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Live at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
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Dawn Chorus
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Hidden Orchestra Jul 26, 2019
Installing Sonic Woodland Part 2 in Kew Gardens' wild botanical forest at Wakehurst in Sussex. Speakers hung in trees recreate a dawn chorus we recorded on site in early May, interspersed with melodies and orchestral soundscapes which move around the woodland glade. A collaboration between composer Joe Acheson and spatial audio engineer Tim Southorn. 10-5pm (on a half-hour loop) This Saturday/Sunday 27-28 July 2019 At Wakehurst Place
Hidden Orchestra Jun 05, 2019
Check out this drum battle interlude from Jamie Graham and Tim Lane, with live dub fx and some recordings of ducks.. Taken from 'Live at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts', out now - Thanks to Clash Magazine for premiering the video.
Hidden Orchestra May 30, 2019
The live mixtape released to celebrate the new live album is now also on Soundcloud! 'Live At Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts' available to stream/download/watch now -
Hidden Orchestra May 03, 2019
Debut live album 'Live at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts' OUT NOW! Stream/Download or watch the whole concert with live visuals -
Hidden Orchestra May 03, 2019
Debut live album 'Live at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts' OUT NOW! Stream/Download or watch the whole concert with live visuals -
Hidden Orchestra May 03, 2019
OUT NOW! Really happy to share with you our first live album - 'Live at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts' in Brighton. Available to download/stream, with the whole concert also uploaded to Youtube. The classic quartet lineup (Joe Acheson on bass and electronics, Poppy Ackroyd on piano and violin, Tim Lane and Jamie Graham on drums), with live visuals from Tom Newell of Limbic Cinema. Recorded and mixed by our wonderful sound engineer Dominik Pecka. Five years after the 6 of us involved in this performance experienced a nasty motorway crash, we are so happy to now release something of which we are so proud. We hope you enjoy it.
Hidden Orchestra Apr 28, 2019
This Friday we are releasing our first live album, on Tru Thoughts - here's 'Stone' to give you an idea of what it looks and sounds like.. Filmed at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in Brighton, with live visuals by Tom Newell of Limbic Cinema
Hidden Orchestra Apr 26, 2019
NEW LIVE MIXTAPE 'Improvised Live Remixes Mixtape' is a solo performance with laptop and electronics, improvising with recordings taken from the original tracks against a backdrop of birdsong from the Dawn Chorus album. Recorded at The Old Market in Brighton. This live mixtape is being released now to celebrate the forthcoming full live band album 'Live at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts', out 3rd May on Tru Thoughts! About this mixtape: "This was a one-off version of a solo show for a specific event, and almost the opposite of the full band show. It was in an interactive laser forest which was part of an extensive immersive VR installation at the venue. So I played back all the birdsong recordings I used to make Dawn Chorus, and over the top I improvised with a laptop and some effects pedals, creating live dub arrangements of Hidden Orchestra tracks using the recordings I made for the original album versions – combining different parts, restructuring and reorchestrating the pieces on the fly. I wanted to let the birdsong speak (Dawn Chorus was my 'birds' record), so I kept the other layers really ambient, using big echoes and reverbs and filters to shape the sounds."
Hidden Orchestra Mar 20, 2019
Delighted to be supporting The Cinematic Orchestra tonight at the Roundhouse... We're on stage at 1930 so get down early!
Hidden Orchestra Mar 08, 2019
We're supporting The Cinematic Orchestra really soon - limited tickets available...
Hidden Orchestra Feb 27, 2019
Delighted to announce we will be supporting The Cinematic Orchestra alongside James Holden on 20th March at the Roundhouse in London.....!
Hidden Orchestra Feb 22, 2019
Poppy Ackroyd's RESOLVE REIMAGINED is out today on One Little Indian Records... Delighted to have a remix on this amazing selection, alongside Max Cooper, Hauschka, Floex, Daisuke Tanabe, Penelope Trappes, Nuage, Ben Lukas Boysen and Lone Figures. Get your copy or have a listen here:
Hidden Orchestra Feb 08, 2019
Really pleased to share with you my remix of my wonderful partner Poppy Ackroyd, for her excellent upcoming Resolve Reimagined remix album.. I put a lot of time into this one, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.. Thanks to LANES for the drum sounds...
Hidden Orchestra Dec 03, 2018
Bristol tonight! Featuring visuals from Tom Newell / Limbic Cinema. Well worth getting down early to check out our support Luo
Hidden Orchestra Dec 01, 2018
Brighton Tomorrow!
Hidden Orchestra Nov 30, 2018
Unbelievably excited about our show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre tonight, some extra last-minute tickets have been released... With a new one-off special AV setup by Tom Newell of Limbic Cinema, guest clarinettist Jack McNeill, and support from the amazing Floex and Tom Hodge...
Hidden Orchestra Nov 19, 2018
Lineup and guests for last AV Shows of 2018: 30.11 LONDON - QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL with support from Floex & Tom Hodge, and guest Jack McNeill 02.12 BRIGHTON - THE HAUNT with support from Luo 03.12 BRISTOL - TRINITY CENTRE with support from Luo Very excited to announce that good friends and collaborators Floex & Tom Hodge will be opening for us at the QEH, where we will also feature first-time guest clarinettist Jack McNeill, and an augmented AV setup by Tom Newell AKA Lumen - last few tickets remaining! Hidden remix of Floex & Tom Hodge feat. Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra: And in Brighton and Bristol we will be playing with excellent synths/fills duo Luo, making a return to playing live in their respective home towns with a revamped lineup and new material. Southbank Centre Haunt Live Trinity Centre Small Pond Tru Thoughts Soundcrash Mercury KX LittleBig Music Agency Poppy Ackroyd
Hidden Orchestra Nov 14, 2018
Last live dates of 2018 - London/Brighton/Bristol photo by Limbic Cinema, from their video for 'Still'
Hidden Orchestra Oct 11, 2018
We're heading to Berlin on Monday to start our final run of AV shows for 2018.. Hope to see you there! Here's a sneak preview... 15.10 - Berlin, Funkhaus 16.10 - Leipzig, UT Connewitz 30.11 - London, Queen Elizabeth Hall 02.12 - Brighton, The Haunt 03.12 - Bristol, Trinity Centre
Hidden Orchestra Aug 24, 2018
Looking forward to playing at Brave! Factory Festival 2018 tomorrow, alongside the likes of Floating Points and Squarepusher... Here's an interview I did for local publication Comma
Hidden Orchestra Aug 20, 2018
LONDON/BRIGHTON/BRISTOL In addition to the October AV shows in Berlin and Leipzig, we are playing three more in the South of the UK in November/December... Tickets for the UK shows go on sale Wednesday morning. 15.10 Berlin - Funkhaus 16.10 Leipzig - UT Connewitz 30.11 London - Queen Elizabeth Hall 02.12 Brighton - The Haunt 03.12 Bristol - Trinity
Hidden Orchestra Aug 20, 2018
New Live Shows announced 10am 20.08.18 photo by Limbic Cinema, from their video for 'Still'
Hidden Orchestra Jul 26, 2018
'Sonic Woodland' starts today at Wakehurst, come and hear the orchestra I've hidden in this woodland glade, part of #TheWonderProject on 26-29 July and 3-6 August... Speakers hung from trees and buried in the ground send sounds and music around the glade in the same way that trees communicate through underground mushroom networks... Shrinking Space Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Hidden Orchestra Jul 19, 2018
My latest music project - 'Sonic Woodland' - is a 40-minute piece for 5 trees, and can only be heard on 26-29 July and 3-6 August in a woodland glade at Kew Gardens' Wakehurst site in Sussex (home to the world famous Millennium Seed Bank), as part of The Wonder Project.. The piece is designed to show how trees are communicating with each other through the underground fungus network attached to their roots, by moving sounds and melodies around speakers hung from trees and buried in the ground. Come and spend an evening in this amazing wild botanical garden, halfway between London and Brighton...
Hidden Orchestra May 04, 2018
Thanks to Max Cooper for featuring his excellent remix of Wingbeats on his new compilation for the Balance Series, available to stream/buy now...