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Hed PE Jun 26, 2019
perth we're here! come fuck wit us tonight at the Rosemount. #canirock?
Hed PE Jun 25, 2019
New gear alert! 🚨Super comfy (həd) p.e. joggers. Out now! Only available through our friends PUCK HCKY
Hed PE Jun 24, 2019
auto tune your mom cunt bitch...hehehe! cunt cuz i'm at LAX on my way to Australia right now. they say that and its no worries. oi oi oi #canirock?
Hed PE Jun 21, 2019
ole school + new school = no school = all originale
Hed PE Jun 21, 2019
stampede is waiting for ya. i hope it lifts ya spirits, makes ya smile and transforms your DNA. stampede is a tool to take you from living in the past TO creating the future. no victims. if you're a hater... LOVE YA!
Hed PE Jun 19, 2019
Pavement Entertainment
Hed PE Jun 18, 2019
Come chat with us this Thursday at 4:20pm PST/7:20pm EST on the Suburban Noize Records Facebook page to talk about the new album Stampede!!!
Hed PE Jun 14, 2019
You can pre order the new album STAMPEDE, with a signed booklet at Newbury Comics!
Hed PE Jun 13, 2019
's cover photo
Hed PE Jun 10, 2019
you're welcome.
Hed PE Jun 07, 2019
I'm in Ogden, Utah today at the Ogden UnCon. Long story short. My son did an audition tape for Jay Bonansinga (screenwriter Walking Dead, New York Times Bestselling Author). Jay loved it. Next thing ya know i'm casted, along with my wife and son, to do a reading of Jay's screenplay Self Storage. Tonight! (Friday June 7th) Now i've got my son getting me gigs! American Horror Story does a reading right after us. (oh damn, i see they even put a brother on the banner, to the right of will, holly and chaka, from 70s show land of the lost.) the hits jus keep on coming. what does this have to do with hedpe? everything. you b*tch *ss n*gg*
Hed PE Jun 06, 2019
Suburban Noize Records
Hed PE Jun 04, 2019
Congrats Brad Braunstein, you won the SRH FEST Contest.!!!! Check your email!
Hed PE Jun 04, 2019
My dude predicted exactly how'd he'd shock the world. i love this kid! Viva Mexico! gOD BLESS AMERICA!
Hed PE May 31, 2019
You can pre order the new album STAMPEDE, with a signed booklet at Newbury Comics!
Hed PE May 26, 2019
this video has that SRH vibe to it...est. 1997.
Hed PE May 23, 2019
love it
Hed PE May 22, 2019
Sub Noize and SRH family stand up!!!. With us playing SRH FEST 2019 in August, we're launching a give away for a pair of tickets SRH FEST and a HED PE prize pack. To win, follow the official "STONERS REEKING HAVOC" playlist on Spotify! See you guys in August. ENTER HERE:
Hed PE May 15, 2019
This joint #canirock? is jus me having some fun with the idea that rock music is somehow out of style. And honestly begs the question “can i rock?” is there a problem here? Ha! Not really the death metal kind of rock, but The Clash kind of rock. hedpe kind of rock. Its jus a fun track. And youngins will need to google some of the 70s and 80s references i’m sure. Hey Hey My My...Rock and Roll will never die.
Hed PE May 15, 2019
we are playing the first outdoor show in Colorado Springs TONITE! Sunshine Studios. always a good time. Its good to have friends in Colorado [email protected]#$
Hed PE May 10, 2019
Today, we're excited to release our new single "CANIROCK", from our upcoming album "STAMPEDE", dropping June 21st via Pavement and Suburban Noize. Stream it now on all platforms.
Hed PE May 10, 2019
's cover photo
Hed PE May 07, 2019
's cover photo
Hed PE May 02, 2019
hey friends. check out this band we played with in Jacksonville Beach last night. hard working local band. wish yall the best.
Hed PE Apr 25, 2019
PRE-ORDER the new Hed PE album 'STAMPEDE' . Your chance to get special autographed BUNDLE packs! Click the link here ---->