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Between Hope & Danger
This Fog That Never Ends
Her Fall and Rise
Hante. Dec 07, 2018
Just WOW 😱🙏🏻
Hante. Dec 06, 2018
FIERCE - January 18 Visual based on a photo by Vanity-Art-Photography
Hante. Dec 05, 2018
I am more than thrilled to announce that I will be joined by H ø R D on my next shows in Spain 🙌 February 7: Hante. + Hørd en Madrid February 8: Hante. + Hørd en Barcelona
Hante. Dec 04, 2018
"FIERCE" - new album to be released on January 18 through Metropolis Records for North-America and Synth Religion for the rest of the world
Hante. Dec 03, 2018
😭😭😭 The tour is over now. This has been an incredible adventure! And the final night in Athens was the perfect end for it, thanks Leo, thanks beautiful people, thanks for all the love. Huge thanks to all the people who came to see us on the road, to all the promoters, to the amazing bands we shared the stage with (clan of xymox, Fragrance., Agent Side Grinder, THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE, Meejah, HIDE, All Flags Are Grey, Lebanon Hanover, Buzz Kull), to Mike & Box (Box and the twins) for sharing all of this with me and for being the best friends that someone could wish for, I love U to the moon and back 🌒 💛 Time to focus on the future -> . New single coming soon . Release of my new album « FIERCE » on January 18 . First shows of 2019: Madrid and Barcelona on February 7 and 8 📸 by the very sweet Panos Stavroulakis
Hante. Dec 01, 2018
Final show of the tour tonight in Athens at Death Disco!!! With @boxandthetwins and @buzz_kull 🔥 Let’s make it special! Thanks to Jochen and the great audience in Ludwigshafen yesterday!! It was so much fun to play with the @lebanon_hanover 🙌🏻 #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #buzzkull #lebanonhanover #synthreligion #athens #finalshow
Hante. Nov 29, 2018
Thanks so much Last Day Deaf for setting the mood for Saturday with this Spotify playlist! I will be back in Athens for the last date of the tour (😭) with my darlings Box and the twins and glad to share the stage again with Buzz Kull. And because this is gonna be very special and full of emotions, I prepared some little surprises for you 🖤 -> Hante. & Buzz Kull & Box and The Twins live at Death Disco
Hante. Nov 25, 2018
To be back in Berlin after almost 3 years for a SOLD OUT show felt so good! Thanks so much to all the people who came, all the nice words 🙏🏻 Thanks to Herzschlag, my dear Box And The Twins and Buzz Kull for the great time. Let’s do that again, same lineup, same fantastic energy, in one of my favorite cities: Athens, next Saturday! 🔥
Hante. Nov 24, 2018
Dresden, I have no words to express how grateful I am for such a great welcome 🖤 Special thanks to my dear Marco for making this happen! See you tonight in Berlin at Slaughterhouse with Buzz Kull, so looking forward!! #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #synthreligion #dresden #berlin
Hante. Nov 23, 2018
Soundcheck done! See you later at Bunker in Dresden for the IceCave party 🌟 #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #synthreligion #dresden
Hante. Nov 23, 2018
Here’s the last interview I did for (in Italian only) Thanks Lorenzo!
Hante. Nov 22, 2018
Another beautiful picture by @carolbonarde, taken after my show in London 🕷🥀 This weekend, Box and the twins and I are back in Germany! Dresden at Bunker on Friday and Berlin at Slaughterhouse on Saturday with Buzz Kull 🙌🏻💥 #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #synthreligion #sodark
Hante. Nov 20, 2018
It's collaborations week! 🤜🤛 Kill Shelter released his new album "Damage" yesterday on Unknown Pleasures Records which features "Kiss Me Goodbye" with my vocals and lyrics! The album also contains a bunch of collaborations with amazing current projects, check it out 🖤
Hante. Nov 19, 2018
My voice is featured on the beautiful new album « Hiper » from Par! This was a very interesting new kind of collaboration for me, like writing a short movie, a journey in a desert. A new use of my voice, immersed in a Blade Runner atmosphere 🌪 I hope you’ll enjoy!
Hante. Nov 18, 2018
🖤Budapest🖤 Thanks so much to all the people who came, especially Pierre and Laurent who went all the way from Belgium to see me 😱🙏🏻 And special thanks to Balazs from Negative Art Prod for making this happen! Next shows: Dresden on Friday and Berlin on Saturday!! 🙌🏻 #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #synthreligion #budapest
Hante. Nov 17, 2018
Yesterday was amazing! Thanks so much to the Bloodbeat crew for having me and @boxandthetwins 🖤 We are on the way to Budapest, I’m so looking forward to playing for the very first there!! #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #vienna #budapest
Hante. Nov 16, 2018
See you later at Rhiz in Vienna! 🦄Stage time: 23h Box and the Twins 00h Hante. #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #vienna
Hante. Nov 14, 2018
My next album "FIERCE" will be released on January 18 through Metropolis Records for North-America and Synth Religion for the rest of the world! 🔥 It will be available on vinyl, CD and digital
Hante. Nov 13, 2018
"The Call of Vertigo" tour with the fantastic Box and the twins continues this week: Friday in Vienna (AT) -> Bloodbeat #100 feat. Hante. + Box and the Twins And Saturday in Budapest (HU) -> Hante., Hide, Box and the Twins // Budapest, Robot with HIDE 🙌
Hante. Nov 12, 2018
My song "Burning" with my dear Box von Dü 💙 is featured on the compilation Zeitgeist vol.7 by Cold Transmission along with so many great artists and friends 😍, check it out!!
Hante. Nov 04, 2018
Another amazing weekend in Germany! Thanks so much to Michael, Thoralf and the very nice people at Sixtina in Leipzig, I had a blast 🖤 Thanks so much to the Katzenclub - München crew, the festival in Munich was fantastic! Special mention to the stunning performances of my dear Box and the twins as always 😘, THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE and Agent Side Grinder, see you soon guys! Thanks also to the Young & Cold Records crew for their precious help 🙏🏻 📷 by Sven & @nicobra.photoart from the Leipzig show #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #leipzig #munich #katzenclub #katzenclubfestival
Hante. Nov 02, 2018
On the road again with those guys 💜 See you tonight in Leipzig! #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #leipzig
Hante. Oct 31, 2018
After-show Polaroid by @carolbonarde 🌹 #hante #thecallofvertigotour #london #aftershow
Hante. Oct 29, 2018
This night in London will stay one of my best memory, I was not expecting to be blown away like this! Thanks so much for this unbelievable welcome 💙 London is part of my history and now it became even more special! I hope to be back soon xxx 📷 by one the most talented photographer out there: Caroline Bonarde (@carolbonarde) (🌹) Next shows: Leipzig on Friday at Sixtina and Munich on Saturday for the Katzenclub festival at Feierwerk #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins
Hante. Oct 27, 2018
On the way to London!! See you tonight at Electrowerkz 🌟 Don’t forget to bring your ID!! You won’t be able to enter the club without #thecallofvertigo #thecallofvertigotour #autumntour2018 #hante #boxandthetwins #london