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Frozen Star
Sonic Foundation
White Me In / Black Me Out (Bonus Tracks Version)
White Me In / Black Me Out
The Comets Garden
Spacefloor Romance
Stitches of Eden
A Voluntary Coincidence
Sounds from the Matrix 005
A Voluntary Coincidence
E-Race Generation
Helalyn Flowers Apr 21, 2019
‘So many times we needed To die just for one day And we came back fiercer’ #happyeaster #rebirth
Helalyn Flowers Apr 19, 2019
Are you a wireless survivor? Https://
Helalyn Flowers Apr 17, 2019
Just like morphine you slide inside of my veins And never let me go, Never let me go ▸▿▸
Helalyn Flowers Apr 12, 2019
@HelalynFlowers meet Kee Marcello - great show yesterday in Rome! Max Noemi Aurora
Helalyn Flowers Apr 04, 2019
Helalyn Flowers Mar 31, 2019
Out now! Alfa Matrix just released a new tribute to Depeche Mode and we took part of it by covering the awesome song #DreamOn Listen now! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Helalyn Flowers Mar 31, 2019
✖️✖️✖️We’ve just released an exclusive interview for Metal/Rock music magazine ITN ◾️READ NOW! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Helalyn Flowers Mar 30, 2019
New song from @Helalyn Flowers! Listen now to our #cover version of Depeche Mode’s #DreamOn Noemi Aurora Max Alfa Matrix
Helalyn Flowers Mar 26, 2019
#MaxxMaryan exclusive shot by Noemi Aurora (Toxic Visions Design).
Helalyn Flowers Mar 25, 2019
‘Pleasant days at Toxic Visions, the Art factory owned by Noemi Aurora Of Helalyn Flowers. Located in the heart of renowned mystic and naturalistic area south of Rome, American singer/ model Carley Girl landed to reach Noemi and get a killer photoshoot done by her for Angelspit’s side project Miss Ballistic’... Read now this exclusive article on Side-Line Magazine! It talks about Noemi Aurora latest collaboration as a Make-Up artist, Photographer and Designer for Miss Ballistic, the new electro-pop project produced by Angelspit! • #makeup #photography #set #design #coverartwork #artdirection by Noemi Aurora •#model #singer : Carley Giannattasio •#production: Karl Learmont (Zoog Von Rock) •#backstage #photos: Maxx Maryan Thanx to Bernard Van Isacker from Side-Line Magazine
Helalyn Flowers Feb 26, 2019
// Working on new songs! Stay tuned 👽 Noemi Aurora
Helalyn Flowers Feb 22, 2019
We’re working on new tunes! How do you imagine our new album?
Helalyn Flowers Feb 22, 2019
Thanx to our die-hard supporter Takashi! Repost from @tksh_oguchi
Helalyn Flowers Feb 21, 2019
‘~Love, blood in transmission~’ 📶 #breathless #nyctophilia #helalynflowers #noemiaurora #electrometal #industrial #hardrock
Helalyn Flowers Feb 14, 2019
Max //Noemi Aurora @Helalynflowers
Helalyn Flowers Feb 06, 2019
Cool merchandise available now! Isn’t our Helalyn Teddy bear a great idea as a very Nycto-Valentine gift ?! Front/back print design by Noemi Aurora for Toxic Visions Design ⚔️ AVAILABLE at:
Helalyn Flowers Feb 01, 2019
Hell-0 creatures of the night! Finally you can listen to our version of ‘Let the Sabbath Begin’ , included on “The Other Face of Evil" an EBM/ Neo Folk tribute to the Kings of Horror Music Death SS. We have a couple of signed copies of the digipak cd to give away, DM us if interested!
Helalyn Flowers Jan 28, 2019
Hell-0 Folks! Right here in our hands copies of "The Other Face of Evil" an EBM/ Neo Folk tribute to DEATH SS We’re really honored to be part of this awesome release with Helalyn Flowers version of ‘Let the Sabbath Begin’ and IMJUDAS version of ‘Zombie’! Out 31 January through EK Product, this beautiful digipak edition includes cover versions by Helalyn Flowers + Nydhog + TourdeForce + Vostok + Bad Sector + OfficialBeataBeatrix + IMJUDAS + The Magik Way + Die Schwarzen Geister + La Pietra Lunare + Selene Riotis We’re now giving the chance to our followers to buy one of our strictly limited amount of signed copies directly from us. Just send us a message to pre-order it and we’ll reply with additional info. You can listen to a preview trailer here:
Helalyn Flowers Jan 21, 2019
Helalyn Flowers Jan 20, 2019
🛠Fan of the day: Alex Menski. Thanx for the great support! Do you want to be featured? Send us your picture showing Helalyn Flowers merch!
Helalyn Flowers Jan 20, 2019
EK Product
Helalyn Flowers Jan 20, 2019
Hail from the cold streets of Rome! Check out our latest news, there’s a lot of cool stuff out featuring our tunes! #soundsfromthematrix20 #matrixdownloaded008 #blackpillredpillfreecompilation #theotherfaceofevil
Helalyn Flowers Jan 17, 2019
It was a big pleasure for us to take part of "The Other Face Of Evil" a unique tribute album to be released this January, 31 by EK Product on limited cd digipak. #Alternative #electronic and neo folk music bands pay homage to the legendary fathers of #horror rock: DEATH SS Includes Helalyn Flowers cover version of "Let the Sabbath Begin" #letthesabbathbegin #deathss #theotherfaceofevil #deathsstribute
Helalyn Flowers Jan 16, 2019
Really glad to know that our new album Nyctophilia was nominated once again as one of the best albums of 2018! Thanx to Side-Line magazine and Reflections of Darkness to put us on their Top 10 chart!
Helalyn Flowers Dec 25, 2018
Merry Xmas from Helalyn Flowers!