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Frozen Star
Sonic Foundation
White Me In / Black Me Out (Bonus Tracks Version)
White Me In / Black Me Out
Stitches of Eden
Spacefloor Romance
The Comets Garden
A Voluntary Coincidence
Sounds from the Matrix 005
A Voluntary Coincidence
E-Race Generation
Helalyn Flowers Feb 14, 2019
Max //Noemi Aurora @Helalynflowers
Helalyn Flowers Feb 06, 2019
Cool merchandise available now! Isn’t our Helalyn Teddy bear a great idea as a very Nycto-Valentine gift ?! Front/back print design by Noemi Aurora for Toxic Visions Design ⚔️ AVAILABLE at:
Helalyn Flowers Feb 01, 2019
Hell-0 creatures of the night! Finally you can listen to our version of ‘Let the Sabbath Begin’ , included on “The Other Face of Evil" an EBM/ Neo Folk tribute to the Kings of Horror Music Death SS. We have a couple of signed copies of the digipak cd to give away, DM us if interested!
Helalyn Flowers Jan 28, 2019
Hell-0 Folks! Right here in our hands copies of "The Other Face of Evil" an EBM/ Neo Folk tribute to DEATH SS We’re really honored to be part of this awesome release with Helalyn Flowers version of ‘Let the Sabbath Begin’ and IMJUDAS version of ‘Zombie’! Out 31 January through EK Product, this beautiful digipak edition includes cover versions by Helalyn Flowers + Nydhog + TourdeForce + Vostok + Bad Sector + OfficialBeataBeatrix + IMJUDAS + The Magik Way + Die Schwarzen Geister + La Pietra Lunare + Selene Riotis We’re now giving the chance to our followers to buy one of our strictly limited amount of signed copies directly from us. Just send us a message to pre-order it and we’ll reply with additional info. You can listen to a preview trailer here:
Helalyn Flowers Jan 21, 2019
Helalyn Flowers Jan 20, 2019
🛠Fan of the day: Alex Menski. Thanx for the great support! Do you want to be featured? Send us your picture showing Helalyn Flowers merch!
Helalyn Flowers Jan 20, 2019
EK Product
Helalyn Flowers Jan 20, 2019
Hail from the cold streets of Rome! Check out our latest news, there’s a lot of cool stuff out featuring our tunes! #soundsfromthematrix20 #matrixdownloaded008 #blackpillredpillfreecompilation #theotherfaceofevil
Helalyn Flowers Jan 17, 2019
It was a big pleasure for us to take part of "The Other Face Of Evil" a unique tribute album to be released this January, 31 by EK Product on limited cd digipak. #Alternative #electronic and neo folk music bands pay homage to the legendary fathers of #horror rock: DEATH SS Includes Helalyn Flowers cover version of "Let the Sabbath Begin" #letthesabbathbegin #deathss #theotherfaceofevil #deathsstribute
Helalyn Flowers Jan 16, 2019
Really glad to know that our new album Nyctophilia was nominated once again as one of the best albums of 2018! Thanx to Side-Line magazine and Reflections of Darkness to put us on their Top 10 chart!
Helalyn Flowers Dec 25, 2018
Merry Xmas from Helalyn Flowers!
Helalyn Flowers Dec 22, 2018
BLACK PILL RED PILL 2019 COMPILATION FREE download from 10 awesome bands – DOWNLOAD NOW: Includes @helalynflowers single ‘Kamikaze Angel’! Angelspit Planetdamage May May Graves Hardcore Pong Lorelei Dreaming Miss Ballistic Official Dk-Zero The Gothsicles (official) The Mercy Cage #ebm #gothic #goth #darkwave #coldwave #cyberwave #cyberpunk #cyber #dieselpunk #wasteland #industrialmusic #industrialrock Add 10 killer tracks to your Spotify playlist! #ebm #gothic #goth #darkwave #coldwave #cyberwave #cyberpunk #cyber #dieselpunk #wasteland #industrialmusic #industrialrock
Helalyn Flowers Dec 21, 2018
Santa’s coming and he’s from Belgium! Our label Alfa Matrix just released 2 super cool compilations and they’re both FREE! They includes songs from Helalyn Flowers, maXX’s solo project IMJUDAS and many other artists such as Synapsyche, Avarice In Audio, @H.O.W. ,Llumen,Mental Exile, Sdkrtr / Simon Carter / Narconic, Diffuzion, Reactor7x, [aesthetische], ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, Die Robo Sapiens, Junksista, Alien Vampires, Mondträume, Aiboforcen, Dunkelwerk, Komor Kommando, Neikka RPM, Acylum, etc. Download them now for free or pay-what-you-want at: 🛠 🛠
Helalyn Flowers Dec 19, 2018
It’s a special day! Let’s say #HappyBirthday to the male part of Helalyn Flowers!
Helalyn Flowers Dec 12, 2018
☢☣ Your dose of great music at half-price! Our label Alfa Matrix just launched the upgraded version of their webstore! To celebrate the event, they offer you for the next 7 magic days an exclusive discount of -50% on the COMPLETE label catalogue (released before June 2018 on as well as on the entire DIGITAL catalogue on their official Bandcamp page: Redeem the magic discount CODE: BACKTRAXX And get our music 50% cheaper! Valid until 17th December or stock exhaustion.
Helalyn Flowers Dec 07, 2018
#Nyctophiliac of the day: Alex Menski Send your picture to get featured! #wirelesssurvivors #helalynflowers #fans
Helalyn Flowers Dec 07, 2018
New review. Thanx to #mrpeach for the nice words! #nyctophilia #helalynflowers #newalbum
Helalyn Flowers Dec 01, 2018
X-MAS SALES at -20% OFF SITEWIDE! Just use the code: HEL20 at checkout
Helalyn Flowers Nov 23, 2018
It’s BLACK FRIDAY! Place an order at And take the advantage of receiving a FREE! copy of our ultra-rare 2005 debut ep ‘Disconnection’!
Helalyn Flowers Nov 20, 2018
🌑 Black Friday Savings! Choose your discount! 20% off shirts* Run Time: November 19th - November 20th Coupon Code: SHIRT18 $5 off everything** Run Time: November 21st - November 22nd Coupon Code: CBRWK 25% off everything Run Time: November 23rd - November 25th Coupon Code: CBRWKND
Helalyn Flowers Nov 16, 2018
⚠️Beware. We’re coming back...
Helalyn Flowers Nov 16, 2018
So many of you already know that our studios are like a volcano. During these days we’ve been involved in new music production, new merchandise, new photosession both for maXX’s solo project IMJUDAS (don’t miss his debut album out next 2019!) and other faithful artists. Yes, we have numerous news to share with you but today we’d love to introduce you new Hand Made creations by Noemi Aurora. Featuring her most famous subjects from her personal paintings and illustrations, these original pieces are available exclusively at her Etsy art store, signed and packaged by Noemi herself. Don’t miss the chance to receive them by X-Mas! Check them out at: Stay Nyctophiliac!
Helalyn Flowers Nov 15, 2018
Who said ‘new merch’!?! Check it out!
Helalyn Flowers Nov 11, 2018
Prendiamo questa nostra canzone come simbolo della nostra rabbia ferina, della nostra indignazione e del nostro ribrezzo nei confronti della nuova proposta di legge della #regioneVeneto e della #legaNord a favore dell’abbattimento dei Lupi, nostri Fratelli e Dèi. Siate rumorosi contro questa pazzia. ————————————————————— We wish to take this our song as a symbol of all our ferine rage, our indignation and disgust against the new bill of #regioneVeneto (in Northern Italy) and major party #legaNord in favor of the killing of wolves in their area. Wolves are our Friends, Brothers, Gods. Raise your voice against this madness.
Helalyn Flowers Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween Nyctophiliacs! Thanx to our massive sales, we have only one signed copy left of the lTd ed. Of our our album ‘Sonic Foundation’! Includes the hit ‘Beware of Light’ and the alternate version feat. Chris Pohl! Who’ll be the faster collector? Have a creepy night!