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(Hed) P.E. at Lost On Main (September 17, 2019)
Venue: Lost On Main (Chico, CA, US) Find tickets
(Hed) P.E. at Whisky A Go Go (September 19, 2019)
Venue: Whisky A Go Go (West Hollywood, CA, US) Find tickets
Powerman 5000, (Hed) P.E., Adema, Blacklist Regulars, and 1 more… at Herman's Hideaway (October 16, 2019)
Venue: Herman's Hideaway (Denver, CO, US) Find tickets
Powerman 5000 with (Hed) P.E. at The Machine Shop (November 9, 2019)
Venue: The Machine Shop (Flint, MI, US) Find tickets
Powerman 5000 with Adema, Blacklist Regulars, (Hed) P.E., and 1 more… at Royal Grove (November 13, 2019)
Venue: Royal Grove (Lincoln, NE, US) Find tickets
Powerman 5000 with (Hed) P.E. and Adema at Sunshine Studios Live (November 14, 2019)
Venue: Sunshine Studios Live (Colorado Springs, CO, US) Find tickets
(Hed) P.E. with Blacklist Regulars at El Corazon (November 20, 2019)
Venue: El Corazon (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Hed PE Aug 23, 2019
Hed PE's cover photo
Hed PE Aug 21, 2019
We're back in Huntington Beach, Ca for the first time in 20 years this Saturday (Aug. 24) for SRH FEST 2019. $25 tickets are available, but get them now, there's only 3 days left.
Hed PE Aug 20, 2019
Get tickets here:
Hed PE Aug 20, 2019
The countdown begins. 20 years later, we're back in Huntington Beach, California for SRH FEST 2019. See you guys soon. Tickets are almost gone, get them now. Ticket link:
Hed PE Aug 05, 2019
Hed PE will be tearing up the stage at SRH Fest in less than 3-weeks!!! Join us for this #SubNoize family reunion with Long Beach Dub Allstars, Madchild,Kingspade, and Chucky Chuck from DGAF!!! Grab tickets now at
Hed PE Aug 01, 2019
We are playing at Durty Nellies tonight! Palatine, Illinois. We go on stage at 10. Jus satin...
Hed PE Jul 30, 2019
We're returning to Huntington Beach for SRH FEST. If you dont have tickets yet, get them before they're gone:
Hed PE Jul 24, 2019
its too easy to be a critique and kill shit. whats more important is actually creating something. i give respect to anybody that ever hits record and has something to show for themselves. regardless of the outcome. i havent always been like this; but thankfully, i have evolved and continue to transform. CHEERS MIC Z!
Hed PE Jul 20, 2019
Hed PE Jul 16, 2019
Hed PE's cover photo
Hed PE Jul 16, 2019
thanks to Ardent Entertainment for inviting hedpe to the Michigan Metalfest. i cant help but think Flint has something to do with this? love yall. hatebreed? best hardcore band ever. #canirock?
Hed PE Jul 10, 2019
It all started in Huntington Beach for the band, and can't wait to bring it back home for SRH FEST. Get your tickets to SRH FEST now, because HED PE is coming. Grab tickets now:
Hed PE Jul 09, 2019
Hed PE Jul 03, 2019
We've teamed up with our friends at PUCK HCKY to offer up some great merch! Here is the newest item in case you missed it, check em out!
Hed PE Jul 03, 2019
SATURDAY AUGUST 3RD!! HED PE is coming back to BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN!! Q106 WJXQ welcomes Michigan Metal Fest with Hatebreed on their 25th Anniversary Tour, Chelsea Grin, Hed PE, Beyond Threshold, Blue Felix and many more!! 30 plus bands, 4 stages, for ONLY $35!!! Want to win FREE TICKETS?! Reply with "#MMF2019metalAsFK" in the comments below TAG a friend & SHARE THIS POST!!!! Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE but won't last long!! Get your online tickets here>> 👇👇👇"
Hed PE Jun 29, 2019
silverback touring runs australia. this company is 5-star. surf city nigga. cant thank danny, ricky and paulie enough. this has been my favorite ozzy run. people here are nice as fuck. all no worries and what not. living my best life. feeling blessed. and these Nonpoint kids are like hedpe's best friendzies. we are able to just kick it without any pretenses. they rock the fuck out. Elias rules. living my best life. feeling blessed. #bossup
Hed PE Jun 29, 2019
Melbourne was amazing!!!
Hed PE Jun 28, 2019
heres me having the time of my life in Melbourne tonight. Apparently Melbourne is up there with Moscow, Kiev, Columbus, Miami, Sophia, LA and Houston with just lov, luh, luh for hedpe. Its nice to have friends all over this beautiful planet. #canirock? the whole fucking world? yes i can.
Hed PE Jun 28, 2019
thanks for all the positive feedback. even the negative comments let me know i'm right on track. i knew there would be some who would cry about the autotune. I knew that, and funny thing is, i didnt give a fuck. Cuz it accomplished exactly what i wanted it to. i do this for the culture. #canirock?
Hed PE Jun 26, 2019
perth we're here! come fuck wit us tonight at the Rosemount. #canirock?
Hed PE Jun 25, 2019
New gear alert! 🚨Super comfy (həd) p.e. joggers. Out now! Only available through our friends PUCK HCKY
Hed PE Jun 24, 2019
auto tune your mom cunt bitch...hehehe! cunt cuz i'm at LAX on my way to Australia right now. they say that and its no worries. oi oi oi #canirock?
Hed PE Jun 21, 2019
ole school + new school = no school = all originale
Hed PE Jun 21, 2019
stampede is waiting for ya. i hope it lifts ya spirits, makes ya smile and transforms your DNA. stampede is a tool to take you from living in the past TO creating the future. no victims. if you're a hater... LOVE YA!
Hed PE Jun 19, 2019
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