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(Hed) P.E.
(Hed) P.E. at New Cross Inn (December 12, 2018)
Venue: New Cross Inn (New Cross, UK) Find tickets
(Hed) P.E. at The Junction (December 13, 2018)
Venue: The Junction (Plymouth, UK) Find tickets
(Hed) P.E. at Electric Banana (December 14, 2018)
Venue: Electric Banana (Weston-super-mare, UK) Find tickets
Hed PE Dec 10, 2018
Music House No. 37 presents Hed P.E. w/ special guests Davey Suicide, Hemlock & Scout Killers December 11th at Level III Swindon in Swindon England. Tickets available at;
Hed PE Dec 09, 2018
Thanks to all my British, Scottish and Irish family! We wont be back here til 2020, soze i'm glad we could rock the fuck out one more time! love yaz!
Hed PE Dec 09, 2018
Here's what the English countryside is looking like today.
Hed PE Dec 08, 2018
LEEDS! Tonight we're at the awesome Temple Of Boom Leeds. Who we seeing? Tickets on the door, get down early
Hed PE Dec 05, 2018
Glasgow Glasgow Glasgow! We're rolling through tomorrow night with Davey Suicide / Hemlock & Monkey Puzzle let's get it RSVP Hed PE + Davey Suicide, Hemlock & Monkey Puzzle | Broadcast Tickets >
Hed PE Dec 05, 2018
Rebellion Manchester tonight! Who we seeing? 👀
Hed PE Dec 04, 2018
To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of "New World Orphans", we're releasing a limited edition vinyl edition of the album. These are extremely limited, so pre-order your copy now at
Hed PE Dec 03, 2018
Hed PE Dec 02, 2018
HEDPE in Birmingham tonite. please bring flowers.
Hed PE Dec 01, 2018
Hayes: "The President Was Compromised...Full Stop" | All In | MSNBC
Hed PE Dec 01, 2018
The Bowery, Dublin tonight !
Hed PE Nov 30, 2018
Always remember, if you have no successes... You have no critics. Mike Ditka
Hed PE Nov 30, 2018
FAO EUROPE: We are back February 2019 playing a lot of brand new cities alongside side some of our old favourites - More shows and tour support bands for this run coming soon!
Hed PE Nov 30, 2018
i'm looking for a place to watch the Wilder vs Fury Limerick, Ireland! any hedpe family in Limerick wanna watch that? thing is its on like 4 AM. I'll pay the 30 quid for the PPV. [email protected]#[email protected]#
Hed PE Nov 30, 2018
BOURNEMOUTH... We just been told there has been a change. We'll now be rolling thru and playing Anvil Rockbar Bournemouth. All tickets remain valid and the new venue is on the opposite side of the street to where we were gonna be. See ya there.
Hed PE Nov 26, 2018
Belfast ! * Venue change Moved from Limelight -> The Speakeasy
Hed PE Nov 22, 2018
so much to be thankful for. i'm physically separated from my family but i feel their love. i'm in beautiful Frankfurt, Germany. living the dream. living my best life. thankful for every pair of ears who ever found common ground with me thru my melodies and lyrics. thankful for anyone who ever felt the energy i try to bring with every piece of music. thankful for all the love...and the hate. as a youth i never planned on having children or getting married, but a little angel introduced me to all this beauty.
Hed PE Nov 19, 2018
Bratislava, see ya on Wednesday! Dont forget to get your tickets, its gonna be fullhouse once again. Ticket link -
Hed PE Nov 18, 2018
went to see 21 Pilots with my 11 year old son last night. Was his idea. magickal evening of music and family. amazing show, absolutely. now today i'm getting on a flight to London, cuz i'm living my best life and still dreaming dreams...
Hed PE Nov 17, 2018
LEEDS! Show us some love, we hit Temple Of Boom Leeds on Saturday 8th December ✊
Hed PE Nov 17, 2018
my 11 son played me this track. i love it. i got bars for this shit.
Hed PE Nov 17, 2018
Hed PE Nov 06, 2018
hard work pays off...dreams do come true...
Hed PE Nov 03, 2018
See you soon Ireland ! Have you got your tickets yet ? Limelight Belfast | Dolans | The Bowery
Hed PE Oct 30, 2018
the problem is i know this post wont reach all the eyes its supposed to. But just to say thank you to the American hedpe family that came out for the last and only tour of 2018. your support is amazing. we havent had any support from any industry entities for some years. so i'm amazed, blessed and excited each time i'm invited for one more rock show, in one more town. we have made a deal to put our a new record. i'm finishing up the vocals right now. i'm just fucking stoked to be able to write songs and support my family through that process. all underground. all word of mouth. all DIY. i wish you all the same sort of fulfillment and blessings you've provided me. and now on to my extended family overseas...the same goes for [email protected]#$ see yall in a few weeks.