asia?! ;)
Hollywood Make Believe Feb 04, 2013
Our Brothers in arms "Like Torches" are going to release their album "Keep Your Head High" February 25th 2013! I "Connway" just had my self a listen and HOLY MACARONI and CHEESE! Its amazing so grab yourself a listen or else be a boring sea crab!
Hollywood Make Believe Feb 03, 2013
// Superbowl tonight! 49ers or Ravens? Have a great SB night!
Hollywood Make Believe Jan 21, 2013
**An update!** The right time to hear the interview with Connway is 08:00-09:00 am! If you're not awake or can't listen for some reason there will be a link to an archive! Have a great day! // HMB
Hollywood Make Believe Jan 16, 2013
// Today Connway had an interview with Radio Roslagen! It was very fun! Tune in @ next week wednesday between 20:00-21:00 to hear the hole thing and some songs! <3 HMB
Hollywood Make Believe Jan 12, 2013
// What a great tattoo to tattoo!! ;)
Hollywood Make Believe Jan 02, 2013
// This year, the year of 2013 will be a different but wonderful year for us and those who support us! Stay updated here on facebook so you don't miss out on what's up! We love you all and great thanks for the support you gave us 2012! <3 HMB
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 31, 2012
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 24, 2012
// From us all to you all, a fat epic awesome CHRISTMAS!!
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 24, 2012
// Från oss alla till er alla, en feting awesome JUL!!!
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 23, 2012
Hey all you beautiful people! Yeah I mean you ;) You can seriously download our latest single "You're not the bride" for absolutely nothing!!! Totally free! Download for christmas and give it to someone special or for yourself! Happy Holidays everyone :) ♥ // Connway
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 16, 2012
In Tagalog: Kamusta sa inyong mga tumatankilik sa amin. Maraming salamat po sa walang sawang pag suporta ninyo. At sa marami pang taong darating. MALIGAYANG PASKO AT MANIGONG BAGONG TAON SA INYONG LAHAT!!!!!!!!! In English: HI everyone we just want to thank everyone that have followed us here on Facebook. It have been a great year and we want to wish all of are fans and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. and hope that the next year will be as awesome as this on. På Svenska: Tjena Vi vill tacka alla som har följt oss på Facebook och alla som har gått på våra spelningar. Det har varit ett grymt år för oss i bandet och vi vill önska alla en God Jul och Ett Gott Nytt År och hoppas att nästa år kommer vara lika awesome som detta. And don't forget to download are new singel and watch the music video!!
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 13, 2012
Our amigos in Like Torches have released their epic new single and it is the best song have ever made! Check it out!
Hollywood Make Believe Dec 12, 2012
Don't forget to buy tickets for the show with Her Bright Skies, Urma Sellinger and Turn Tables January 11th! It's going to be great!