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From the Outside
Hey Violet Jun 24, 2019
every time that i close my eyes ✨
Hey Violet Jun 23, 2019
our video for “close my eyes” is out now!! go watch it if ya haven’t seen it... or watch it again if ya have????
Hey Violet Jun 21, 2019
the #closemyeyes video is out nowwwwwww ✨ go watch it!!! Vevo YouTube
Hey Violet Jun 21, 2019
we’re gonna be chatting with you guys during the premiere of the “close my eyes” video tomorrow at 10am PT on youtube!! go set your reminders here:
Hey Violet Jun 19, 2019
hold my breath, count to five, hoping that you're there when i open my eyes... video out FRIDAY
Hey Violet Jun 18, 2019
‪“close my eyes” video comes out on FRIDAY!!! 👀📹‬
Hey Violet Jun 14, 2019
how did we never notice?!???? BLACKPINK
Hey Violet Jun 13, 2019
‪but, for why?‬
Hey Violet Jun 11, 2019
peach tea 🍑
Hey Violet Jun 09, 2019
already missin it❤️❤️❤️ thank you to everyone who came and danced, cried, and laughed with us. we are forever grateful to have a family as wonderful as you xoxoxo
Hey Violet Jun 03, 2019
getting ready to head to NEW YORK!!! will we be seeing u there?!?!
Hey Violet May 31, 2019
thanks to each and every one of you who came out to our sold out show tonight. so blessed, honestly. i may have cried a little bit but don’t tell anyone. we love you.. so, so much.. always and forever xoxoxo
Hey Violet May 29, 2019
thank you, san fran!! we are the happiest of beans. so thankful we got to dance with you, sing with you, pour our hearts out to you. let’s do it again soon, bbys❤️ next up, LA LA LA
Hey Violet May 26, 2019
listening to “close my eyes” on Apple Music like... ✨
Hey Violet May 25, 2019
go and listen to our new song "close my eyes" on Spotify lil luvs 💛
Hey Violet May 24, 2019
so glad y’all are liking "close my eyes" ✨👀✨ we can’t wait to perform it live next week ❤️❤️❤️
Hey Violet May 24, 2019
Hey Violet May 24, 2019
Hey Violet May 23, 2019
🎶hold my breath, count to five, hoping that you’re there when i open my eyes🎶 // CLOSE MY EYES out TONIGHT
Hey Violet May 23, 2019
only a matter of timeeeee 👀👀👀
Hey Violet May 22, 2019
so excited to have Sage Charmaine joining us!!! we’ll see you guys soon✨🌹 xoxoxoxoxo
Hey Violet May 21, 2019
Hey Violet May 20, 2019
click the link to enter to win rena’s boyfriend doll from the “better by myself” video!!! word on the street is he’s haunted and we’re just tryna get rid of him 🥴 hopefully he doesn’t leak any new hv songs LOL can’t trust this guy, i tell ya
Hey Violet May 17, 2019
the “better by myself” live video is out now!!! we had so much fun playing to those of you who came to our lil show and we’re glad we get to show the rest of the world now! watch it here:
Hey Violet May 11, 2019
new york!! come dance with us on june 5th at The Bowery Ballroom ✨ get your tickets here: