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Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Aug 13, 2019
First official A.N.I show (Don't DJ + Bear Bones Lay Low + BZMC improv electronic trio) next Friday at Baleapop!
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Jun 30, 2019
Reviews 268: Black Zone Magick Chant
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Jun 28, 2019
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Jun 18, 2019
Introducing A.N.I = special live collaboration = Bear Bones Lay Low + Don't DJ + BZMC =
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf May 06, 2019
"Voyage Sacrifice" is one of the best records of the month according to The Attic!
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Apr 27, 2019
This is like "director's commentary" on DVD bonuses : revealing a lot of interesting details on my creative process in the making of my new album "Voyage Sacrifice"
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Apr 15, 2019
First official review for my new record coming out next week! (In French)
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Mar 27, 2019
I'm very happy to announce my new record is now available for pre-order. It is called "Voyage Sacrifice" and it's coming out April 26th on Shelter Press Follow the link below if you want to hear a bit of the music and read about the making of. A few shows are coming too, I'll share the info very soon. Thanks a lot for your support, thanks for listening and caring. Maxime
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Mar 21, 2019
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf's cover photo
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Mar 21, 2019
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Dec 17, 2018
Super excited to end the year 2018 with this awesome Editions Gravats night in Brussels on FRIDAY DEC 21st Clara Y Maoupa for their live debut after their killer "Meneo" Even if you don't know them you love them already Low Jack and Simo Cell B2B! It's like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant but with CDJ's and turntables. Mental. Black Zone Myth Chant live with a bunch of new tracks, happy to celebrate solstice and create a safe passage for the winter. My friends from BXL you're warmly welcome to help us out by sharing the event and make the party as crowded as possible. Also I want to take the opportunity to thanks everyone who booked me, helped me, and listened to my music this year which has been great and where I played my best live shows ever I think. Still hungry for more shows, more parties, always. Special thanks to Editions Gravats for including me to all those events, Shelter Press for what we prepared for next year, and Tripalium for the day to day tasks. 2019 will be pretty special as it'll be the celebration of 10 years since the birth of High Wolf and Winged Sun.
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Nov 08, 2018
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Nov 05, 2018
New EP out now! BLACK ZONE ONE WINGED SUN RECORDS 2018 - WSR024 Introducing BZMC new parallel moniker : BLACK ZONE ONE. BLACK ZONE ONE (BZ1) is a club friendly BZMC incarnation. This is the first in a series of multiple EP’s. A1 : GM5 (5:56) A2 : BDSA (5:10) B : X ALT (6:47) soundcloud : bandcamp :
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Sep 26, 2018
Thanks Champ Döner for documenting this great night at Meta last sunday. You guys were all awesome really. If every show could be like this...!!!
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Sep 12, 2018 New Mix on French newspaper Liberation’s website ahead of my live performance at Hello Birds festival next Saturday. Music from Eli Keszler, Clara! Y Maoupa, Krikor, Iueke, Simo Cell etc etc
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Aug 20, 2018
Next friday Baleapop festival ! Psyched to come down south west of France and enjoy the vibe there! Playing EARLY (19:30) so be there ON TIME please, and I'll try to put you in a good mood for the rest of the night :) Come and say hi, let's hang out!
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Jul 31, 2018
3/4/5 august = Visions Festival! I'll be playing on Friday (August 3rd) Stage 2 / Scène Servier part of the Editions Gravats Takeover : 8pm > Jean Carnaval 9pm > Low Jack b2b Simo Cell 1 am > BZMC (live) 1:45 am > King Doudou Also many great artists and good friends playing, great by the sea location, no need to say I'm very excited about this. Come say hi
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Jul 25, 2018
LYL radio show episode 2, theme : the moon
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Jun 22, 2018
My rather techno live set from Dekmantel's Lente Cabinet festival has been recorded and uploaded here : It was a bit of a challenge to play live in between (great) DJ's but I went for a quite diverse and dynamic set and it worked out very well.
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf May 29, 2018
Hey! Really excited to have a new radio show for LYL radio. It's called Winged Sun, the name of my record label. Every show will have a specific theme (for example rain, flowers, cars, disease etc etc) and track titles that I play will have to match the theme. First episode's theme is the sun, because what else for the premiere of Winged Sun radio? So that you understand the concept, here is the tracklist for this episode about the sun : ALICE COLTRANE – The Sun SUN RA – Children Of The Sun ZOMBY – Solar Ashes COIL – Solar Lodge RUSSELL HASWELL – Heavy Handed Sunset (Autechre Remix) – 1/2 MIKA VAINIO – Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Sun DON CHERRY – Sun Of The East LARAAJI – Sun Gong – 1/2 ELEH – Beneath The Silver Sun – 1/2 ANTONIO ZEPEDA – La Casa Del Sol ORNETTE COLEMAN – Midnight Sunrise DANE BELANY – Soleil GHÉDALIA TAZARTES – Rien Qu’Au Soleil ARIEL KALMA – Almora Sunrise ELEH – Beneath The Silver Sun – 2/2 RUSSELL HASWELL – Heavy Handed Sunset (Autechre Remix) – 2/2 LARAAJI – Sun Gong – 2/2 And here is the link : Enjoy!
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf May 14, 2018
Winged Sun returns and brings you two new very limited tapes, one for the body, and one for the mind. Black Zion Mystic Chant c40 New exclusive BZMC tracks exploring dub and dancehall realm and borders. Those tunes were created for live performances happening in winter 2017-2018 while sharing the bill with dance music masters such as Low Jack, Equiknoxx or DJ Lycox. It has been recorded in the studio quite spontaneously, trying to keep the live music energy, showing one result for each piece amongst many possible versions. EXCERPT FULL STREAM / BUY Black Zone Myth Chant - Anteryalyzem c60 A one hour long radio piece originally aired on NTS in November 2017 advertised then as "Black Zone Myth Chant presents a mix / collage of exclusive music (improvisations, spontaneous beats, open minded experimentations, automatic writing techniques) exploring the themes of schizophrenia and paranoïa". Recorded right after spending a long time on BZMC latest LP "Feng Shen" it is focused on shorter and simpler pieces, mixing all kind of genres (hip hop, ambiant, music concrete, dub, noise etc). Result is pretty dark overall but not entirely, the light of healing is sparkling from time to time and leaves you, in the end, with hope. A very special and intimate work, experimental and emotional both. Special recommendation : Treat each side as an independent whole, listen to one and keep the other for later. This is how it works best. EXCERPT = FULL STREAM / BUY = In other news, there will be a Black Zone Myth Chant live performance in a few festivals this summer. Now confirmed are : Villette Sonique in Paris on May 26th Lente Kabinet festival in Amsterdam on May 27th La Chinerie festival in Lyon on June 8th Blackout festival in Turin on June 9th Vision Festival in Brittany on August 3rd Finally I'm happy to let you know that I'll host a show on LYL radio called "Winged Sun". Bi-monthly this summer then monthly next season. More about this soon.
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf May 11, 2018
Before my upcoming performance at the Lente Kabinet in Amsterdam I answered a few very interesting questions here : The performance will be on May 26th. Line up is insane (Ben UFO, DJ Assault, DJ Python, Tsuzing and many others). May 25th I'll be playing another exciting festival : Villette Sonique in Paris. Finally, two new tapes coming very very soon! Have a great week end :)
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Mar 19, 2018
One more round! This time it's gonna be four of us on the roads of France, Switzerland and Belgium : El-G, Low Jack, Jean Carval and BZMC playing live and / or DJ sets. 100% Gravats nights. Note that we have still 2 open slots = march 31st and april 3rd. We're open to suggestions. Contact me here or Jean Carval [email protected]
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Mar 12, 2018
We had lot of fun doing a B2B mix at Red Light Radio for the Dekmantel show (although B2B is a bit exaggerated, Low Jack did all the technical mixing side, him being a fine ass DJ). Check it out, it's good stuff! (We did the first hour only)
Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf Feb 27, 2018
Not afraid of cold temperatures peak scheduled, Low Jack and I are heading north for some shows. We’ll be sure to warm your hearts. There will be more shows coming in springtime (France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands). And more things later. Hang tight