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Fall out of Line
My Forever
A Mess It Grows
He Is We Aug 15, 2019
Which song from "Fall Out Of Line" best describes your relationship? If you're single, which one describes your last relationship? #FallOutOfLine
He Is We Jul 25, 2019
New Single Out This Fall!!
He Is We Jul 20, 2019
Gonna do this with the next album. Just heard some of the songs and feeling truly excited. Let's "Skip To The Good Part." Can't wait to share these songs with you, "I'm so ready!" Love you to the moon! Rachel #NowPlaying
He Is We Jul 16, 2019
I am thinking about doing an acoustic version of this song. So many feels and memories. What do you all think?
He Is We Jul 11, 2019
This was truly an amazing time! Much love, Rachel.
He Is We Jul 04, 2019
Happy Independence Day America! "I Wouldn't Mind" celebrating with you. Love and respect for all. Rachel
He Is We Jun 25, 2019
He Is We Jun 25, 2019
He Is We Jun 21, 2019
Announcement Coming This [email protected] 9am (eastern)
He Is We Jun 11, 2019
So excited for you to hear the new music! These have been with me for a very long time. I feel like it is finally time to share them. Rachel
He Is We Jun 08, 2019
Working on recording some new songs with some old time feels. What do you think about that? Rachel
He Is We Jun 05, 2019
Acquitted. ❤ #juryof12 @ Jamestown, North Dakota. More details to follow. Love you all to the moon for trusting and believing in me. Rachel
He Is We Jun 01, 2019
Hope you are having a happy Friday. Love you to the moon! Rachel #NowPlaying
He Is We May 30, 2019
As the roses die and the memories fade, I've never seen anything more beautiful come from something so sinister. These last few years have tested me in ways I can't possibly put into words and I thought I would be dead by now. As justice is being served for things unsaid, I can look at the aftermath and exhale. The wilting is a sign of a closing chapter and I am ready to follow suit. My name was tainted and my character was questioned, but there is beauty to be seen in the end of it all. Truth will always prevail. It's time to bloom.
He Is We May 30, 2019
This journey with you has been nothing short of a miracle. Through the highs and the lows, you all have been there for me and I thank you!
He Is We May 23, 2019
He Is We's cover photo
He Is We May 11, 2019
Really hoping you have enjoyed these songs and can't wait for you to hear the new ones! Love Rachel
He Is We May 04, 2019
Check this out on Amazon if you haven't yet. Love you to the moon! Rachel #Amazon
He Is We May 02, 2019
GET READY! We will be announcing tour dates very soon! Along with a release date for the new music! SO GET READY "He Is We" FANS! *Please Share*
He Is We Apr 21, 2019
Feeling so inspired to write and create songs for this new album. So many ideas and feels! Whose feeling it too? You all are my inspiration. Ideas and thoughts anyone? Love you to the moon! Rachel
He Is We Apr 17, 2019
I will be going into the studio at the end of this month to record with Caleb from (Forever The Sickest Kids) ! Expect some GREAT music soon! (Please Share)
He Is We Apr 14, 2019
We will never forget.
He Is We Apr 08, 2019
I'm not good at this...why do you do this to me..? Tear me apart. I miss you all so much! Working so hard on my next album. I am so excited for all of you to hear it. So many throw backs and feels during a time leading up to He Is We. Love you all to the moon and back. Rachel #NowPlaying