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Feeding Fiction
Heartist Mar 08, 2017
Introducing ► Heartist Gaming Find out more ►
Heartist Feb 06, 2017
Heartist Feb 06, 2017
's cover photo
Heartist Feb 04, 2017
This Wednesday, we're playing a free show at Slidebar in Fullerton, CA with some awesome bands! Also, Emo Night OC is going down after the show! Don't miss this amazing night!
Heartist Jan 29, 2017
FREE SHOW! Fullerton, CA. February 8th at Slidebar! Don't miss it!
Heartist Jan 07, 2017
Tonight! We're pumped to play some new songs for you all. Get down to Malone's and have some fun with us and RVLS!
Heartist Jan 06, 2017
Santa Ana, Ca! This Saturday, we're playing our first show of the year! Come get a first listen of some new songs
Heartist Nov 30, 2016
We're so anxious to play our first show of the year! Kicking it off with some new music.
Heartist Nov 26, 2016
What do you guys think of Filter so far? It's almost time for new music!
Heartist Nov 22, 2016
CALIFORNIA! Don't forget, January 7th 2017 we will be at Malones in Santa Ana with our friends in RVLS Dead Avenue Behind the Fallen and more! This will be our first show of the year. Come hang!
Heartist Nov 01, 2016
Hey Orange County! We will be at Malones in Santa Ana on January 7th with our friends in RVLS! First show of 2017! You might hear more new music!
Heartist Oct 08, 2016
Start your day with a new jam 🤘🏻
Heartist Sep 26, 2016
Last 2 days of vocal tracking! This new album is almost finished. New music coming soon... Don't forget to check out our B-Side "Filter" on our BandCamp!
Heartist Sep 25, 2016
Heartist Sep 24, 2016
Heartist Sep 22, 2016
Heartist Sep 13, 2016
Did anyone notice Andrew Jacobs, star of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, in our music video for Skeletons? He makes an appearance around 1:35!
Heartist Sep 01, 2016
It's time to start laying down that bass!
Heartist Aug 30, 2016
Bass starts in a couple days! Definitely bringing the best elements of the EP & LP together in the best ways possible🤘🏻
Heartist Aug 25, 2016
TOMORROW! We will be live on Facebook for the drum tracking of our new album. Be on the lookout for us going "live" and come hang with us!!!
Heartist Aug 03, 2016
Tonight in Anaheim! Get down to Chain Reaction and rock with us!
Heartist Aug 02, 2016
2 days away! Thinking about jamming some new songs... Don't miss out on this awesome night with us and New Years Day! Tickets:
Heartist Jul 19, 2016
We're 2 weeks away from our show with New Years Day! Tickets:
Heartist Jul 14, 2016
Have you visited our Bandcamp to check out our newest song?
Heartist Jul 13, 2016
Anaheim, CA! We're excited to announce that we'll be playing with New Years Day at Chain Reaction on August 3rd! This is gonna be one hell of a night. Tickets: