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From the Outside
Hey Violet Aug 25, 2019
‪~ serotonin toxic ~‬
Hey Violet Aug 23, 2019
‪a merch giveaway??? yes please!!!
Hey Violet Aug 19, 2019
y’all ever wanna cook w casey? now u can
Hey Violet Aug 17, 2019
on top of the world, i guess
Hey Violet Aug 13, 2019
queen of the night. live. for ur ears. for ur friends’ ears. qotn, baby.
Hey Violet Aug 12, 2019
had so much fun last week hanging at BuzzFeed Video!!!
Hey Violet Aug 10, 2019
had fun making this for y’all! thank you for the questions! ♥️
Hey Violet Aug 08, 2019
‪we don’t go out much :/‬
Hey Violet Aug 07, 2019
this song is so special to us... the different stories and perspectives that have emerged from it... the feeling of nostalgia and new beginnings. this song hit us in a different way. since the very beginning, we’ve believed that being honest is the most important lesson you can learn. life is a process and nothing can truly be perfected in a day. but maybe today, we’ll start being a little more honest with ourselves. there’s something in that saying “you are the only you. you are the best you. you will always be the second best anyone else.” it’s true. there is only one of you- and you have every right to own that. do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself because there is no love like the love you feel when you finally realize the wonder you’re capable of. when you look in the mirror and finally tell yourself that you are better today than you were yesterday. you are deserving of love, but even more so, you deserve to love yourself. we’ve all got a little royalty stirring within us. so show the world that you mean business. to all of our queens n kings of the night. we love you. yours always, hey violet full lyric video is out now 🌹
Hey Violet Aug 01, 2019
‪one angery boiiii‬
Hey Violet Jul 31, 2019
hello, we wanna do a fun little video for y’all but we need some questions!!! what should we know about each other??? this is kind of a test of our friendship so make it hard👀 luv ya x
Hey Violet Jul 29, 2019
have u guys seen it yet???? a lil thang with Vevo from us to u
Hey Violet Jul 26, 2019
did y’all know the new merch is up on the website???? you can BUY IT. you can LOOK at it. you can wear it to the show tmrw???? xoxoxoxo
Hey Violet Jul 24, 2019
‪what’s ur favorite lyric from queen of the night???‬
Hey Violet Jul 22, 2019
go give her a listen on Apple Music 👸🏻🌃
Hey Violet Jul 21, 2019
who’s been dancing to "queen of the night" on Spotify this weekend? 🕺✨
Hey Violet Jul 19, 2019
‪she’s out now!!! queen of the night!!! give her a listen. give her a kiss. we hope you love her as much as we do🌹❤️🌹‬
Hey Violet Jul 17, 2019
queen of the night. tomorrow. 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻 are u ready???
Hey Violet Jul 17, 2019
Hey Violet Jul 15, 2019
Hey Violet Jul 12, 2019
everybody luvs a good boomerang
Hey Violet Jul 10, 2019
👀 out now - close my eyes live at Capitol Studios 👀
Hey Violet Jul 06, 2019
Hey Violet Jul 02, 2019
it’s all about making sure you’re your own person... so happy we got the opportunity to do this with Genius!!!
Hey Violet Jul 02, 2019
surprise! here’s a little acoustic version we did of my consequence for Vevo!