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Moondog Mask
Moondog Mask
Now that it’s the opposite, it’s twice upon a time
hobocombo Sep 13, 2018
The new episode of L'idealista, dedicated to Moondog's music, including hobocombo's Bird's Lament, is online on Radio3 Rai website.
hobocombo Aug 11, 2018
Hobo Andrea Belfi performs tracks by Moondog at Garbicz Festival, using one of Moondog’s inventions, a triangular shaped drum called the Trimba, and electronics. Arrangements by hobocombo
hobocombo Aug 28, 2017
You can listen to Robert Wyatt's 'East Timor' played by Hobocombo on Andrea Belfi's mix for Mary Anne Hobbs at BBC6!
hobocombo May 27, 2017
Andrea's new album 'Ore' is streaming in full exclusively via The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music, you can also read a Q&A with Andrea on the making of his his new album which is available to pre order via FLOAT Pre Order:
hobocombo May 26, 2017
Happy Bday Moondog! from your Hobos ;) #moondog101 #stampingground #happybday
hobocombo May 16, 2017
Hobo Andrea releases a music video extract from his new album "Ore", out May 26th on FLOAT - you can watch 'Lead' via self-titled mag -> The video was shot at ACUD MACHT NEU and includes shots taken from above Berlin too. Directed by Glashier - Film Maker / Photographer Be a Hobo! #ore #blackandwhite #saarirummut #nordmodular #berlin
hobocombo May 14, 2017
Ieri sera a Reggio Emilia è stato super! Grazie a Ghirba - biosteria della Gabella ;) Prossimamente - in differita da Berlino - Hobo Andrea suonerà per Blind Signal, tutte le info ->
hobocombo May 13, 2017
Quasi pronti... @ Ghirba - biosteria della Gabella Stasera h22 sonorizzeremo due film di Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia
hobocombo May 13, 2017
Stasera ore 22 - Hobocombo plays Home Movies @ Ghirba - biosteria della Gabella Be a Hobo!
hobocombo Mar 13, 2017
Hobo Andrea strikes again with a new solo album! "Ore" will be release via FLOAT on May 26th. You can listen a first track ‘Lead’ via Soundcloud: "really is glorious..." says Mary Anne Hobbs after she plays "Lead" from 'Ore'. You can also hear who some words from Andrea on his new track via BBC Radio 6 Music. Buy Digital: Buy LP, Ltd LP, CD.:
hobocombo Dec 09, 2016
Hobocombo on the playlist of French radio-show Rockomondo / Joli Foutoir tonight on Radio Primitive (Reims), Euradionantes (Nantes) and Radio Escapades (Sud-Cévennes). Podcast available here: Also check out Joli Foutoir's facebook page:
hobocombo Oct 26, 2016
Andrea Belfi - Andrea Belfi - October/November 2016
hobocombo Oct 26, 2016
"Response" from our LP Moondog Mask played by a classical music ensemble! Thanks to Esecutori di Metallo su Carta, this is pure Moodog's style ;) 19'40'' is a subscription-based recording series created by Sebastiano de Gennaro, Enrico Gabrielli and Francesco Fusaro. Every release revolves around the same area of interest: notated music and its multifaceted performance practices, with no prejudice of period or genre. Whether music transliteration, sabotage or mold, 19’40’’ is an essential collection of (anti)classical music. 19’40’’ publishes every fourth months at 7:40 pm, Italian time.
hobocombo Sep 16, 2016
Hobocombo plays Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia h 22.30 - Largo Castello @ PhEST Monopoli (Italia)
hobocombo Sep 14, 2016
Hobocombo plays Home Movies Friday 16th September at PhEST, #Monopoli
hobocombo Aug 02, 2016
CTM Festival
hobocombo Jul 29, 2016
Hobo Andrea and his Trimba Tonight at Kantine am Berghain Be a hobo!
hobocombo Jul 29, 2016
Why spend the dark night with you? What a fearful price to pay! Other nights would be Lonely dark ages for me.
hobocombo Jun 27, 2016
Thanks to Francesca Bono for the nice shoot! It was great last night, thanks again to ACUD MACHT NEU, Hula Hut & The Sevan Seas, Simon Ralph Goff for plays Moondog's music with us. be a Hobo!
hobocombo Jun 25, 2016
Tomorrow at ACUD MACHT NEU Moondog In Hawaii: Hobocombo // Hula Hut And The Seven Seas 19uhr door/bar ->ACUD Backyard Summer 21uhr Hula Hut 22uhr hobocombo Be a Hobo!
hobocombo Jun 12, 2016
Tonight last concert for hobo Andrea and the great hobo friend Miles Cooper Seaton at Sansepolcro (It) Effetto K!
hobocombo May 31, 2016
Sunday, June 5th at Klunkerkranich "Hobocombo plays exotica footages" Seltene Erden #3 /w Hobocombo Live / Mad Lubi / Çaykh This is a work in progress project that brings together old travel home movies with Hobocombo's music, producing a reflection on the exotic, intended as “imagination” (possible worlds, possible mythologies) that paints distant fantasy locations. Rocco and Francesca performing their AV show, in collaboration with Italy’s Amateur Film Archive Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia More info here:
hobocombo May 30, 2016
Hobocombo strikes again on DIE ZEIT last week! Next shows: June 5th @ Klunkerkranich, Berlin - info: June 19th @ Hemdendienst, Nürnberg - info: June 26th @ ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin More infos cooming soon! Be a Hobo!
hobocombo May 28, 2016
The countdown has started. Last celebration day of Moondog's 100th Birthday! All our recordings dedicated to the music of Louis Thomas Hardin will be in free download from may 26th to 28th on Bandcamp. "Now That It's The Opposite, It's Twice Upon A Time " (2011) --> Trovarobato "Moondog Mask" (2013) --> --> Trovarobato/Linèria "Moondog's 99 Step Sequencer" (2015) --> Stoned To Death Records And, of course, everything is on Hobo's Bandcamp With Trovarobato, Linèria, Stoned To Death Records
hobocombo May 15, 2016
Full album on Soundcloud. Enjoy!