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Uranium Heart
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Silent Treatment
Festspillene i Nord-Norge Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2019
Venue: Festspillene i Nord-Norge (Harstad, Norway) Find tickets
Festidalen Festidalen 2019
Venue: Festidalen (Uskedalen, Norway) Find tickets
Palmesus Palmesus 2019
Venue: Palmesus (Kristiansand, Norway) Find tickets
Highasakite and Alan Walker at Kirketorget (July 6, 2019)
Venue: Kirketorget (Kongsberg, Norway) Find tickets
Kongsberg Jazzfestival Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2019
Venue: Kongsberg Jazzfestival (Kongsberg, Norway) Find tickets
Rootsfestivalen Rootsfestivalen 2019
Venue: Rootsfestivalen (Brønnøysund, Norway) Find tickets
MoldeJazz MoldeJazz 2019
Venue: Moldejazz (Molde, Norway) Find tickets
Malakoff Festival Malakoff Festival 2019
Venue: Malakoff Festival (Nordfjordeid, Norway) Find tickets
Highasakite at Foynhagen (July 25, 2019)
Venue: Foynhagen (Tønsberg, Norway) Find tickets
Trollrock Trollrock 2019
Venue: Trollrock 2012 Beitostølen (Fagernes, Norway) Find tickets
Månefestivalen Månefestivalen 2019
Venue: Månefestivalen (Fredrikstad, Norway) Find tickets
Highasakite Jun 16, 2019
We had a great time at Vervenfestivalen 💕 📷 Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Jun 14, 2019
Playing Vervenfestivalen tonight! So excited 🔥 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite May 13, 2019
Recording new music at Ocean Sound Recordings 💕 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Apr 14, 2019
Thanks for putting "Lover, Where Do You Live?" on this beautiful playlist Spotify <3
Highasakite Apr 12, 2019
Our collab with Seeb «Free to Go» is out now! ✨Thank you so much guys, it’s been a pleasure 👀👊🏻
Highasakite Apr 11, 2019
Highasakite Apr 10, 2019
Friday ✨
Highasakite Apr 09, 2019
NEWS! We have a new track coming up together with Seeb called ‘Free To Go’ and it drops on Friday 🙏🔮 Can’t wait? Presave it on Spotify or Apple Music to watch 30 secs of the video now
Highasakite Apr 06, 2019
Ålesund!! ❤️ 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Apr 06, 2019
Sees i kveld Ålesund 🔥 Sparebanken Møre Arena 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 31, 2019
This happened yesterday!! <3 thanks a million everyone who came to the show, and a BIG thank you to our wonderful crew! Photo: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 30, 2019
En fullskalert Oslo Spektrum Arena er nå utsolgt! Ses on noen få timer, Oslo. Vi gleder oss! Pass på å få med dere Amanda Tenfjord som varmer opp i kveld.
Highasakite Mar 29, 2019
See you tomorrow, Oslo Spektrum Arena! Photo: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 22, 2019
Last night in Stockholm was incredible! 😍 See u tonight Gothenburg at Pustervik 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 21, 2019
Nå er det kun VELDIG få billetter igjen til konserten i Oslo Spektrum Arena! Vi ses den 30. mars!
Highasakite Mar 20, 2019
You won't break my uranium heart 📷 Jørgen Nordby Bjørg Jewellery
Highasakite Mar 19, 2019
Copenhagen, we can't wait to play for you tonight 🖤 #UraniumHeart 📷 Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 19, 2019
This is probably one of the most beautiful pictures our photographer took in Stavanger on Saturday night. It was Minoo’s birthday and coming to the show was a surprise for her! Thank you for all the support. (Posted with permission from Cecilie Furre, Minoo’s mother pictured)
Highasakite Mar 18, 2019
Less than two weeks until we're at Oslo Spektrum Arena. Tag a friend that's coming to the show with you. Tickets available here: 📷 Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 17, 2019
Thank you so much Stavanger!! 🔥🔥 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 15, 2019
Takk for i går Bergen, det var fantastisk! 💕 Sees igjen i kveld 🔥🔥🔥 USF Verftet
Highasakite Mar 14, 2019
We're excited to be playing Bergen at USF Verftet for the next few nights. Who's coming? 🖤 📷: Jørgen Nordby
Highasakite Mar 13, 2019
Our Copenhagen show has sold out, but sign up here to join the waiting list for more tickets
Highasakite Mar 11, 2019
6/6 from iTromsø <3 This weekend we’re coming to Bergen and Stavanger! Cant’t wait to see u!! 💕📷: Daniel Lilleeng
Highasakite Mar 08, 2019
If you're coming to a show, use #UraniumHeart on all of your photos and videos so we can see them! 📷 Jørgen Nordby