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Crazy Love (Plus the Light Sides)
Crazy Love
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The Light Sides
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Smile, It's the End of the World
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Letters to the President
Hawk Nelson Dec 11, 2018
You could be on this boat with us, in ALASKA! We're performing on the WAYFM Summer Cruise with Tenth Avenue North and Jordan Feliz in 2019. Get all the info you need here to start planning your trip!
Hawk Nelson Dec 10, 2018
Special thanks to all of you who listen to our music on Spotify!
Hawk Nelson Nov 26, 2018
Join us for an amazing cruise through Alaska in 2019! We'll be on the boat with our friends Tenth Avenue North and Jordan Feliz. You won't wanna miss this! Get info here:
Hawk Nelson Nov 16, 2018
Our new music video for Parachute is live on YouTube! Watch here:
Hawk Nelson Nov 15, 2018
Our friends at FREECCM.COM are premiering the new music video for Parachute. Check it:
Hawk Nelson Nov 05, 2018
We're cruising to Alaska in 2019 with Tenth Avenue North and Jordan Feliz! It's an experience you'll never forget, so get your friends and family on board (literally) and sign up here:
Hawk Nelson Oct 23, 2018
Never Let You Down is headed to a radio station near you! Watch the video we made for it below: #lasers
Hawk Nelson Oct 16, 2018
Help us wish a Happy Birthday to the one and only David Niacaris!
Hawk Nelson Oct 06, 2018
Did you hear? We're cruising to Alaska in 2019 with Jordan Feliz and Tenth Avenue North! Can't wait to be apart of this amazing trip with WAY-FM Radio! Plan your trip here:
Hawk Nelson Oct 05, 2018
Pumped that Never Let You Down has finally been added to radio everywhere! If you aren’t hearing it spin, call into your fav station and request it.
Hawk Nelson Sep 27, 2018
We can't wait for the WAY-FM Radio Alaska Summer Cruise with Tenth Avenue North and Jordan Feliz! It's all happening in July of 2019. Get all the details and plan your trip here:
Hawk Nelson Sep 19, 2018
So happy for the Steingards, their baby girl is here! Meet Winter Joy Steingard - Born at 6:39am - 5 lbs 11 oz.
Hawk Nelson Jun 23, 2018
Had a blast in Arizona last night! Great pic by Michelle Soto. Today is Jon’s birthday! Help us wish him a great one in the comments!
Hawk Nelson Jun 22, 2018
Have you seen the lyric video for our radio single He Still Does (Miracles). Check it out here:
Hawk Nelson Jun 11, 2018
Our buddy Jonny Diaz released a really great EP last week! Listen to it here:
Hawk Nelson Jun 08, 2018
We’re back! The time off has been nice but we’re stoked to play some summer shows together starting with tonight in Oakdale, CA! Looking forward to seeing you guys out on the road! #MIRACLES
Hawk Nelson May 18, 2018
We sat down with Bonnie at 94.9 KLTY - Your Life. Inspired to talk about parenting and our new song (and album)! Listen tomorrow at 12pm Central.
Hawk Nelson May 14, 2018
Thanks Simple Grace for featuring a write up about us in the June issue! Pick up your copy at a grocery store near you!
Hawk Nelson May 03, 2018
MIRACLES is available now! Stream or download it wherever you get your music!
Hawk Nelson May 01, 2018
When you’re at the end of the road And it’s not the one That you would have chosen When you’re at the end of your rope And you’re holding on But feel like you’re falling With every option exhausted You tried everything you know You saw a light then you lost it But there is still hope He Still Does (Miracles) // Hawk Nelson
Hawk Nelson Apr 30, 2018
I’d never know You as a Healer If I never needed healing I’d never know You as a Savior If I never needed saving I'd Never Know // Hawk Nelson
Hawk Nelson Apr 26, 2018
Right here, right here with You Forever’s a moment Right here, right here with You It’s taking me over I keep falling deeper Your love keeps taking me higher Hawk Nelson // Right Here With You feat. MDSN
Hawk Nelson Apr 26, 2018
Check out the story behind He Still Does (Miracles)
Hawk Nelson Apr 25, 2018
Hey guys, I'm excited to be talking with NewReleaseToday TOMORROW on Facebook Live. We'll be talking about the new album MIRACLES and all things HN. Hope you can tune in tomorrow at 1pm EST!
Hawk Nelson Apr 24, 2018
MIRACLES is out now! Listen on Spotify