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Her Bright Skies May 18, 2016
Pretty fucking sweet song from our friends in Bad Omens, check it out!
Her Bright Skies Dec 19, 2015
We can now reveal that after getting an offer to play guitar in an American band, Jolly has officially parted ways with Her Bright Skies. He leaves with 100% of our support and we wish he and his band nothing but the best of luck! This news came to be almost a year ago, he and his new band have been working hard behind-the-scenes writing an album and getting their unreleased music on the desks of record labels. Yesterday, they came out of the gate as Bad Omens and dropped a music video through their label, Sumerian Records. This is some legit stuff people! Check out their debut video and follow their page. This X-mas will be Jolly. ;)
Her Bright Skies Dec 09, 2015
Indiemerch are having a HUGE clearance/sale on our merchandise. Insane prices. Get ur shirts, sunglasses and tank tops right here.
Her Bright Skies Dec 09, 2015
We've reached a million on this bad boy! Thanks a bunch to all you supporters out there.
Her Bright Skies Oct 20, 2015
Our friends in Monday Kills have just released their latest music video! We're diggin' it and for the record, we also like it rough!
Her Bright Skies Oct 15, 2015
5000 views until ONE MILLION!
Her Bright Skies Aug 30, 2015
You can get our 4-song EP on iTunes and also you can stream it on Spotify. Go get it if ya dig it!
Her Bright Skies Aug 22, 2015
That's a wrap, China!
Her Bright Skies Aug 19, 2015
Her Bright Skies Aug 18, 2015
Her Bright Skies Aug 10, 2015
Today we're preparing our setlist for China. Which songs do you wanna hear?!
Her Bright Skies Aug 07, 2015
CHINA CHINA CHINA! Help us promote these tour dates! See ya soon!
Her Bright Skies Aug 06, 2015
Hey CHINA! We're touring these dates below starting next week! We definitely need some of you still on facebook and twitter to spread the word in Chinese social media and channels to get the hype going! Can't wait to meet you guys!
Her Bright Skies Jul 01, 2015
So we heard facebook is banned in China? But.. we're going there in August. How are we supposed to promote our shows? If you're a chinese rebel still surfing da facebookz, let us know!
Her Bright Skies Jul 01, 2015
Close to a million views!
Her Bright Skies Jun 30, 2015
Back when we played a show in Taiwan. Good times!
Her Bright Skies May 20, 2015
Check out our friends in iwrestledabearonce. Their new vid is bonkers!
Her Bright Skies May 13, 2015
Remember Ghosts Of The Attic? Here's the Making Of:
Her Bright Skies May 08, 2015
Her Bright Skies May 07, 2015
Which is your favorite older songer by HBS? Let us know!
Her Bright Skies May 07, 2015
Our guitar playah Pete has a few hours to spare and he's streaming CS:GO. Go watch him!
Her Bright Skies May 06, 2015
You know you can listen to our new EP on Spotify right? Well, now you do!
Her Bright Skies Apr 27, 2015
We're sorry to say we have to cancel the german/netherlands tour due to reasons beyond our control. We're gonna try hard to reschedule ASAP! Sorry guys :(
Her Bright Skies Apr 17, 2015
Don't miss our TOUR in GERMANY and NETHERLANDS! TICKETS FOR TOUR: germany: Amsterdam:
Her Bright Skies Apr 14, 2015
So, have you guys gotten a chance to listen to the new songs? Don't forget our tour in May in Germany and Netherlands! ITUNES: SPOTIFY: TICKETS FOR TOUR: germany: Amsterdam: