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Dominoes EP
Hey Champ Jan 18, 2019
10 year challenge? Also we kicked them out of our dressing room 🤦🏽‍♂️#hubris
Hey Champ Jun 30, 2018
How sweet of @moonbootsmusic to stop by the @monakrofficial show for an impromptu @heychamp reunion
Hey Champ Mar 18, 2018
We came as cowboys. We left cowmen. #sxsw
Hey Champ Feb 10, 2018
Congrats @joncmarks! You may be engaged but never forget your first marriage: #heychamp
Hey Champ Feb 01, 2018
Pulled off stage after performing with @dessa for a quick pic only to realize IT WAS WITH JIMMY JAM AND TERRY LEWIS.
Hey Champ Nov 29, 2017
OG Hey Champ reunion with @moonbootsmusic and @joncmarks 12/17/17 at @hq_chicago !!!
Hey Champ Nov 23, 2017
Hey Mom, I get it - WE’RE PERSIAN. Happy Thanksgiving!
Hey Champ Aug 02, 2017
Hey Champ + Matthew Santos =MONAKR On Tour Now
Hey Champ Jun 28, 2017
Heading out with Matthew Santos as MONAKR this August!
Hey Champ Jan 09, 2017
Find you a drummer that can cook
Hey Champ Mar 18, 2016
Free Download of new MONAKR remix!
Hey Champ Feb 05, 2016
MONAKR's debut EP is out today! Check it out.
Hey Champ Dec 17, 2015
MONAKR's debut EP is out Feb 5th but you can pre-order digital and vinyl , download "Calling Out" today, and even hear some previews on iTunes!
Hey Champ Aug 12, 2015
Dolphin Boobs? What a great idea....
Hey Champ Jul 14, 2015
New MONAKR track is a FREE DOWNLOAD. It's a cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" - a song we used to listen to when we were talking about starting Hey Champ.
Hey Champ Jul 06, 2015
MONAKR playing a Pitchfork after party at Lincoln Hall next Friday with Celine Neon and Kinky Love. Discounted tix with P4K wristband. We sold out our debut at Schuba's, so get tix early!
Hey Champ May 19, 2015
MONAKR's Live Debut is this Friday and we're almost sold out! Get tickets here if you plan on coming as we don't know if they'll be available the day of. Thanks!
Hey Champ Apr 29, 2015
Hey Champs, We're deep into rehearsals for our MONAKR live debut. The reaction so far to the music has been so great, and we want to thank you guys for listening. We can tell you the live show will be beyond anything we've performed before. Can't wait to share it with you at Schuba's Tavern on May 22nd. Get your tickets now!
Hey Champ Apr 21, 2015
NEW MUSIC: Very excited to share a brand new MONAKR track, "Calling Out". Thanks for the premiere.
Hey Champ Apr 11, 2015
Happy weekend!
Hey Champ Mar 18, 2015
Next Friday, March 27th, we'll be doing a special Hey Champ vs. Gemini Club DJ set at Celeste in Chicago. These guys have been close friends for years, but this night it's all out war. We'll be playing some unreleased MONAKR joints in addition to our normal fare of face-melting dance music.
Hey Champ Mar 10, 2015
Just hit 100k plays on our RAC Remix. Thanks!
Hey Champ Feb 24, 2015
Presenting our first remix as MONAKR for RAC's Cheap Sunglasses. FREE DOWNLOAD! Stay tuned for another free download in the coming weeks.
Hey Champ Feb 12, 2015
We're on the Hype Machine charts! Please click through and give a heart. This stuff ends up mattering, and we want to be able to bring MONAKR on tour to your hometown. Thank you guys!
Hey Champ Feb 10, 2015
[PREMIERE]: MONAKR - 'Diamond" We're very happy to share the first single from M O N A K R, our new project with Matthew Santos and Dan Brunelle (Gemini Club). We'll have more music out in the coming weeks and months, leading up to our EP release in June. Hope you enjoy.