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Harvard Bass Dec 10, 2018
I was a special guest on @manik_nyc @welcometomycratexl podcast this week. We talked about all kinds of cool shit! Check the Link in bio to listen
Harvard Bass Dec 09, 2018
The way I celebrate When I finish new music. 🔥💯
Harvard Bass Dec 04, 2018
Friday. San Diego. @turborecordings 4 Life. See y’all at @spinnightclub
Harvard Bass Dec 03, 2018
Mike Banks speaking truth. Don’t be a fraud. I’m doing this music shit I love to build something real that will help the game thrive. I never once paid for anyone to put me on. My music speaks for itself. Listen to what the real ones got to say because they know the game from the ground up. #mikebanks #harvardbass #undergroundresistance
Harvard Bass Dec 01, 2018 got me looking like ya next baby daddy.
Harvard Bass Nov 30, 2018
When I found out tomorrow is December 1st.
Harvard Bass Nov 29, 2018
My face when I see a drum machine.
Harvard Bass Nov 27, 2018
Big up @snoopdogg. Inspiring. g shit
Harvard Bass Nov 26, 2018
Thank you El Paso! That party was crazy! Cold af and y’all were still vibing hard! A Proper 4 hours. Thank you for having me!
Harvard Bass Nov 23, 2018
Off to LA. Im the special guest at @sound_nightclub tonite!
Harvard Bass Nov 23, 2018
Here’s a quick short of me in my home studio working with MASCHINE
Harvard Bass Nov 18, 2018
B2B wit my favorite Mexican @hiroko__yamamura last night. The power went out during our set cuz our tracks were too fire.
Harvard Bass Nov 15, 2018
@tou.ny @harvardbass @fenechmx
Harvard Bass Nov 14, 2018
Studio time with my bro @fenechmx
Harvard Bass Nov 13, 2018
Harvard Bass Nov 13, 2018
Last week at @focus_oc B2B with my bro @manik_nyc. Fun night! Check the link on my bio!
Harvard Bass Nov 13, 2018
Shout out to all the Veterans on this day. Mad love and respect always! 🙏🏽
Harvard Bass Nov 09, 2018
#tbt with my bro @andreaoliva1!
Harvard Bass Nov 01, 2018
TUESDAY. Going B2B W/ @manik_nyc At @focus_oc! #harvardbass
Harvard Bass Nov 01, 2018
That was fun. Cc: @brilliantbutlazy
Harvard Bass Oct 30, 2018
December 7th. @turborecordings in San Diego. #turbo4life
Harvard Bass Oct 26, 2018
Ciudad De Mexico! 🇲🇽 Nos vemos el 17 de Noviembre! ——— Mexico City! 🇲🇽 See y’all the 17th of November! #harvardbass
Harvard Bass Oct 22, 2018
I was super sick with the flu during my tour this weekend but I stayed smiling all along. Thank You Guadalajara & LA. HAVE A GOOD MONDAY Y’ALL!
Harvard Bass Oct 21, 2018
Happy birthday @blucu! stay blessed my G. ❤️
Harvard Bass Oct 19, 2018
No Agency, No Manager, No Bullshit, Just Dope music & The Great People that believe in your sound. We need a @amsterdamdanceevent panel about self representation. Gracias @BarAmericas! Buena pari! Los amo!