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Skip School, Start Fights
This is a Stick Up…don't Make It a Murder
Summer Bones
Hit The Lights Dec 12, 2018
READING, PA - Nick is hosting "Emo Night" at Reverb on December 27th and tickets are FREE! WHAT?! Yep, tickets are free, come out, sing along and treat yourself to some acoustic HTL jams as well! This is gonna be a blast, don't miss out and get your FREE tickets here: See you there!
Hit The Lights Dec 07, 2018
Hey Reading, PA! Nick will be hosting Emo Night at Reverb on December 27th! Get ready for some good ol' nostalgia as well as an acoustic performance of some of your favorite HTL tunes! Regardless of what the face on this flyer says, we are CERTAIN it will be a great time - see you there!
Hit The Lights Nov 25, 2018
The Pure Noise webstore is having 25% off everything including 'Summer Bones' on vinyl & all the merch.
Hit The Lights Nov 15, 2018
Hey Cleveland! Nick will be hosting “Emo Night” tomorrow night at The Foundry with The Emo Band! On a budget and need a friend? Enter the code “HTL” for BOGO tickets at - see you there ❤️
Hit The Lights Oct 29, 2018
ATTN ANYONE WHO WANTS SWEET NEW HTL MERCH: We've just added some awesome one-off designs we printed for Four Chord Festival, which was an absolute blast! All shirts at are $15 or less, so get them while they last, sizes and quantities are VERY limited! All our shirts are printed on ultra-soft canvas brand if you're like us and have extremely sensitive nipp... you know what? We'll just stop there. Enjoy!
Hit The Lights Aug 22, 2018
Ayyy Pittsburgh, who are we seeing Sunday for Four Chord Music Festival ??? We can't wait to be back on stage sharing it with so many awesome bands. Come out, say hey, and give us all the hi-fives and hugs you got! See you soon! Tickets:
Hit The Lights Aug 05, 2018
THIS MONTH BABAYYYYY!!! Who's coming out? What a lineup! Tickets here:
Hit The Lights Jul 13, 2018
"Just To Get Through To You" and "Summer Bones" 12" test presses are up for grabs in a LIMITED 7 day auction to benefit families and children torn at the US/Mexican border. 100% of the proceeds will go to RAICES LEAF project to continue representation for unaccompanied children separated from their families at the Texas border. Check it out:
Hit The Lights Jul 10, 2018
Incredibly pleased to announce our first show of the year will be one of our favorites to play! The lineup for Four Chord Music Festival is STACKED this year, and we can’t wait to be back in Pittsburgh to carry on the tradition! Tickets are on sale now, get them while they’re still available!
Hit The Lights Jul 09, 2018
A VERY happy birthday to our sophomore record “Skip School, Start Fights” which turned 10 today. If it was a child today, it would probably own a cell phone, which is terrifying! Cheers to a record we never thought we’d have to make, but are so glad we did. Thank you to everyone involved for making this project something that could bring us around the world and back playing music we love. Thank you. No, seriously, listen: THANK YOU. Love, us
Hit The Lights May 01, 2018
Episode 2 of Coast to Coast is up featuring a few of us HTL'ers. Complete with an acoustic performance of our song "Lighthouse" and a pee-pee story!
Hit The Lights Apr 29, 2018
Episode 2 of Coast to Coast ft yours truly premiers on #youtube at midnight cst - CHECK IT
Hit The Lights Apr 10, 2018
Hope everyone is ready for some sub-par guest appearance acting!
Hit The Lights Mar 23, 2018
OUR BOYS IN FCC ARE BACK, BABAYYY!!!! "Retro Future" is available everywhere, today! It's awesome and Nick helped produce it. Support independent music and Forever Came Calling and purchase it, it's only $5 and well worth it!
Hit The Lights Mar 12, 2018
Nick Thompson
Hit The Lights Mar 08, 2018
Hit The Lights Mar 03, 2018
We're a little late with this, but heck, we've obviously been busy making babies and stuff! We'd like to send a very big, warm, mushy welcome to Cameron Kay Maite - HTL baby number THREE!!! Congratulations to Kyle and Kalen, we love you both so much and are so happy for you and your brand new family! And of course we can't wait for the day her prom date has to get all of her creepy uncle's approvals before they go ANYWHERE! ❤️
Hit The Lights Feb 20, 2018
Our good friends Forever Came Calling are releasing a new EP on March 23rd, and you can pre-order it now at - These guys are SELF RELEASING it. Repeat: SELF RELEASING. Which means any and all proceeds go straight to supporting the band so they can continue making music. Starting at just $4 bucks, there couldn't be an easier way to support music that you love. This new EP rules, Nick Thompson helped produce it, and we know these guys can't wait to get it out. If we can help spread the word, that's all the matters. Listen to clips below and if you like what you hear, PLEASE give them a pre-order and support this awesome band. Thank you.
Hit The Lights Feb 06, 2018
We popped a couple new designs up on our web store for anyone who likes to rock hard in soft shirts! Did that sound weird? Good! Anyone who orders a shirt in the next week gets a free download of our newest release"All Messed Up!" We've also got some exciting news for anyone who might be in Texas next month and has been listening to us the past 10 years... 🤐 Stay tuned, HTL
Hit The Lights Jan 22, 2018
We actually need one of these before they're gone!
Hit The Lights Jan 09, 2018
Triple Crown Records
Hit The Lights Jan 04, 2018
Have you checked out the new track "All Messed Up" yet? Bring in 2018 right and check it out below
Hit The Lights Jan 02, 2018
's cover photo
Hit The Lights Jan 01, 2018
Hit The Lights
Hit The Lights Jan 01, 2018
2017 was an... interesting year. We're changing as a society and as a species more rapidly than any other time in mankind's (known) existence. With that comes some growing pains. We in HTL are going to bring in 2018 with one word: HOPE. As empty as the word "hope" can seem to people, sometimes it's the one thing we have that can change the course of history. And we know this: it can start with just ONE person. One person can be the change and light the way for others. We encourage YOU to be the change you want to see in the world. In times like these, when it feels like so much is wrong - all it can take is ONE person to show someone else that it can be different. We can change. There's just one catch: it's gotta be out of love. You can't force it- it doesn't work like that. WE don't work like that. So when we think of change in this new year - start the change in yourself and let it flow outward. Seek truth, show love and don't lose hope. We're leaving 2017 with one more song for you guys. It's a slow one, and it goes out to anyone who feels like the odds are stacked against them. To those of us who have made mistakes and will keep making them. It's ok, we're all trying to figure this shit out. Forgive yourself, do your best and try your hardest to choose and show love whenever possible. Be the light, be the change. We've got this. OK, WE'RE DONE BEING CHEESY - BE SAFE TONIGHT, GET FUCKED UP AND KISS SOME HOT PEOPLE!!!!! Enjoy the song guys, love you all <3HTL