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When Everything Falls
Burning Bridges
Haste The Day Jun 07, 2018
Do you like ambient instrumental music? I put out an album on Spotify and Apple Music called. Go check it out! Thanks, Stephen Sorry it’s not htd. 🤘🏻
Haste The Day May 12, 2018
Scotty’s new band Sleep Still just released this trippy new music video! Shot and directed by Joe Lengson Photography formerly of My Children My Bride. #metaldudes #notmetal
Haste The Day Apr 21, 2018
Go follow Sleep Still and listen to their new song “THE PANORAMIC”. So dope
Haste The Day Apr 02, 2018
Go follow Sleep Still and listen to their new single “Headrush”! We are loving it
Haste The Day Mar 12, 2018
Scotty’s new band is not Metal. They are a dreamy, angsty Shoegaze/Dream Pop influenced indie rock band and we think you’ll love them! Sleep Still is releasing their debut E P and video soon! Check them at The Satellite on 3/26 if you’re in LA
Haste The Day Nov 18, 2017
Jimmy did his thang on the new Phinehas record. Check it out!
Haste The Day May 23, 2017
FYI. Our Twitter was hacked and we have lost control of it. Working on getting it shut down.
Haste The Day May 04, 2017
Only a handful of Vinyl left. If you want one, send a PM to Mark LaFay
Haste The Day Jan 20, 2017
Check out this podcast I had to privilege to be on with my good friend Alex. 👍🏻
Haste The Day Jan 16, 2017
if you had an 18' x 24' Haste the Day banner. What would you do with it?
Haste The Day Dec 27, 2016
Haste The Day Nov 02, 2016
Our dear friend Benny Boes finished his battle with brain cancer today. Some of you may have met Benny when he was on the road with Still Remains. He's hiding in the back of this photo that was taken at the end of our tour with Stretch Armstrong, Still Remains and Kane Hodder. Benny was an amazing man whose heart was filled with love. Our hearts are broken for his wife and his boys, but we know he is with Jesus and that's awesome. Send some prayers and love toward the Boes family. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us, Benny. We love you. #teamboes
Haste The Day Oct 06, 2016
Christmas is close....
Haste The Day Jul 09, 2016
Thanks to the dude that hacked our Twitter.
Haste The Day Jul 08, 2016
Haste The Bae girl t-shirt?
Haste The Day Jul 06, 2016
Baby Onesies?
Haste The Day Jun 22, 2016
Order your Haste The Dad t-shirt. SM - 4XL. It will be available for a short while longer.
Haste The Day Jun 17, 2016
In time for Father's Day!
Haste The Day Jun 08, 2016
Haste The Dad..... And what else? Merit For Dadness (thanks Jeff Zumstein)
Haste The Day Jun 03, 2016
#HasteTheDad !
Haste The Day Jun 02, 2016
Hey dads, how many of you would want to rock a "Haste The Dad" t-shirt? We have gotten a lot of requests and we may do a pre-order for it if there is enough interest. Thanks!
Haste The Day May 09, 2016
Check out our track “Take" on @SoundCloud #therealcost #runlikehell
Haste The Day May 09, 2016
Old school flyer
Haste The Day Mar 14, 2016
Only a few Coward VInyl are left from the backstock. Message Mark LaFay
Haste The Day Mar 02, 2016
Our friend Sarah Scrimgeour launched a Kickstarter for her teams epic graphic novel by Daniel Clarke. Check it out: